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Youve sent out dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of resumes and cover letters. And youve been following all the best career advice and job search tips youve read, heard, learned, and developed.

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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition » Make or Break Moments

Make or Break Moments

Each had a resume, test scores of the tests they’d volunteered to take to show their abilities and each provided a cover letter and their hourly rate. Do you take the time to address the prospect by name rather than a generic form letter?

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Why You Think You're Prepared to Job Hunt -- But You're Really Not

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We would not be able to pay any moving costs. I could do that job or I could learn how to do it. He said he just got a cover letter, now keep in mind he’s with a healthcare company, but the person says, “I would really like to work for the port of New Orleans. I recently was interviewed on a podcast, "Find Your Dream Job." You can find the full transcript here , but I'm including some of it now.

4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

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Some of the reasons have to do with more employers seeking to cut real-estate costs by letting workers do their jobs from home, and by a desire of key talent to have more flexibility in their work arrangements. Your resume has got to be free of typos, and you need to avoid a form cover letter.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Being a Hiring Manager Doesn't Give.

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Have a system in place to acknowledge that youve received a resume and/or cover letter when they come flooding in. It may cost you some time in the beginning, but it will save you in the long run when job seekers tie up your phone lines or e-mail asking, "Did you get my resume?"

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