Cover Letters: Why Bother?

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A lot of people think cover letters are relics of the past. You want to use the cover letter as an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Watch and learn! The post Cover Letters: Why Bother?

100+ Ways to Write a Great Resume Cover Letter

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11 of the 12 resumes had cover letters which is actually pretty good because if you skip that step, you simply look unprofessional. The problem is that all of the cover letters looked exactly the same and had the same message. Microsoft Cover Letter Templates.

5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out

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And when each job requires your resume, an online application (complete with questionnaire), plus a stellar cover letter that’s tailored to each and every job listing, it’s easy to see why the process gets exhausting. Although it might be tempting to just write a generic cover letter for each of these job listings, you could be sabotaging your job search. So, what are the key components of a cover letter and what should you say in them?

What I Learned From Reading 1,000 Resumes

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To put yours at the top of the pile, potentially leading to at least a phone interview, here’s what I learned from reading over 1,000 resumes: Make sure you’re qualified. The post What I Learned From Reading 1,000 Resumes appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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Guest Blogger: David B. Wright, Author

The Office Professionals Place

Youve sent out dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of resumes and cover letters. And youve been following all the best career advice and job search tips youve read, heard, learned, and developed.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

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If you dont think so, read this column I wrote for Gannett, and you may just change your mind: Maybe you put countless hours into carefully crafting a resume and cover letter. I can say that you can learn more about online networks and the importance of keywords and keyword phrases found in user-generated content.

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3 Top Job Industries That Are Flying Under Your Radar

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To make the most of your job search, learn how to show your enthusiasm to potential employers. They said one of the best ways you can express enthusiasm for your industry is by writing a tailored cover letter. As you work, think about how you are going to write about your learning experiences and how you can share them in your cover letter. See Also: 5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out.

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How To Make Your Job Search More Productive

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Between searching for job listings, individualizing your cover letters, and rehearsing your interviews, you will spend many of your waking hours getting through it all. Keep learning. Learn some relevant skills to give your resume a little boost.

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The Practically Perfect PA guide to finding the perfect PA job

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What can you expect to find in our eBook: I think we have covered everything that you will need to think about when it comes to planning your next career move including the following: Looking for an assistant role online. Covering cover letters.

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How to Ace Your Job Interview

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Before, job seekers used cover letters to stand out from the crowd, sharing their less obvious qualifications or passion for a particular company. Today, many job seekers don’t bother writing a cover letter and most recruiters don’t consider it important. Research the company’s website, learn about its culture and values and pre-plan any questions you want to ask in the interview. Learn more about how to ace your interview from this infographic!

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How to Build Your Career: 5 Simple Rules to Succeed

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See Also: 5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out. Regardless of which industry you are in, learning new skills is not just desirable, but often necessary. You can learn from free eBooks and YouTube videos and tutorials.

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3 Atypical Life Hacks To Improve Your Resume

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By learning how to think like job search engines and scanning systems, you can optimize your resume. See Also: 5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out. Writing a great resume has always been challenging.

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9 Style Tips For College Students

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This includes gaining proper knowledge of the English language which they’ll need to interact with future employers, compose top quality cover letters, and create pathways that will enhance their future. Some rewrite their own application letters while others learn the hard way – by being rejected. See Also: 5 Tips To Making Your Resume Cover Letter Stand Out. There’s a lot you can learn from just looking through a senior student’s work.

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How to Write a Winning Graduate School Resumé

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It also shows that you’re highly likely to make a positive addition to the program by enriching the learning environment. See Also: 100+ Ways to Write a Great Resume Cover Letter.

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Extreme Makeover - Resume Edition

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Pair it with a cover letter Always have a cover letter to accompany your resume. Do you have a resume? Is it a little out of date? If you are one of the 13.9

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3 Keys to Getting a Job When You're Overqualified

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Try to address those concerns in your cover letter and say it's OK with you. When you're out of work, it's tempting to apply for anything just to be able to get a job and pay your bills.

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A Must-Listen Interview for Job Hunters

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With a focus on finding and living your life’s purpose, this book covers every conceivable job search topic including networking, research, resume and cover letter creation, successful interview techniques and so much more. You’ll learn more about what to expect—as well as how to succeed—in the modern job search market. No matter who you are or what you do, I’m willing to bet you know who Richard “Dick” Bolles is.

5 College Skills That Have Lasting Value

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To put it simply, if you can learn how to think outside the box and effectively convey your passion and tell stories, you will improve your odds of getting into the college of your dreams. Better yet, you’ll also be able to impress potential employers with cover letters and resumes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn basic communication skills.

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These Tools Make Personal Branding Easy and Affordable

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So, you wrote your resume, created an awesome cover letter, and then passed your application. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to work with a website designer or learn how to code on your own. Imagine this: You found your ideal opportunity to work in sports or your dream job of coordinating events for your favorite baseball team. Then, you sent your follow-up email and wait. While you’re on pins and needles, your employer is doing their research.

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How to Overcome Gaps in Employment

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See Also: How to Learn Anything Online for Free. Explain it in your cover letter. Are you worried about gaps in employment ? With the severe economic conditions and widespread layoffs, more people are faced with the threat of losing their job.

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Five Great Ways to Give Your Resume a Boost

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Even if you’re currently working full-time, don’t rule out the possibility of learning something new – evening classes and online courses can provide a lot of flexibility. learning a language) to industry certification (e.g.

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Resources for assistants

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It is easy to upload your CV and covering letter and you can also receive a daily email with new jobs that are specific to what you are looking for. Pin It. Welcome to my new blog site. I hope you are enjoying the new features.

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CV Template for Assistants

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It is all going well so far, as always lots to learn and new people to meet but I’m excited about the role and working for a different company with fresh challenges. Pin It.

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The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

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Sometimes, the only way to really learn what works for you and what doesn’t is to simply step in there and give it a try. You end up learning about many different businesses and industries; you gain a variety of skills and meet a wide range of people.

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Why You Think You're Prepared to Job Hunt -- But You're Really Not

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I could do that job or I could learn how to do it. He said he just got a cover letter, now keep in mind he’s with a healthcare company, but the person says, “I would really like to work for the port of New Orleans. I recently was interviewed on a podcast, "Find Your Dream Job." You can find the full transcript here , but I'm including some of it now. Mac Prichard: Now our topic this week is about the importance of preparation in a job search.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition » Make or Break Moments

Make or Break Moments

Each had a resume, test scores of the tests they’d volunteered to take to show their abilities and each provided a cover letter and their hourly rate. Do you take the time to address the prospect by name rather than a generic form letter?

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Is a Career Change Possible in this Economy?

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Lastly, if you’re considering making a career change in the near future, take a moment to learn about my coaching programs and career transition services (including help with resumes , cover letters , interview prep , and job search ). People ask me this question all the time. I think it’s silly but, obviously, there’s a great deal of concern out there. So, I want to address this issue once and for all.

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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

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It's not near as much fun as say, watching to see if Lady Gaga will show up covered in raw eggs and bran cereal, but it's something I feel I need to do for my job. He also started a blog called , which combined his love of surfing with lessons he was learning in his life.

CV Template for Assistants

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It is all going well so far, as always lots to learn and new people to meet but I’m excited about the role and working for a different company with fresh challenges. Also if you write a covering letter, which I think should always accompany an application, then again your details will be included there. This month is a bit of a fresh start for me, I’ve just turned a decade older and I’ve also just started a new job… this week in fact!

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4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

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But then we learned that so much of medical work is looking at digital imagery, which can be done from another location. Your resume has got to be free of typos, and you need to avoid a form cover letter. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it.

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Announcement: The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring

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The successful applicant will be initiated into the following arcane secrets… You will learn: Ninja high level networking strategies (see and be a part of them being utilized in real time). You read it right. This is a job advertisement. Of course it isn’t for you.

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Can Grammar Be Taught?

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I’m a good writer — good, not great — and I can spell just about any word, but I didn’t learn how to write by filling out grammar worksheets, and I didn’t study for spelling tests. I learned to write by writing — and by reading.

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8 Great Podcasts for Writers and Book Authors

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The short first season of their podcast covers the various stages of self-publishing a book, from understanding the writing process to going to market, and features Shaz Kahn talking about her experience of being a first time self-publisher. There is a lot of writing advice out there.

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Tips From Successful Job Seekers

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So, if you're running out of hope, read this story I did for Gannett/, and know that you should keep hope alive -- and maybe learn a thing or two from those who have successfully moved from unemployed to the working ranks. I never get tired of hearing how people got a job.

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Critical Steps in Your Career Transition

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This exercise will allow you to learn more about yourself and promote increased self awareness. You will learn about key players and emerging trends.

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8 Tips On How To Get A Promotion

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It will show that you are willing to improve yourself so that you can utilize what you have learned at the office. Update your CV and create a cover letter for the position. Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. W hen starting at a new company you want to make your mark and get known as the “go getter” and “go to guy/gal”. We put together a list which will help you with your goal and hopefully make it a bit easier.

Ready to Quit Your Job? Read This First

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You end up in a new environment, learning new skills and meeting new people. But trust me, I’ve learned what not to do by actually doing it Scot Herrick August 10, 2010 | 9:11 am Underlying all of this is this principle: know when your job will end. Use what you’ve learned.

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Beware of Career Marketing Firms

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Next, I Googled the company name–and searched on other search engines as well–to try to learn something about the proposal/agreement signer with the title of managing director.

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OfficeTeam Reveals Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search

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When you see organizations that interest you, contact them proactively to learn of potential job openings. Sending your resume and cover letter on high-quality paper via the post office may seem outdated, but people receive so little mail today that your hard-copy materials could pay off. Hello reader! We read this story today by OfficeTeam and felt it was valuable and wanted to share it with you. Are you in a New Year, new job scenario?

Using Stories to Demonstrate Your Personal Brand

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I interviewed Hansen, curious about how job seekers and current employees in this tough and very competitive job market could learn how to be better storytellers.

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How to Achieve Your Freelancing Dream – Without Quitting Your Job

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Look what happens: Step 2 – Prepare a freelance portfolio with a simple and tweakable cover letter. His show, "Inside The Mind" uses internet generation humor and professional editing to make complicated concepts easy to understand and fun to learn.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Work in a Non-Profit?

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It’s something you should highlight in your resume and cover letter.” Skills learning, professional community, and intellectual development aren't luxuries; ultimately they help the organization and the cause. Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Do You Have What it Takes to Work in a Non-Profit?

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Top 10 Resume Writing Tips for 2018

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Additionally you may have had to learn to meal plan and cook, to do cleaning and washing duties or a myriad of other assorted essential household and child rearing skills. Writing a resume can be really tough.

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