Encouraging U.S. Commerce Report on "Digital Matching Firms"

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Second, it provides an overview of the sector and how at least one government agency views the good and bad of these firms.  Better use of idle assets and new forms of business. In the past, government agencies have mostly been quite negative on independent work and digital matching firms.    I was also recently on a panel with a senior policy person from the Department of Labor. The U.S.

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How to Write Concise, Active Sentences

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One of the most common culprits in verbose sentences is the expletive, an imposter subject consisting of some variation of there and a form of the verb “to be” ( is , are , was , were , “has been” or “have been,” and so on) that masks the sentence’s true subject.

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Why "Total Talent Management" is Important to Freelancers

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  A relatively new HR buzzword - " Total Talent Management " - is being used to describe systems and policies that  integrate all aspects of workforce management, from temporary agency workers and traditionally hired permanent employees to independent contractors and some types of outsourced services.  One of key trends we follow is the growing awareness of the importance of contingent talent by corporate HR departments. 

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Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012

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Obama also formed the Partnership for Sustainable Communities to bring together federal agencies to help communities nationwide improve access to affordable housing and increase low cost transportation options while protecting the environment.

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The Take Over of Green Marketing

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Environmental conservation has played a major role in reshaping the corporate landscape of America since the late 1960’s onward as environmental policy reform began gaining popularity. Consumers love products that in one way or another help the environment.

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Academic Studies Show Gig Economy Larger Than Government Data Suggests

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Households,  reported that 31% of Americans do some form of gig work and that gig work income was important to many. Several papers related to the gig economy presented last week at the American Economic Association annual meeting caught our eye. 

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Paperless Office: Myths, Benefits, and Tips for Going Paperless

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, going paperless can save a company about $80 for each of your staff members per year. When all of your documents are in electronic form, collaboration with your partners becomes faster and easier. They have different amounts of available space and privacy policy rules, so be careful. Now that you have all your documents in electronic form, you should get rid of the unnecessary papers.

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How to Create Lead Magnets That Convert

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Impact Branding and Design, an inbound-marketing agency, has faith in the power of lead magnets. It’s your insurance policy.”. Typical lead magnets come in the form of ebooks, white papers, and reports. E very online-marketing pro talks about the importance of growing your list.

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Dog Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours

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For example, in certain contexts, the invocation of the phrase “states’ rights” in assertions of the right of states in the United States to determine their own laws and policies without interference from the federal government is said to mask tacit advocacy of the perpetuation of racism.

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Standard Operating Procedures: Tips for Creating Business Systems | Office Organization & Office Efficiency | OfficeArrow


More from this Topic Purchase Order Form Template (Excel) Receive this FREE Purchase Order Template along with complimentary, no obligation price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple quality & independent accounting and bookkeeiping service providers.

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25 Russian Words Used in English (and 25 More That Should Be)

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Agitprop : artistic political propaganda, from a truncated form of the Russian forms of the words agitation and propaganda. Apparatchik : a Communist Party member and/or functionary, from the Russian form of the word apparatus. Glasnost : a policy of political openness and transparency, from the Russian word for “publicity”. Politburo : the Soviet-era primary source of government policy decisions, a truncation of the Russian forms of the words political and bureau.

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How to Refer to Governmental Administrative Bodies

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Here are some guidelines about how to style names of administrative jurisdictions, departments, and agencies: Name Versions. The formal style for Cabinet-level departments is “the Department of State,” for example, though journalistic style often up-ends this form as, for instance, “the State Department.” Nomenclature for US government entities can be complicated.

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A Quiz on Treatment of 75 Compound Words

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The correct forms according to Merriam-Webster are listed at the bottom of the page. Inter agency. Policy maker. Open, hyphenated, or closed? Usage guides, dictionaries, and style manuals may differ in their treatment of the following words, so there’s not necessarily one right answer — except for the purposes of this exercise: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. All terms in this list are treated as open compounds.

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What being a virtual assistant is like – for me

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On behalf of my clients, I work with other VAs, as well as virtual assistance agencies both inside and outside the US. My policies are spelled out in my contract, which clients must read and sign off on before we begin working together. If you look around at the experienced, reputable VAs and VA teams or agencies, they all have established processes to follow and forms to fill out if you are serious about working with them.

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Six Ways to Get More Juice from Your Freelancer | Men With Pens

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Failure to pay as agreed is a particularly bad form of feedback, but I’ve often seen clients use it that way. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically." - Captain Jack Sparrow Home | Services | About | Comment Policy | Disclosure | Contact Copyright © 2006 - 2010 30 Sous Zero Inc.

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Do Clients Need to Like You to Buy? | Men With Pens

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Back when I used to work for advertising and marketing agencies, the client would choose from a list of agencies they had heard of and get us to pitch. All the agencies on their list could do the work, and had trust in the field built through reputation and client roster. But trust comes in many forms, both short- and long term.

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Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

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It was free because it was idle; it wasn’t supposed to be the sort of business expertise that many companies would shell out good money for in the form of a consultant. The good stuff gets harder and harder to find, while the “same old stuff&# is repeated, in slightly different form, ad nauseum. I’m not convinced that all bloggers everywhere are simply marketers in content form.

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