The Rise of Independent Worker Teams: Fiverr's Studios and Upwork's Agency Experience

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" The boutique agencies Upwork refers to are small service firms, most of which utilize freelancers as part of their project teams.  These services also illustrate how the shift to cloud computing is creating new forms, structures and ways of doing business.

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3 Reasons you should Consider Working with a Social Media Agency

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But with the right team, social media could be your most powerful marketing tool and it will provide a much better return on your investment than any other form of advertising. Here are some reasons why you should consider working with a reputable social media agency.

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The Bribery Act – what do assistants need to know?

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According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) there are three types of bribery, they are: Active Bribery – whereby you offer, promise, give or reward someone for doing their day-to-day job improperly.

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Local SEO: Four Tips for Ranking High in Your City

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However, that is not to say that search , as a marketing form, is dead.

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Cutting Out Confusion: How to Explain SEO to Non-Techie Clients

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Despite the prevalence of search engine optimization agencies and freelance SEOs, the service itself is quite a hard sell; of the hundreds-of-thousands of businesses pitches on SEO services annually, the vast majority just are not that interested.

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The FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and Independent Work

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" As with most movements, there are different forms.   Key article quote from Vicki Robin, coauthor of Your Money or Your Life: "It’s about having agency, Ms. Agency, for most independent workers, means work flexibility, autonomy and control.

Beware of Career Marketing Firms

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Academic Studies Show Gig Economy Larger Than Government Data Suggests

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Households,  reported that 31% of Americans do some form of gig work and that gig work income was important to many. Several papers related to the gig economy presented last week at the American Economic Association annual meeting caught our eye. 

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Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: £150 John Lewis voucher

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Just answer the following question and complete the contact form ( for those reading this on email click here for the contact form ): [contact-form]. We are an independent venue finding agency and do not represent any one venue.

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The Best Inbound-Marketing Resources: HubSpot and Impact

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HubSpot’s target customers are marketing and ad agencies. Impact is one of those marketing agencies. (In Their sites are a wonderful convergence of form and function, design and results. From my study of HubSpot, I overhauled my forms and landing pages.

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How to Write Concise, Active Sentences

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One of the most common culprits in verbose sentences is the expletive, an imposter subject consisting of some variation of there and a form of the verb “to be” ( is , are , was , were , “has been” or “have been,” and so on) that masks the sentence’s true subject.

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Using Big Data to Sell Car Insurance by the Mile

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 They also provide incentive bonuses, in the form of free miles, to safe drivers. This data could be very interesting to a variety of folks like law enforcement, government agencies, your employer, your spouse/significant other, etc. And it's likely (definitely in the case of law enforcement and government agencies) these folks and others could - under certain circumstances - gain access. Insurethebox is a UK insurance company that sells auto insurance by the mile.

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5 Ways to Build A Culture Trust In A Large Remote Team

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Oxytocin, also known as “ the love hormone “, is vital in forming social connections between humans. Give your employees the agency to do the job according to their work habits. Working remotely is quickly becoming on-trend globally for companies big and small.

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This Old Marketing Farewell Episode: Sometimes the End Is a Beginning

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They really talk about different forms of content creation, from audio, to textual, to video. Before that I was focused on form over function – life goals, rather than business. PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. .

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9 Online Resources for Effective Learning

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The portal is a crucial source of valuable material which comes in the form of eBooks, internet courses, movies, and audiobooks. Technology is continuously leaving an indelible mark on many conceivable fields and industries, and education hasn’t been left behind either.

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Is It Possible To Find High Quality CBD?

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CBD products come in many different forms. Without the watchful eye of the FDA, industry standards are not subject to the strict rules of government agency beyond legal levels of THC. CBD, shorthand for cannabidiol, is one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood cannabis products.

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3 Examples of Expletives to Be Expunged

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In each of the following sentences, an expletive (a form of “there is” or “it is”) inhibits an active, concise sentence construction, and other wording is passive and/or more verbose than necessary. There have been several immediate actions that the agency has taken.

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Why "Total Talent Management" is Important to Freelancers

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  A relatively new HR buzzword - " Total Talent Management " - is being used to describe systems and policies that  integrate all aspects of workforce management, from temporary agency workers and traditionally hired permanent employees to independent contractors and some types of outsourced services.  One of key trends we follow is the growing awareness of the importance of contingent talent by corporate HR departments. 

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Nikola Tesla: Man Who Defeated The Prediction Fate

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Prediction: “Present wireless receiving apparatus will be scrapped for much simpler machines; static and all forms of interference will be eliminated, so that innumerable transmitters and receivers may be operated without interference.

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The Take Over of Green Marketing

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In the wake of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico along with increasing social awareness about environmental problems, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the environmental Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program.

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What is Invoice Factoring and How Does it Work?

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Invoice factoring is a kind of financing arrangement that is available to businesses that are able to provide certain goods or services to other businesses (in the form of a B2B arrangement) or to agencies of the government (B2G).…

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Encouraging U.S. Commerce Report on "Digital Matching Firms"

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Second, it provides an overview of the sector and how at least one government agency views the good and bad of these firms.  Better use of idle assets and new forms of business. In the past, government agencies have mostly been quite negative on independent work and digital matching firms.  The U.S.

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Smartphones May Soon Double As Air Pollution Monitors

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In 2010, however, Apple changed the game once again by introducing the world to its current idea of the tablet computer in the form of the iPad.

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8 Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Always keep in mind that happy customers are your best PR people as word of mouth is, by far, the greatest form of advertising. If you have the budget, then hiring an SEO agency or expert can do the trick. You’ve launched your business and now you need to tell people about it.

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3 Sentences That Present Obstacles to Comprehension

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Here, a standard developed by a federal agency is treated as if the agency’s name is part of the standard’s designation. A simple (but scarcely more effective) solution is to use the possessive form of the agency’s name.

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7 Networking Tips in a Competitive Industry

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Professional connections don’t require a professional base to form. The relationships you make through these activities will form around common interests, and that’s one of the hardest parts of building any relationship. Staffing agencies may turn to each other to find the right fit.

2019 180

Can You Go To Jail For Credit Card Debt?

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There are over 6,000 debt collection agencies in the United States alone, and roughly one in three people have a debt that is in collections. Federal Reserve found that 46% of Americans have some form of credit card debt. Can you go to jail for credit card debt?

Paperless Office: Myths, Benefits, and Tips for Going Paperless

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, going paperless can save a company about $80 for each of your staff members per year. When all of your documents are in electronic form, collaboration with your partners becomes faster and easier. Now that you have all your documents in electronic form, you should get rid of the unnecessary papers. Operating in an eco-friendly manner has been the new black for some time now.

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Solution for Major Travel Planning Pain Points

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60% use a corporate travel agency like Concur, 20% use an online travel agency like Expedia, and 17% book directly through the airlines and hotels. Currently, admins are searching for flights on each individual carrier’s website as well as on online travel agencies. Solution 1: Create a travel request form that you can send to your traveler with the information that you absolutely need to have. Keep the form as short as possible.

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Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012

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Obama also formed the Partnership for Sustainable Communities to bring together federal agencies to help communities nationwide improve access to affordable housing and increase low cost transportation options while protecting the environment.

2012 186

5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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He talks about a survey conducted with, which is China’s largest Travel agency. Freelancing is the most prominent form of remote working. The trend of flexible working hours among the people is increasing exponentially. People prefer working from homes.

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Corporate Sites and the Explosion of Small Business Media

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  The demand for small business content has reached the point where startups and new media agencies focused on generating small business content for 3rd parties are being formed.    GrowBiz Media , for example, writes articles on small business for corporations and government agencies.  One of the more interesting trends we've been following over the last few years is the rapid growth of small business media coverage. 

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How Tech Can Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

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In July 2010, an astonishingly large, naturally forming hailstone was recorded in the United States. Among some of the most unpredictable of weather events, hail can happen virtually anywhere by forming within the lower levels of thunderstorm clouds.

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So you’ve been asked to organise an event… now what?

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Instead of another form of communication. Do you need additional resources such as a venue finding agency to help? How often do you organise events? Considering this task is not the staple part of our profession I can still imagine your answer to be ‘quite often’.

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Definitions and Glosses

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However, if a definition follows is or another form of “to be,” do not set it off in quotation marks: “Relevant information is information that facilitates informed decision-making.”.

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What are Bitcoins?

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Because the currency is virtual and independent of government regulation, my Bitcoin gains are not traceable by the IRS or any other government agency. Bitcoins have become one of the most popular forms of alternative currency with more than $1 billion in circulation around the world. Bitcoin is an online digital currency. It was introduced in 2009 as an electronic alternative to traditional money.

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How to Create Lead Magnets That Convert

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Impact Branding and Design, an inbound-marketing agency, has faith in the power of lead magnets. Typical lead magnets come in the form of ebooks, white papers, and reports. E very online-marketing pro talks about the importance of growing your list. They’re right, of course.

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3 Types of Usage Errors

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The news agency saved its face by reporting before the official announcement that Smith had been fired. The term usage in the context of language refers to the employment of the proper word or phrase to convey an idea. Writers often produce usage errors in one of several ways.

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Hyphenating Phrases

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If the phrase modified, and preceded, a noun—with a slight change to singular form for the first word— hyphenation would be correct, as in, “The conflict-of-interest implications are troublesome.”). The agency’s structure violates the constitutional separation of powers doctrine.

2016 89

The Solopreneur Life’s Review of the New Rainmaker Platform

The Solopreneur Life

For example, in the sidebar next to posts about inbound marketing, I can place a lead-generation form that offers a free report on inbound marketing. But HubSpot caters to large companies and large agencies, and it’s reflected in their pricing.

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How to make your event more environmentally friendly

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Removing paper in its many forms from your event makes a very positive environmental statement. We are an independent venue finding agency and do not represent any one venue. Sustainability is slowly creeping back on everyone’s radars.

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Building A Startup: What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

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There are deadlines, people to find, marketing agencies to meet, and prices to negotiate. This is survival of the fittest in its most corporate form. It’s July 2003 and you’re a sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg.

2019 216

5 Strategies For Paying Off Student Loans Fast

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It is not always possible to fund the whole investment personally and sometimes, you’ll need assistance in the form of student loans. If you have multiple student loans running at various places, getting it to one single agency might be a wise decision. No one can deny the fact that education nowadays has become very expensive. If you have a good strategy in place though, paying off student loans fast is possible.

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