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A Sample of Amateur Writing

Daily Writing Tips

One paragraph like this every hundred pages might not trouble a reader, but this sample is typical of the book. Certainly not! James).

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Sample Voice Mail Templates

Ian's Messy Desk

Communication best voice bracket communication computing customized dozen e-mail email mailbox half internet lefts mail template sample sample voices templates temples tips voice mail voicemailVoice mail is one of the most frustrating aspects of telephone communication; just below navigating automated phone menus. Hello!

Sample Out of Office Message

Ian's Messy Desk

Sample voice-mail templates – Some voice-mail examples you can tailor for your own use. Some out-of-office messages for your e-mail – Some samples you could use, if your employer has a sense of humour or you are looking to become unemployed. and some tips for leaving out-of-office messages. That can only mean one thing.

Top Three Writing Errors of 2014

Business Writing

In my work as a business writing teacher, I read samples of writing from managers and employees at all levels around the country and the globe.

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How to keep your business plan fresh

Ian's Messy Desk

Canada Business Ontario has free templates and sample business plans for a variety of industries and a business planning video to help get you started.

In Praise of Precise, Simple Words

Business Writing

Lately I have been noticing a lot of unnecessarily complex words in the samples I read for business writing classes. Here is a sampling of 10 words I have seen, along with simpler words that match each writer''s meaning: mitigate. Gems of Language Teaching Business Writing

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Why Surveys Show Wide Differences in Small Business Social Media Use

Small Business Labs

 The answer lies in methodology and sampling techniques.     The Citibank survey was done using a random sample and by phone.  A   A random sample draws their respondents to reflect the overall population being studied.   In   social media

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7 Types of Punctuation Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Specifically her portfolio did not include the required number of samples. Misplaced Punctuation. Missing Punctuation. Unpaired Punctuation.

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Coming Down the. Pike or Pipe?

Business Writing

The other day I was reading a writing sample for the class Meeting Notes Made Easy, when I found a sentence like this one: We are waiting to see what comes down the pipe. The sentence implies that you are. Gems of Language Grammar and Usage

2012 16
2012 16

20 questions to ask before you book a venue

Practically Perfect PA

Can we sample the menu prior to the event? Let’s assume that all of the groundwork has been completed. What is the cancellation policy?

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5 Things to Never Say in a First Job Interview

On The Job

They know you''re trying to butter them up, but it''s better to focus on making sure they have a copy of your resume or samples of your work.

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3 Of The Best European Football Grounds

Dumb Little Man

We thought we’d take a look at three of the best and most interesting football grounds in Europe, using information from Expedia’s fantastic guide.

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Creativity In Your Career Portfolio

Office Dynamics

One assistant took such beautiful pictures that her executive decided to use her photographs as their company holiday cards – she included the samples of her work in the portfolio. If you have an innovative idea, please email it to us to be added to the album. Personality assessments. Share here in the comments section

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"Got Questions?": How to Invite Inquiries Concisely

Business Writing

Sample situation: Sometimes the close of an email, letter, Courteous Writing Email Etiquette I have been fighting the conciseness battle alongside people in my business writing courses. They want to know how to make their writing clear, concise, and friendly--all at the same time.

How to Crowd-design your Way to Entrepreneurial Success

Small Business CEO

… Management crowdsourcing design crowd design project

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Grammar-Checking Software Is Soft on Grammar Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Here are my brief reports about the software I sampled. How useful is grammar-checking software? Grammarly.

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Uber Didn't Create the Gig Economy; The Gig Economy Created Uber

Small Business Labs

We've been in a lot of meetings lately where people talk about the "Uberization of Work" These discussions tend to go the same way.

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The Home-Office Deduction: IRS Offers New, Simplified Option

The Solopreneur Life

I ’ve never taken the home-office deduction, because it’s so difficult to calculate. I might have to reconsider. Qualified Business Use.

Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development is Important but Few Plan to Invest in Them

Office Dynamics

Survey: Few CFOs Plan to Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development for Their Teams. MENLO PARK, Calif., markets. Poor work ethic. None of these.

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The Productivityist Podcast: The Inner Game of Productivity with Alan Brown


Alan’s low-bandwidth but high-impact sampling of brain hacks that will help you maximize your productivity (25:31). My guest this week is Alan Brown – a productivity coach, best-selling author of the book Zen and the Art of Productivity , and the host of Crusher TV. This week, he shares some techniques to get you from planning to execution.

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To Assure You About "Assure"

Business Writing

In the past week I have read writing samples from two high-level managers in two different industries, both with the same mistake. They both used the word assure incorrectly. So even though I have covered ensure-assure-insure before, it must be. Grammar and Usage

Survey Says Moms Want to Work Part-Time

Small Business Labs

One important point is the survey is not based on a statistical sample of U.S. women or U.S. mothers. women

2013 18
2013 18

Five Terms Related to Submitting a Manuscript

Daily Writing Tips

As these terms are often used interchangeably on writing sites, the reader’s confusion is understandable. Perhaps the following explanations can help.

2015 27

Survey: 51% of Solopreneurs Made Less Than $20,000 in 2010

The Solopreneur Life

Or is the sample size too small for it to mean anything? The first question is “How old is your business?&# Nearly 16% lost money.

2010 39

Note Takers, Don't Work So Hard!

Business Writing

When I reviewed their sample meeting notes, I found huge amounts. The other day I taught the online class Meeting Notes Made Easy. No wonder most of the people had enrolled in the class: They were working way too hard. How to Write _ Writing Tips

2011 9

Premiere or Premier?

Business Writing

Today I was reviewing writing samples for a business writing seminar when I read the phrase "one of the country's premiere spa resorts." Premiere? I liked the sound and sense of the word to describe a spa resort, but I. Gems of Language

2011 9

3 Types of Headings

Daily Writing Tips

The first two examples, above, for instance, aren’t very specific; only the third one matches the sample question and statement headings for utility.

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Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire

Practically Perfect PA

As well as staying the night at Gleneagles we sampled the food and wine. Like all leading hotels there never seems to be a quiet time to visit.

2015 32

Lights off as Avery launches green office week 2014

Practically Perfect PA

With office-based employees spending more of their time at work, a huge percentage of the country’s energy consumption is in the workplace.

2014 39

Cameron House, Loch Lomond

Practically Perfect PA

Scallops, with pea shoots, pea puree and bacon seems to make an appearance on almost every menu we sample these days and in the Boathouse it was great.

2014 26

Study: Gig Economy Growing Fast, Creating Mostly Part-Time Jobs

Small Business Labs

According to the study, nearly 1% of U.S. This works out to about 2.5 million Americans.

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Is My Cat Going To Drive Me Crazy?

Dumb Little Man

The newer study by Solmi’s group used a much larger sample size (nearly 5,000 individuals) than previous studies, and accounted for several confounding variables that could have been misconstrued as a link between cat ownership and neurological disorders. Why would researchers suspect such a link in the first place? Keep your cat indoors.

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4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever thought of marketing with Facebook ? Facebook gives your business a personality. Facebook makes you accessible to your customers.

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OPEN NOW! 7th Annual Done4You Giveaway

Office Organization Success

Here’s just a SAMPLING of the AMAZING products and services being given away (50+ gifts!): It’s that time again… it’s the most anticipated event of the year. For the 7th year in a row, the Done4You Giveaway of the Century is here with DONE-FOR-YOU business services and products — all FREE. No hype. No gimmick.

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Simple Tool for Organizing All of Your Travel Information

Productive & Organized

  Over the years, I have sampled a number of different systems.    Keep reading for what I found out. What You Get.

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Beginning A Business Letter with First Person Singular

Daily Writing Tips

A University of Washington letter-writing guide offers five sample application letters. Each one begins with the first person singular pronoun.

2015 30
2015 30

Communication Productivity Tip: Don't Make People Search for You.

Productive & Organized

The QR Code is the black and white funky looking square in the lower right of the sample picture below.) Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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Main Verbs and Simple Sentences

Daily Writing Tips

In the sample sentence, dropping introduces a participial phrase: dropping them back in the boxes. Many grammatical concepts that U.S. Grammar

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When “So” Becomes Annoying

Daily Writing Tips

Interview subject : So, I study samples of creek water to track pollution. The tiny English word so has numerous uses. you know. I think.

2015 34

How to Hustle Your Way To Freelance Success

Men With Pens

No problem: Spend time preparing sample works for your portfolio and show them off through social media. Don’t have good samples? I did.

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