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I haven't been posting in awhile as I have been considering retiring the blog. I will leave my blog up and running as there are over 400 articles that I want available to anyone who needs them, so please search the blog and I am sure you will find something or email me at with any questions you might have and I will try and answer them

5 Retirement Planning Myths Busted (To Help You Plan Your Finances Better)

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When it comes to financial myths related to retirement planning, there exists plenty. Thankfully, younger citizens are becoming more conscious by the day and are opening up to embracing less conventional financing options. Myth 4: I won’t live much longer after retirement.

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Smart Business Ideas For Retired Couples

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There are days where I look forward to my retirement. Working 24/7 and taking care of the kids at the same time make you want to retire as early as possible. However, I have seen many retired people who long to work again. Many retired citizens keep working after retirement because of their financial situation. That is the reason why retired people are stepping into their own business game and it makes perfect sense.

Seven Top Tips for Retirement Planning

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Retirement might seem a long way off, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it ahead of time. With the right tips for retirement planning, you can take a proactive approach in preparing for your future. When it comes to planning for your retirement, there’s really no such thing as starting too early. Twenty to thirty years from now, your savings will add up and you’ll have a good amount of money to spend for your retirement.

5 Tips for Better Retirement Planning

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We all want to make sure that we are fully-prepared for retirement. While it can often seem so far away, retirement can soon come creeping up on you. So how can you plan for your retirement a little better? Finance retirement planning

3 Things I learned When I Seriously Planned to Retire

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Retirement, unlike death, does not happen to all of us. Yet, I have been fascinated with retirement since I was about thirty years of age. They both worked hard and purposefully to be able to retire when my dad turned fifty-five. And they did it even though not all they planned happened and many things unplanned showed up in life. They held the course and we all celebrated his retirement together with a great family party. Retirement is the layover.

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6 Secrets To Create An Effective Retirement Plan

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But then, someone talked to you about retirement planning. Retirement plan is so not sexy”, you think. A thought of retirement plan crossed your mind, but it’s not a good time. Speed up to your mid-forties. You started to worry about your retirement. You looked into some retirement plans and were amazed at how compound interest worked. If you saved $1,000 a month, when you retire, you could have around $500,000.

For Retirement, 80 May be the New 65

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We've long been forecasting and writing about the growing trend of Americans working past traditional retirement age.    But even we're surprised by a Wells Fargo survey showing that 75% of Americans plan to work in their retirement years - and 25 percent saying they'll need to work until at least age 80 because they will not have enough money to retire comfortably.  Baby Boomers retirement

5 Simple Hacks To Increase Your Retirement Savings

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Are you saving for your retirement? If you haven’t been able to start saving for retirement, you are not alone. The importance of saving for your retirement cannot be overemphasized. Saving for retirement is not optional; it is something that everybody ought to take seriously. If you’re interested to know the best way to save for retirement, below are simple hacks you can try. Simplify your retirement savings by placing it on auto pilot.

Boomer Delayed Retirement Top 10 News Round-Up

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Lots of news these days on baby boomers delaying retirement. The quick summary is boomers are delaying retirement, changing retirement and choosing not to go gently into retirement.  In addition to destroying nest eggs and forcing delayed retirement, the article says many baby boomers are even going to die younger because of recession induced economic trauma.  Below are our top 10 (actually 11, we added a bonus story) recent stories on the topic.

Turning Sixty: Top Things To Do In Retirement

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Very soon, you’ll be celebrating your sixtieth birthday and that means you’ll be looking at your retirement, too. Well, in any case, if sixty is just not a number for you, it’s time to rev up your passion and pursue your hobbies like never before. Here are the top things to do in retirement that can make your life more engaging and exciting: Define your passion and purpose. So, continue what your favorite pastimes were even before your retirement.

Top 4 Tips for Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement

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It might be tempting to continue dumping as much money as possible into your retirement accounts, but it is almost always more efficient to settle your debts first. Unless you and your financial manager have decided that your retirement accounts are earning much more interest than your current debt, you should try to settle your other loans first. Entering into retirement with absolutely no debt can be one of the most freeing situations you will ever experience.

Retirement Made Easy: Tips To Make The Transition Simple

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At some point in your life, you may have to retire. To make your transition more simple, here are some of the best retirement planning tips you can try. At your retirement party, network with other coworkers who’ve already retired to see what jobs they’ve taken up. Just because you feel like you have saved enough money does not mean you are already financially prepared for retirement. See Also: Retirement Activities that are Financially Viable.

Are Men Or Women More Successful At Saving For Retirement?

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Do you know who is more successful at saving for retirement ? While that disparity isn’t disappearing anytime soon, advocates for gender equality can look to one area of finance as a sign of the changing tide: retirement-saving. According to a recent study by investment management behemoth Vanguard, women are out-saving men for retirement, and it’s not even a close race. These women prove that a low salary doesn’t have to dissuade you from saving for retirement.

Non-Mortgage Debt and Working in Retirement

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Manufacturing » July 01, 2010 Non-Mortgage Debt and Working in Retirement The US News article The Number One Obstacle to Retirement points out that non-mortgage debt is a significant problem for many Americans.    According to the article, debt payments are interfering with retirement savings for 63% of Americans. But the point they make - many Americans are not saving enough for retirement - is a good one. 

Most Feel Classic Retirement No Longer Affordable

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Transamerica  released their 13th annual retirement survey.  They cover a lot of areas related to retirement and their full report does a nice job with the details.   The quick summary is only 39% of respondents believe they are buiding a big enough nest egg to fund a traditional retirement.   Also, only 19% said they did not plan to work in retirement. Income is now the primary driver for wanting/needing to work in retirement.

Half of U.S. Full-Time Employees Plan to Defer Retirement Due to Financial Reasons

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It shows that 52% of the full-time employees surveyed said they plan to postpone their retirement due to their financial situation. This is up from just 37% in 2015. We've long often covered the trend towards delayed retirement ( see our baby boomer section for many articles on this topic ). These are the people who should be the best prepared to retire.    This means deferred retirement also means a lot more older independent workers.

The FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and Independent Work

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The New York Times article  How to Retire in Your 30s With $1 Million in the Bank nicely covers the " growing movement of young professionals who are intently focused on quitting their jobs forever." " It's called the FIRE movement and the acronym stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. We ended up following what would now be called a fat FIRE lifestyle that led to us leaving traditional employment in our early 40's.

Tim Berry's Baby Boomer Un-Retirement - Part 2

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « The Atlantic Monthly on The End of Men | Main | The Female Economy » June 18, 2010 Tim Berrys Baby Boomer Un-Retirement - Part 2 Several years ago (have I really been blogging that long?) I posted on Tim Berry's un-retirement.    His answer was he was retired.   While Tim may not be the typical baby boomer, he is a great example of our generation's approach to retirement

Retirement 3.0 Includes Working, But With Lots of Flexibility

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The Retirement Reset Study  is a joint effort by the Sun Financial Group and Age Wave.    Their key study finding is we are entering a new phase of retirement they call Retirement 3.0, " A big part of this new retirement is the inclusion of work.    Their survey showed 65% Americans aged 55+ plan on working in retirement.    This is up 5 years from a similar study done by Age Wave in 2001. 

Small Business Owners Getting Older and Not Planning to Fully Retire

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As the Barlow chart below shows (click to enlarge), 57% of small business owners are over the age 60, up from just 38% a decade ago. Also interesting is Barlow's findings on small business owner retirement plans. In general, small business owners are not the retiring type. They found average small business owner with plans to retire is planning on retiring at age 67.  Also, only 68% of small business owners report plans to retire.

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Top 10 Reasons to Start Saving for your Retirement

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Everyone dreams of one day retiring to the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Those days of living life on your terms are not that far off for many of us, but when you’re young, vibrant, and full of life, it is difficult to think about giving it all up. Today, the world sees more people living longer than before so the need to start saving early is a crucial element that can make your retired life as comfortable as possible. Finance retirement planning

Happy Retirement to someone who gave me a chance.

Laughing all the Way to Work

I ended up moving to an apartment downtown and walking to work, that's how close I lived to the office. Sometimes what we think we don’t want, ends up being exactly what we need. A few days ago I went to this man’s retirement party and there were a lot of nice things said about him. Thank you Mr. B for taking me on and I wish you all the very best in your retirement.

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“Too Much Time on My Hands”

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I woke up from my antihistamine-fueled dreams today with this song playing in my head. The reality is, the tune dates back to 1981, the year my firstborn arrived and, therefore, the last time in my life that … Continue reading → RetirementIn fact, I was never a Styx fan.

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Self-Improvement: Spruce Up Your Appearance

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I stayed with the new stylist for several years until she had to retire from the business due to medical reasons. When we wear attire that is more in line with today’s trends (but not overly trendy), we give the impression that we are up on what is going on in the world. Shake it up a bit! Welcome to the last Monday of September! When was the last time you changed your hair style? Color? What about your eyewear—is it modern and attractive for your face shape?

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Good News - The Unemployment Rate Went Up in August

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « Small Business Employment, Confidence Stalled | Main | Our iPad Review » September 04, 2010 Good News - The Unemployment Rate Went Up in August It's hard to be positive about the overall jobs picture.  Despite the increase in net jobs the unemployment rate went up slightly from 9.5%

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Time to Retire “Political Correctness”

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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have blown up political correctness in New Hampshire. The expressions “political correctness” and “politically correct” have gone through so many meanings that it’s no longer possible to know what a speaker means by them. The word correct was used as a verb by Chaucer in the fourteenth century in reference to correcting his writing. It’s from Latin corrigere , “to make straight, set right, reform, amend.”.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to End Up With a Career You Hate

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Maybe your awful boss will retire and you’ll be promoted and the company will be purchased by Google. You just give up. I spend a lot of time sharing information on how to love your career. I talk about making thoughtful decisions , establishing a path and actively managing your goals. But, equally important, is avoiding those roads that will lead to inevitable career unhappiness. Sometimes, they’re hard to spot. But I’ve found five that are clear, unmistakable danger zones.

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Maker Faire Round-Up, From a Small Business Perspective

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « The Small Business Side of Maker Faire | Main | Social Networks, Cultural Evolution and Idea Sex » May 24, 2010 Maker Faire Round-Up, From a Small Business Perspective Maker Faire , the annual geek show celebrating DIY culture, was held last weekend in Silicon Valley.    We noticed a definite up-tick in the small business orientation of the show. 

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Running a Business in The Present – Planning for The Future

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Responsibilities include looking after employees, creating detailed business plans, and drawing up budgets. It can be hard to look into the future when everything is so busy, but it should be an important consideration for any business owner to contemplate and plan for retirement. … Finance business planning retirement planning

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Ageism Means More Self-Employed

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Key quote from the article: Often needing to stay in jobs longer than they anticipated to shore up savings depleted during the Great Recession, or simply wanting to remain active further into their lengthening life spans, they’re coming up against a strong preference in America for youthful “energy” and “innovation.”. For those looking for a shorter version, the recent New York Times article Of Retirement Age, but Remaining in the Work Force  nicely summarizes the topic.

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Are baby boomers suffering more than other workers?

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Many in the baby boomer generation had planned on retiring by now. You've got people who are worried that if they live 30 years past retirement, will they be able to support themselves? While you might think you have a tidy nest egg for retirement, what happens if a spouse or family member becomes ill? Make yourself have these difficult conversations, no matter your income level," Greenberg says, adding that a qualified financial adviser can help you set up a plan.

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Hot Flash: Working With Your Internal Temperature Turned Up

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I calculate that I have about 13 years before retirement so I better get used to it. I wonder what the younger women and the men in the office must be thinking as they watch the older assistants heat up. Dress in layers so you can easily take a jacket or sweater off when the heat goes up. I take my jacket off for the third time this morning and tell a co-worker again how hot I am. I have to work and I am going through menopause.

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slugbug tees off

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Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs SlugBug tees off Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 10:01 am // By: ktcosmos // Category: Baseball , Life of the Virtual Assistant , Sports Paradoxically speaking: I had finally resigned myself to a long term, perhaps permanent, work slowdown and was halfway into retirement planning when, the next week, my inbox delivered a slew of new projects. Batter up.

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Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

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Time to think about the retirement fund.&# “We get to retire? No one ever told me that…&# We both know there’s no retirement fund in what we do. We work tirelessly to put up good content that people can use to improve their income, and we don’t get paid a penny for it. That’s our goal with each and every post we put up on this site. There’s a new free post that goes up every day.” We show up for our jobs every day.

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6 Ways How Twentysomethings Can Start to Save

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Most retirement advice for young people boils down to this: Start saving, and do it right now. Unfortunately, the urgency of that message gets lost on far too many youths, too caught up in the prime of their lives to worry about the future. But with Social Securit y vanishing and automation primed to replace many jobs, retiring is going to get increasingly difficult for each generation. If you wait 10 years to start saving for retirement, you’ll have to contribute $103.50

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GenY and Boomers: A Formidable Alliance

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Much has been made of the fact that baby boomers will be retiring in droves, leaving the field as worn-out warriors with their outdated ideas. In fact, according to author Tamara Erickson who just completed a book on retirement, GenYers like having boomers around. Erickson told me that GenYers have grown up listening to boomers (their parents), and often rely on their advice. Tags: retirement GenX GenY GenY workers baby boomers Tamara Erickson

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Five People You Gotta Pay Attention to Today

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In reality, no – everybody’s not cool.” -- leadership coach Peggy Klaus, talking about employers finding unflattering online information about job candidates that can damage their chances of getting a position "Rwanda's economy has risen up from the genocide and prospered greatly on the backs of our women. Tags: women's wages women in technology retirement actors wage equality women at work layoffs of older workers women in engineering Rawanda women in science

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Saving Tips for Millennials: How to Create a Personal Financial Plan for the Future

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A lot of Millennials are delaying important things like saving for retirement or typical milestones like buying a house. Creating a personal financial plan and setting goals shouldn’t be a problem that you put on the back burner until you decide to buy a house or retire.

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Making A Financial Plan: How to Set Financial Goals To Live Your Best Life

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However, contrary to what most people are thinking, financial planning and budgeting aren’t just for retirement. When it comes to retirement, even though many people are saving, they still don’t know why or how much.

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Urban Farming Continues to Expand

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « The Third Billion - The Growing Impact of Global Women | Main | Learning From Large Corporation CEOs » May 28, 2010 Urban Farming Continues to Expand The Globe and Mail has a nice article on Young Urban Farmers, a "Toronto-based start-up founded last year with a mission to not only turn a healthy profit, but to also encourage sustainable practices in households across the city."

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CEOs Believe Technology is Rising in Importance

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  But following up on yesterday's post on IBM's global CEO survey , I wanted to highlight one of their charts.  Small Business Labs Tracking and Forecasting the Trends Impacting the Future of Small Business Welcome to Small Business Labs Small Business Labs, from Emergent Research , covers the key social, technology and business trends impacting small business.

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The Rise of Super Angels

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Main | More Canadians Becoming Freelancers » June 09, 2010 The Rise of Super Angels Several interesting articles this week on the growing role Angel Investors are playing in the funding of tech and Internet related start-ups. Seed Deals Account for 26% of Early-stage Web Investments from Giga Om covers the frothy state of angle investments in web start-ups and the growing clout of "super angels." 

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