Things You Can Do As A Small Business Owner To Limit Your Tax Liability

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Have A Retirement Plan. As an entrepreneur whose aim is to limit tax deductions contributing to a retirement plan is a good idea. A retirement plan will help you save some money because the plan will provide you with a tax deduction for the contributions. You can also agree with your employees and get them a retirement plan thus helping you to save more of your business income.

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Workforce Participation: Where is Everyone Going?

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 Non-farm payrolls grew by an anemic 93,000.  The Washington Post article says it's a combination of discouraged workers waiting out the recession and retiring baby boomers. Ugly is only way to describe the August job report.   And if you look under the hood at the new jobs, you find the greatest gains came from the food services and drinking sector.  This means it was an OK month if you're looking to be a bartender or wait tables, but not much else.

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Should City Governments and other Businesses look to Virtual Services to Save Money?

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The article discussed how the City of Hickory, NC proposed offering early retirement to 84 of their employees. Reading the details of what would be offered in exchange for taking the early retirement deal didn’t really strike me as a wonderful option for those 84 people., But, he said, the city could use the payroll savings. It’s a rare occurrence when reading an article about a city budget makes me sad, but it happened just a few moments ago.

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How To Make The Gig Economy Work For You

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Fifty years ago, the expectation was that you would be in the same job until you retire. That’s much less people getting their retirement money and financial security from private US firms. Getting and keeping clients, meeting deadlines and paying the bills is all on you: You’ll have to pay your payroll taxes, an additional tax burden above what you pay as an employee of a firm. With no matching funds from an employer, you’ll have to save for retirement.

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10 Things Overheard at the Last Management Meeting

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It's unanimous: We use the 'Deal or No Deal' model for payroll this next quarter." Hey -- I'm hitting the dollar store after work to pickup up a few 'forced early retirement' gifts.

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Free Webinar: Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

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How I Went to Part-Time Work

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This could include health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans or other perks. You will become very good friends with the payroll person. This has taken many, many phone calls to payroll people. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. One of the direct benefits of my interest and application of productivity principles is that I work part time.

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