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As you can see in the picture below, we had to put on this awesome getup in order to tour a 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and what … Continue reading Salary Negotiation 101 → Millennial Corner Career Tips JTL Services Salary Tara LeFevre

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Salary Negotiation 101

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The post Salary Negotiation 101 appeared first on JTL Services Inc. Millennial Corner Career Tips JTL Services Salary salary and negotiation tips Tara LeFevreYesterday, my managing partner/mom Tara LeFevre and I went on a trip about an hour and a half down the road to visit two of our clients. As you can see in the picture below, we had to put on this awesome getup in order to tour a 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and what […].

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5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. An increase in your salary will not come overnight.

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How to Negotiate a Salary

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But now you’re about to take on one of the most difficult tasks in this job search journey: Negotiating a salary. You’re not good at negotiations ? That’s because your skills at negotiating will not only impress your new employer, but it’s expected.

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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary (Even if you Feel Uncomfortable)

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Do you know anyone who is a master of negotiating their salary? The truth is, everyone is terrible at negotiation. So the good news is: if you negotiate your salary decently, you will probably get that raise.

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Salary Negotiation for the Focused Professional

Office Dynamics

Stat: 20% of American career women will never negotiate for more money in their careers. One of my favorite career experts, Alexia Vernon, shares some tips on negotiation for the salary you deserve on New Day Northwest.

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Women versus Men in Job Interviews and Salary Negotiations

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For both genders, anxiety before the interview may be present, but studies show that women handle it better. Women adapt more proactively than men do. Women seek social support from colleagues and friends more than men do. And women are more prone to do mock interviews with those colleagues and friends more than men are. [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice gender difference interview preparation men vs. women

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4 Ways to Get a Bigger Paycheck

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In fact, I should be making more, which is why I was so interested in interviewing an expert in the art of negotiation. I tell them to get the job then talk about salary again in a year," he says. A survey by Negotiating Women Inc. Do you make too much money for what you do?

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Never Accept a Job Offer Without Doing These Things

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Are they offering you the salary you believe is fair? The reason I say this is because too many people take a salary offer personally. So, they end up accepting whatever they're offered without even trying to counter (CareerBuilder finds that 56 percent do not negotiate for better pay.)

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How Long is Normal to Go Without a Raise?

Eat Your Career

Is it a problem to have the same salary for 5 years or more? Hiring companies always want to see that you’ve progressed in your previous employment, and a rising salary is one sign of progression. In my monthly Q&A sessions, I commonly receive a lot of questions about raises.

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Is it ever OK to tell someone how much you make?

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Someone asked me the other day what my salary was. Years ago we were taught never to reveal our salary. I was so excited about getting a steady salary that I wrote the amount in my calendar on each payday. When my boss noticed what I had written, he took me aside and told me that I should never write my salary down for others to see. I think it is to the employer's benefit that we don't discuss salary. revealing your salary How much do you make?

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Uh-Oh: You May Not Be Worth What You Thought

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According to a JobFox survey, some median annual salary ranges dropped $10,000, compared to a month ago. This helps set the groundwork for a salary bump before your annual review. Negotiate for other compensation/benefits. If an employer isn't offering you the salary you desire, ask for training opportunities -- either in another department, or to attend an industry event where you'll not only learn something, but make valuable professional contacts.

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How To Write A Demand Letter For Personal Injury Without Hiring A Lawyer?

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While this financial arrangement can appear favorable for the plaintiff, depending on the nature of your claim and the complexities involved in negotiating a suitable settlement, your lawyer’s take-home salary can equal out to be $500 an hour or more. The cost of filing and settling a personal injury lawsuit can be surprisingly high. After you have accounted for the cost of your legal counsel, you may be expected to pay thousands of dollars in exchange for representation.

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4 Ways to Get the Boss to Give You What You Want

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If you're having difficulty getting what you want at work -- perhaps a promotion or a big project -- it's time to rethink your negotiating skills and learn from the best. If you’re only thinking about your salary, then you’re setting yourself up to fail,” he says.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

Practically Perfect PA

Apparently, being loyal to one company doesn’t necessarily pay off (both in terms of salary and promotion) and moving from one role to another in pretty quick succession is becoming less frowned upon. Here are a few of my thoughts… Salary increase.

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3 Steps to Getting That BIG Raise at Work

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In most instances, this will come in the form of raises to your salary. In this article, we’ll discuss how to craft a compelling ASK which you can use to maximize your salary increase. This past year I used these techniques to increase my base salary by 10%! You’ll need to be prepared to justify this amount to your employer when you’re at the negotiation table. The Negotiation.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (Nov. 18, 2016)

Eat Your Career

It asks for your job title, employer, current salary and years of relevant work experience. It might be an interesting tool for salary negotiations.

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Should You Tell Others What You Earn?

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Over the years there has been great discussion about whether companies and employees should be more transparent over salaries. For one reason, it’s easier to gain the upper hand in salary negotiations if employees are in the dark about what others are earning.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (Nov. 18, 2016)

Eat Your Career

It asks for your job title, employer, current salary and years of relevant work experience. It might be an interesting tool for salary negotiations.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (April 2017)

Eat Your Career

Read the article here >> 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. Unfortunately, far too many people give in and simply accept the offer without even attempting a negotiation.

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Book Review: Give and Take


Grant also writes about how givers negotiate better than takers. In one study of student negotiators, the group trained as givers got better deals for themselves and their opponents. To help givers avoid being walkovers Grant suggests many ways to reframe situations, like negotiations.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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Be prepared to negotiate if necessary. Like everything in business, it’s about negotiation for both funds and time. Salary Increase. “Succeeding in business is all about making connections. Business is all about personal contact.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views January 6, 2017

Eat Your Career

If you missed them, take a peek here: 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. Did you know that you have the most leverage for negotiation before you get hired?

2017 130

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Organization & Advance Your Career

Eat Your Career

Your company pays you a salary and they expect a return. Aggressively negotiating with existing vendors for better pricing. Over the past few months, I’ve talked about this concept at length in numerous webinars, speeches and presentations.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

Office Dynamics

Executive assistants are running meetings, making hiring decisions, giving presentations, negotiating contracts, managing budgets and are considered co-leaders. She received the biggest salary of her lifetime with all kinds of perks.

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Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 4

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What are you looking for in terms of salary? I really struggle to talk about money or salary with anyone even if I’m not really happy with how much I’m being paid.

How To Get Your Boss To Agree To Anything You Want

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If you’re looking for a career or salary boost , you need to prove you deserve it. See Also: 5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary. If you could change anything about your job, what would it be? Do you want a savvier office or a bigger holiday allowance? Perhaps you’d like more mentorship or opportunities to develop new skills. Are you thinking about getting a fatter paycheque at the end of each month?

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How To Get a Promotion Without Working Yourself To The Bone

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See Also: 5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary . How’s it going at work? Undervalued? Overworked? Frustrated? Feeling invisible? You’re not alone. Generations of schoolchildren have been taught to knuckle down and work hard.

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So do assistants think the role has diversified?

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Last September I successfully negotiated a change in title and salary, but am still the lowest-paid manager in our company, even though I have more management experience than several other managers. Last month I posted a blog about diversification with the assistant role.

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What Frugality REALLY Means: It's Not About Being Cheap

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That's what frugality can bring you – even if you're on a pretty low salary. Act unreasonably, expecting or demanding a discount (negotiating is different). Frugality. It's not exactly an alluring word, is it?

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7 Ways to Live Within Your Means

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Unfortunately, this lifestyle is not possible with a limited salary. Check the ones that can be negotiated for better rates. Financial gurus often talk about living within your means. You hear it all the time but do you know what it truly means? Have you figured out how to do this? This advice is all about spending less than what you receive. Another way to put it is to cut back and that sounds no fun at all. However, it is necessary if you find yourself struggling financially.

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Pay off Student Loan Debt by Going Back to School

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One of the biggest advantages of going back to school and obtaining a master’s degree is that doing so will boost your starting salary. You may cringe at such a large payment coming out of your bank account each month, but thanks to refinancing negotiations with each lender, you’re actually paying less than you were before. If you are currently struggling with student loans, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, 44.2 million Americans struggle with student loan debt.

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The Good and Bad of Freelancing

Small Business Labs

There are no set salaries, no limits on how to direct one's efforts. Paying out of pocket for health care (not everyone qualifies for the Freelancers Union), quarterly taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, promotion, marketing, negotiations, pre and post project management. Every so often we need to remind ourselves that freelancing is neither just good or bad. We need to do this because most media coverage present freelancing and independent work as either really good or really bad.

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Inspiring Business Leaders: 5 of the Most Influential Women

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The AAUW report also highlights the salary differences for women of color. She negotiated a deal in which she retained e-book rights to her Potter franchise, something that had never been done before. These 5 influential women are inspiring business leaders.

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How do assistants get promoted?

Practically Perfect PA

In terms of my career I have had to leave a company to enhance my skills, choices, salary and overall career progression. Pin It.

5 Biggest Problems Faced By Small Businesses And How To Overcome Them

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Also, as a business owner, you may have to skip taking a salary in the first few years. Another good way to extend your cash flow is to negotiate with suppliers or vendors. They would likely offer higher salaries and unlimited benefits for the right candidates. Startups are known to have specific needs that bigger companies won’t understand. Those needs inevitably become challenges to business owners.

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How I Went to Part-Time Work

Simple Productivity Blog

I had to re-negotiate my hourly rate, which my employer didn’t care for at all, since it was cutting into the 50% per hour profit they were making on me. You might be asked to be part-time salaried. These range from incorrect hours, to being paid time-and-a-half, to being switched to salaried full time classification without my knowledge. Are you willing to take a lower-than-percentage salary to make this work?

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Amnesty is Already a Verb

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This was added to allow teams to clear salary cap space in preparation for new salary cap rules. A reader questions a word she heard spoken by a Fox News announcer: [The announcer used] the non-word “amnetize” to mean “granting amnesty to.”

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5 Reasons Being Self Employed Sucks

Productivity Bits

This is especially true when it comes to finances, as many of the benefits that we take for granted were collectively bargained for through years of protest and negotiation. In other words, full-time employees are granted about a month of salary for doing absolutely nothing. T here is a temptation at times to lionize the self-employed for taking control of their occupational future. The self-employed make their own hours and have the freedom to work hard or hardly work.

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How to Prove that You Are Worthy of a Raise

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For additional salary negotiation tips and strategies, join Passive Panda's Free Newsletter on Earning More Photo Credit: baslow. Getting a raise is one of the quickest ways to improve upon your financial picture.

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4 Strategies to Help You Get More Money This Year

On The Job

The Conference Board reported in its recent annual survey of salaries that the median salary increase for 2010 for all employee groups is expected to be 3 percent – the lowest since the group began forecasting salaries 25 years ago and down half a percent from the previous year.

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Evaluating Benefits 101 – Comparing Premium Costs is Just Not Enough

Small Business CEO

These cost-cutting efforts will affect every department in a company, especially HR, as most companies spend the largest part of their revenue on salaries and wages. More importantly, an outsourced HR vendor brings consolidated purchasing power to their negotiations with insurance companies.

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Planning the Perfect Holiday Party: Guest Blog

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While you're negotiating the per-person fee, consider the average salary of the office employees. The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of year in the office. The big holiday party gives coworkers a chance to see another side of their office mates, it's a great bonding experience, and you get to meet everyone's significant other. But someone's got to plan the extravaganza, right? If the responsibility falls on you this year, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.