Hitting the salary cap

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A few years ago I was working as a PA to a senior board director in an organisation full of project managers, engineers and specialist technicians. Everyone was placed in a salary band depending on their experience and their skills. Except support staff who were placed in lower salary bands or slotted in somewhere that sort of fitted what they did. I was placed in a low (not rock bottom but not particularly high) salary band with other assistants and admin type people.

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Are Professional Certifications Worth It?

Eat Your Career

Recommended Resource: Straight Talk About Salaries (Recorded Webinar). However, as a career coach , I am also a Certified Professional Career Manager (PCM), which is designation offered through a lesser-known company called TalentGuard. For example, project managers have the PMP certification and Human Resources have SHRM certifications. career advice career management professional certification

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So do assistants think the role has diversified?

Practically Perfect PA

Event Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Finance have become a big part of my job. Tasks and responsibilities involving heavy project management are becoming commonplace for the admin too.” I came from a background of office management & finance, I was able to take all the roles that I have had over the last 20 years and roll them into an executive assistant role. In this role I managed staff, but was not given a manager title.

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10 Ways to Encourage More Women Into Your Workforce

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If you claim to be a company that offers equal opportunities for both sexes, it should be reflected in your career development policy with a good number of female employees working in senior management positions and leadership roles. A discriminatory salary structure that results in lower pay to women for the same task performed by their male counterparts is downright obstructive. The salary structure for female employees must be competitive and based on performance.

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Are assistants overqualified?

Practically Perfect PA

It has been really interesting reading all of the different job descriptions, the skills that are required and the salaries attached to different levels of the role. The description lists all of the core skills (diary and email management, travel arrangements, expenses etc) followed by one or two more bullet points relating to tasks designed specifically for the role (managing in-house IT software, supporting certain departments, managing social media for the organisation for example).

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Trading Income for Flexibility

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 Often, those benefits are being provided in lieu of higher salaries.  The key article quote comes from a 25 year old project manager who got extra time off instead of a raise: “Would I like to make more? We've been doing a lot of research lately on people trading income and income stability for greater work autonomy, control and flexibility. 

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5 Ways to Build A Culture Trust In A Large Remote Team

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Technological advancements, in terms of connectivity speeds, as well as feature-rich project management tools, are allowing companies from a range of industries to enable remote work settings. They can manage work stress better as they were reported to experience 40% less burnout. CEOs, directors, and senior management should be able to come up with a set of ethical principles that are tied to business processes.

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Are You Covering All Expense Bases?

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Any money you spend to run or grow your business must be paid for somehow, and not necessarily out of your own salary. Software applications and online products are also an expense, including Anti-virus software, project management, online backup, and online greeting card services, to name a few. by Donna Toothaker.

Tech Jobs Moving to the Midwest

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cities are more expensive than outsourcing overseas, rising salaries and costs overseas is making outsourcing there less of a bargain. Key quote: The advantages of these remote locations include lower salary costs, higher standards of living for employees, greater ability to retain employees, less competition and consequently higher retention.  Next-generation chat, video calling, and project management software make it easier to coordinate work with and manage remote teams.

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Are You Allowing Technology To Stretch Your Working Day?

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Project managers get called in if the computer site goes down. Office managers check their emails on weekends so they see if something has to be handled before Monday. If you can have people work longer hours by giving them a way to work from home, that’s more effort for the company (and if the worker is salaried, it’s essentially free, too). Just because you are salaried doesn’t mean you have to work 80 hours a week.

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4 Ways Businesses Can Approach the New Generation Gap

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Create a mentoring program for employees to lean on their managers and learn about everything from technology to networking. Baby boomers often struggle with mastering new technologies like CRM tools and online project management systems. Focus on assigning projects that match baby boomers’ unique skills, and offer ongoing performance reviews and raises. Assign employees to team projects based on their skills and strengths, rather than their age.

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How Social Niceties Can Ruin Your Chances Of Getting A Promotion At Work

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Imagine feeling fulfilled and accomplished in your job, being loved by your boss, respected and admired by your peers and paid the salary you are worth. But, more importantly, it’s achieving success on the right projects, having opportunities to show your skills and cultivating harmonious relationships that can facilitate long-term success. If someone says “Great work on that last project!” Anything is better than simply reporting the problem for your manager to fix.

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Announcement: The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

To understand, optimize, manage and grow sophisticated customer acquisition funnels. As my assistant, you will also be tasked with project management tasks and responsibility for those initiatives I launch with the time you created. Be self motivated and responsible: You will not be micro-managed, or in fact managed at all. If you can’t self-manage and keep yourself on track, do not apply. You read it right. This is a job advertisement.

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The Administrative EFX by Debbie Gross

Office Dynamics

In those days I was an office manager with 3 people reporting to me and my salary was growing at less than 3% per year. As an office manager, I was already providing support to our VP of sales, doing project management, customer service all the while keeping an office running smoothly and giving guidance and mentorship to those reporting to me in supporting our organization.

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The Good and Bad of Freelancing

Small Business Labs

There's the variety, projects big and small, high paying, low paying, interesting, mundane, changing faces, fresh ideas, new clients. all this can be thrilling and it's deeply satisfying to see a project through to the end and move to the next. There are no set salaries, no limits on how to direct one's efforts. Downtime on a Saturday very often becomes a brainstorming session about clients, projects, and finances.

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The Administrative EFX by Debbie Gross

Office Dynamics

In those days I was an office manager with 3 people reporting to me and my salary was growing at less than 3% per year. As an office manager, I was already providing support to our VP of sales, doing project management, customer service all the while keeping an office running smoothly and giving guidance and mentorship to those reporting to me in supporting our organization.

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Dealing With A Job Loss: Starting the Job Hunt

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I considered if I wanted to keep programming, or go into project management, or change fields entirely by going for my teaching certification. It may be that you prefer a smaller salary in a more stable company to a big salary in an industry that is shaky. I cleared out my backlog of projects, and jump-started others.

Administrative Assistant Job Descriptions

Administrative Arts

Managing Calendars. This one item can become a whole list on some job descriptions if they get specific as to the particular documents you’ll manage. This includes setting up and managing electronic and physical files. This would include confirming attendees, scheduling conference rooms, setting up conference calls, and managing multi-media needs. Project Management. Managing Office Machinery.

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Construction Work Ahead–Part 4 of 4

The Marq

I’d just made the rounds with Randy to let him know I was applying to the Project Manager role at Harris. So the interview with Chris and his Project Managers at Harris’s offices is at the LA City college campus. The other Project Manager’s seemed like decent people and I knew I liked Chris from when I did the CDC project. We talked about some of the other projects, various perks from Harris, and some of the general duties.

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Reducing Overheads Can Save A Business | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! 7 Comments » | Trackback | Share This 7 Responses to “ Reducing Overheads Can Save A Business &# Matt Beck Said on June 30th, 2010 at 1:36 pm I run a small web development and project management business that is 100% virtual, with only 1 full time employee (me) and a staff of freelancers who work on a project basis, which keeps my overhead low, but not non-existent.

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7 Magical Ways to Use Curiosity as a Personal Development Tool

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An entrepreneur and paramedic she retired from a Multi-Million dollar business and give up a 6-figure salary to have more Time and Freedom! She blogs about Ultimate Lifestyle Design at the Freedom Venture Project ™ Blog. Spread the word: Save This To Delicious Subscribe to posts Related Posts Travel As A Personal Development Tool The Spiral Path Start Your Own Business Project management with a mind map Working Out Your Money Muscles I Can Be Better?

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