Tips for Being a Successful Negotiator

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I'll be the first to admit I've not always been a great negotiator. Growing up with two sisters, negotiation wasn't in our vocabulary. You wanted something, you took it by force or by stealth, but there was no negotiating involved. Negotiation -- no.

How to Negotiate In Difficult Situations

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In a new book, “I Hear You: Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate Successfully, and Build Consensus… In Three Simple Steps , ” Donny Ebenstein offers advice on learning to behave and think differently when interacting with difficult people. It can be frustrating to have a conversation with someone who is difficult. You may come away from the experience without the answers you wanted, and believe the person is a selfish, immature jerk.

Career Success A to Z: N is for Non-Negotiable

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Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. But you also have to know what components are non-negotiable. I’ve made that mistake and now my soul is a non-negotiable. I have other non-negotiables too. What are your non-negotiables?

5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. See Also: How to Learn Anything Online for Free.

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Practicing Principles of Persuasion

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Is your executive motivated by ROI (return on investment), the skills you will develop, or you learning from an acclaimed expert in the field? Let your executive know that you will share what you have learned with co-workers. Negotiate. That in itself is a learning experience.

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The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” Column #25

The Solopreneur Life

This week’s menu is huge and includes: • A legendary high school football coach and the lesson you can learn from him. “Something that has always stuck with me with Coach: he never stops trying to learn.

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


The key to advanced productivity lies in the power of learning. Back in 2011, I took the time to learn new techniques in Microsoft Excel through a course. The methods I learned there have gave me greater confidence and speed (i.e. The value of learning is very clear.

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Boost Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills With These Tips For The Art of Making the Deal

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Few things strike fear in a person more than the thought of sitting across the table from someone negotiating. Whether it’s at the car dealership, convincing a toddler to take a nap or navigating through an argument with your spouse; life is all about negotiations.

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Personal Injury Claims After A Car Accident

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Negotiate With The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company. How To Learning MoneyCar accidents are on the rise all over the world. Statistics show that approximately 115 people die every day in traffic accidents.

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4 Ways to Get the Boss to Give You What You Want

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If you're having difficulty getting what you want at work -- perhaps a promotion or a big project -- it's time to rethink your negotiating skills and learn from the best. You’re not really negotiating what success looks like.”

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Do You Need an MBA to be Successful in Business?

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Persuasion and negotiation skills. Throughout an MBA, you’ll learn about the various branches of management education. In addition, you also get to learn Strategy Building, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, Corporate Finance, Data Analytics, etc.

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Office Dynamics

Lisa walked us through the barriers that sometimes prevent admins from feeling confident in their decision making, and also shared how problems don’t necessarily result in a negative outcome — we can learn how to proactively and effectively generate creative solutions!

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You Resolved to Get Organized.Now What?

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But now that youve set the organizing goal, how do you successfully negotiate the ins and outs of accomplishing it? To learn how to save money, create more space, and manage your time through organization, claim your "FREE Tip Kit: 10+ Pages of Tips and Tools to Help You Get Organized — Finally!" Organizing Tips | Organizing Products | Organizing Services Thursday, January 7, 2010 You Resolved to Get Organized.Now What? So you recently made a New Years Resolution "to get organized."

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Sales Tips For Small Business Sales Teams

Small Business CEO

Without the luxury of relying on venture capital and big investments, having an effective sales process is non-negotiable. Here are our top tips for smashing your sales: Learn to send effective sales emails. It’s never been easy for small businesses.

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Conference for Administrative Assistants – How to Get Your Executive’s Approval

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That in itself is a learning experience. You need to continually learn and grow. Learn what motivates your executive. Is your executive motivated by ROI (return on investment), the skills you will develop or you learning from an acclaimed expert in the field?

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Do You Know How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Vacation?

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So, you've got your two weeks booked and have negotiated the perfect destination with your family. Lonely Planet, Frommers, Rough Guides, Rick Steves.they all have their merits but you're learning about all the same sites that everyone else is learning about.

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The 3 People You Want to Meet at Work

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Do you find yourself thinking up new ideas, wanting to try and match their passion for their work or appreciate learning something new from them? They're seen as great negotiators, leaders and team members and have the kind of skills you should emulate.

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Why Friction Among Teams is a Good Thing

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A manager is put in the unenviable position of taking on the role of playground supervisor/negotiator/drill sergeant as he or she tries to get results from a team that needs to function as a cohesive unit.

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Why Can’t I Get a Raise?

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Employers know this, which is why they often don’t feel the need to negotiate too much with current employees. You can negotiate much more aggressively when an organization is trying to hire you, as opposed to once you’re already on board. Advancing financially at work can be hard.

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4 Unexpected Ways Playing Board Games Can Improve Your Well-Being

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As Einstein once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. Learn to win—and lose—with grace. They have many benefits, from reducing stress to teaching vital negotiation skills and much more. Have you ever heard that you need to exercise your mind as well as your body?

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Assistants Must Excel at the Fundamentals

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I never take for granted the basic ‘platform’ skills I learned in the early days as a speaker. After that list, I see advanced competencies such as negotiation or persuasion skills. From Joan Burge’s new book, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed (2018).

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What Goes Around Comes Back Around

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I’ve learned so much about how to build my graphic design business in your posts here. What I want to ask you about is something I’ve never seen you write about—negotiating rates with vendors. And so my thinking about negotiating with vendors follows suit. But unless you’re prepared to have people ask you to discount your fees, don’t ask others to negotiate their rates for you. William wrote to pick my brain.

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10 Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice For Success

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She has learned so many lessons from her journey of becoming the first woman to sit on the board of the social media giant – Facebook. Arianna Huffington, famous politician and founder and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post says you must learn to be comfortable with failure.

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Career Success A to Z: E is for Etiquette

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Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. Negotiation. Etiquette can influence your ability to negotiate effectively. Conversely, demonstrating proper etiquette in the negotiation process provides unspoken—even subconscious—leverage.

How to Set Career Goals that Work

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I know how busy the end of the year gets and these activities are non-negotiables for me. As a result, I’ve learned how to avoid them and how to create goals that really work. I’d like to invite you to learn more about my goal setting process in this month’s free webinar. Hooray!

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (Nov. 18, 2016)

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LEARN MORE HERE >> New Features!! It might be an interesting tool for salary negotiations. This post is part of a (recently re-launched and re-named) series in which I share some of my favorite Internet finds from the past week. Enjoy! From Yours Truly.

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3 Steps to Getting That BIG Raise at Work

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You’ll need to be prepared to justify this amount to your employer when you’re at the negotiation table. This will help diffuse the situation and give you an extra positive boost when you begin your negotiation. The Negotiation. Now that you’ve crafted a compelling ASK and practiced delivering it, it’s time to begin your negotiation. On the day of the negotiation, show up dressed to impress and ready to kick some butt.

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Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Roomex winner is…

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Use the portal to enter your cost-codes, preferred hotels and negotiated rates and then view your spend through our online reporting tools which break down spend by any criteria you choose. Learn more. Thank you to everyone who entered the Roomex and Practically Perfect PA giveaway!

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (Nov. 18, 2016)

Eat Your Career

LEARN MORE HERE >> New Features!! It might be an interesting tool for salary negotiations. This post is part of a (recently re-launched and re-named) series in which I share some of my favorite Internet finds from the past week. Enjoy! From Yours Truly.

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Copywriters, Beware: Clark Kent and Lois Lane Journalists are Coming after Your Jobs

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A lesson I''ve learned from pitching and negotiating with copywriting clients is that they don''t often articulate what they secretly think. Getting hired (and re-hired) largely depends on paying attention, and you need to have enough initiative and intuition to address those thoughts.

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Freelancing Tips: Building Long-Term Relationships with Your Clients

Small Business CEO

You were able to negotiate the payment rate that you want, and you’ve worked on a contract and terms of conditions that detail the responsibilities of both parties. So, you’ve decided to be a freelancer, and you’ve successfully acquired your first set of clients.

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Book Review: Give and Take


Mike offers up book reviews here at Productivityist , and he writes about other things he''s learned at People Smarter Than Me. Grant also writes about how givers negotiate better than takers.

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Top 9 Communication Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

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Use these strategies to improve relationships, get work done, persuade others, negotiate, create win-win situations, and be seen as a world-class administrative professional. To learn more about earning you Certified World Class Assistant designation and certification please click here.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views January 6, 2017

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If you missed them, take a peek here: 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. Did you know that you have the most leverage for negotiation before you get hired?

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How Entrepreneurship Helped Me Find My Real Calling

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I had to learn how to negotiate, how to ask for help, manage people, and convince them that I provided something worth buying. Thus, I learned to be in harmony with myself.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

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Use the access you have to your business as an opportunity to learn and ask questions, lots of questions, join LinkedIn groups about your chosen field, read and if you are able to take on additional training.

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Podcast 076: Organizing challenges for couples

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It’s more effective to do a smaller project, like a pilot project, and get it done than to continue to negotiate over a larger one. You can learn a lot even from a small project. You learn about your own process and you can observe your partner’s. This is where compromise, negotiation and delegation come in. Negotiation is when one partner agrees to take out the trash if the other will clean the bathroom.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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Will you share your learning with other Assistants thus increasing the ROI? Be prepared to negotiate if necessary. Like everything in business, it’s about negotiation for both funds and time. “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.

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How to succeed as an assistant

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However, a key learning point to understand is that although communication should be continuous, try to avoid constant questions and instead arrange a specific time to effectively discuss a wide range of points face-to-face.

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Podcast 114: Organizing systems for growth

Clutter Coach

When a company is small, especially if it’s just one person, procedures and methods happen organically and are easily learned by everyone. Just like organizing in a family or a couple, there will be negotiating to do on either side. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! ?. This is Podcast 114 and it’s about organizing systems to cope with growth and change.

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NEW: Certification in Your City! Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership for Executive & Administrative Assistants

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As a savvy assistant working in the modern business world moving at supersonic speed, you must learn how to lead yourself in order to be at the top of your game, remain on the cutting edge and be prepared for the future. Develop persuasion and negotiation skills.

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Why You Shouldn’t Check Email in the Morning And What To Do Instead

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I learned this trick from Michael Sliwinski, CEO of Nozbe. If you could negotiate it with your boss, you might consider beginning your nine-to-five earlier. Did you know that according to Statista , 49% of workers in the US check their work emails at home every few hours?

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How Freelancing Can Help Start Your Business

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Negotiating. Freelancers, however, must negotiate price, deadlines, and other details of their jobs all the time. As a result, freelancers are masters of professional development–eager to learn and willing to abandon outdated ways.

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