A guide to job hunting

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We don’t need to tell you how competitive the job market is. Increased competition means that your chances of getting a job could hinge on specific and even unexpected details. When you’re looking for a new job it makes sense to have a thorough check of your online profiles to ensure they make you look as professional as possible. Being invited to an interview acknowledges your appropriateness for a job, which should always give you confidence.

The key hard skills to include on your EA CV

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Career Development Featured Job Hunting admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Interviews Job hunting Office manager PA Personal AssistantWe all know that it is getting more challenging to get your CV past the recruitment algorithms that are employed to filter applications and we also know that in a crowded market we need our CV to stand out. My advice has always been to tailor your CV depending on the role, which you should […].

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How to adjust your CV depending on the role

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If you are looking for a new role this year, you will most likely have dusted off your CV and started to update it to reflect your current skills and experiences. This is an obvious first step in your job hunt but not where the journey ends for your CV! Career Development Featured Job Hunting admin administrators assistants Career career development CV EA Executive Assistant Job hunting Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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The ultimate CV template for PAs

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I was really impressed with the array of roles and the different skills and qualities needed. Career Development Featured Job Hunting Templates admin administrators assistants Business Career EA Executive Assistant Job hunting Office manager PA Personal AssistantThe other day I was looking at the roles for PAs in London and I must say there are loads of exciting opportunities out there for Assistants.

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Dealing With A Job Loss: Starting the Job Hunt

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--> Home Get Updates Ebooks Free Stuff Donate About Contact Me Get Free Updates: Via RSS | Via Email | Productivity Simplification Balance Life Design Organization Clutter Dealing With A Job Loss: Starting the Job Hunt Posted on August 27, 2010 by LJ Earnest Welcome to Simple Productivity Blog! While the job market is not great, it pays to take some time and find a good fitting job. Make Sure You Are Employable If your skills are out of date, update them.

Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Hi, I’m Nicky Christmas and I am a job hopper. I’ve spent many years cleverly covering up the fact that I spent most of my career hopping from one job to another in an effort to climb the career ladder. Recently, I’ve been reading quite a bit about job hopping and how common it is becoming, particularly for younger people entering the work force. It’s an interesting topic for me because as I said I have always been a job hopper.

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Is a PA job description worth the paper it is written on?

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During the Future Assistant Conference we touched on the subject of job descriptions, which if truth be told, we talk about a lot at Practically Perfect PA events. Well, firstly pretty much every job comes with a job description, detailing the skills and requirements for […]. It is a topic that never stops being hot.

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How to use your personal brand to get the right job

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Administrative professionals make up a fifth of the working population so although there are plenty of jobs the competition is tough, particularly for the senior assistant roles. There are a number of opportunities to sell your personal brand during the job hunting process. Before you do start the job hunting process do ensure your social media presence reflects your professionalism.

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How to nail a video interview

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For PAs and EAs in particular, where success in the role is just as much down to personality and “fit” as it is to hard skills, video as an interview tool makes a lot of sense. For a generation growing up on Snapchat and YouTube, applying for jobs with a video will seem like the most natural thing in the world. According to tech giant Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019.

Tips on transitioning your career

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As a PA you know you have the organisational skills to rule the world and actually know your company well enough do half the jobs in the place if push came to shove. A PA is part office manager, part senior project manager and part psychic, all skills that are extremely transferable if you decide you would like steer yourself on to another career path. You know you can do the job and you are offering this company a great employee.

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The future of recruitment for Assistants

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Hiring will no longer be based on typing speeds and shorthand ability; superb client facing skills, an affinity for tech, genuine flexibility and an ability to work creatively around problems are increasingly coming to the fore. Job Hunting PA Perspective The Assist Conference admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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The keywords to help you land your next PA role

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With a new year comes a new you and I know that a lot of readers will be looking to find a new job in 2017. Looking through the varies jobs boards for assistants there are plenty of opportunities out there. You then have to cross your fingers in the hope that your CV passes through whatever keyword algorithm they have in place that matches your CV with your potential employer’s job spec. Job boards will often filter candidates by the most relevant first.

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Quick, Practical and Dirty – How to Assess Your PA Brand

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My job was to talk about What is your value? – You keep your head down and get on with the job. On a piece of paper (I know I’m being old fashioned) write down 3 headings: Soft skills. Think about what skills people come to you for, what experiences you have that people talk to you about and what areas of expertise people ask you to help them with. See how your list of soft skills is greater than your other 2 lists? Your soft skills are what make you brilliant.

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Interview questions and answers for assistants part 5

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This question is always difficult for assistants to answer because firstly you don’t want to answer in a way that suggests you are using the job as a stepping stone to something better and secondly that you are lacking ambition. So ideally I’d like to attend courses or have some time for self-study so that I can learn new skills which will progress my career and benefit the organisation as a whole.”

Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 4

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If the new role requires you to work in a department supporting a number of people the answers should detail the excellent skills you have that will help the team succeed. I do work well on my own but I also like to get involved in projects and feel that I can contribute to any group work either using my creative or organisational skills. Interviews admin assistants EA Education and Training Executive Assistant Interview questions Job hunting PA Virtual Assistant

Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Administrators Part 2

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You should refer back to your core PA/EA skills for this one. This question is asking you to demonstrate which skills you call on to resolve problems. My parent’s couldn’t afford to pay for me so I got a job in a bank and worked 4 days a week to support myself through my studies. It was hard work but I learnt a lot and had a great job on my CV as soon as I finished my degree”.

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Gatekeeping: what does it actually mean?

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The term ‘gatekeeper’ is used in association with PAs/ EAs frequently, you will see it in job applications, CVs, articles relating to the industry and everything in between, but what does it actually mean to us? In an attempt to answer this question I first did a quick Google search and was astonished to find a number of websites detailing the skills required for sales people and cold callers to ‘get past the gatekeeper’. Filed under: Career , Skills , Uncategorized.

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Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Administrators

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After finishing university in 2003 I was lucky because there were plenty of jobs available in London. I decided to leave my previous employee in June 2010 but was job hunting for 6 months and when I did get the role I am in currently I had to complete a detailed application form, attend three interviews and sit two psychometric tests (for language and numerical skills). Why do you want to leave your current job?

Preparing for the Interview

Laughing all the Way to Work

I had an interview at 11, but I was busy with my job, my father was in the hospital and I was trying to arrange an engagement party for my daughter. It ended up I did get the job. They mustn't have noticed my grey roots or wrinkled suit, or I completely wowed them with my skills and humour, but this definitely was not the way to go to an interview! One thing we tend to forget when we go for an interview is that the company has to sell you on the job as well.

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How to Cope With a Job Interview Rejection: Learning From Mistakes

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Job hunting can be a grueling and demoralizing experience. The troubled job market worldwide has created an overabundance of qualified candidates, many competing for the same job. Hunting for a job not only means having the right qualifications, developing a sterling resume, a killer influence letter, and razor-sharp interview skills, but also having to outdo the other candidates — many of whom may be more qualified on paper than you.

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7 Smart Strategies To Deal With Unemployment

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In 2020, millions lost their jobs due to the pandemic and the lockdowns enforced worldwide. Upgrade your knowledge and skills. Even if finances are tough, try to upgrade your knowledge and skills and learn as much as possible.

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A Career Portfolio Brings Value To Administrative Assistants

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A stellar career portfolio captures your progressing skill levels, professional recognition, career enhancements, development activities, and impressive accomplishments. To be very clear, a career portfolio’s primary purpose is NOT about job hunting, and I’m a firm believer that anything done haphazardly is not worth doing.

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How Long Should a Job Search Take?

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It’s not surprising; people who are in the midst of a job search are always anxious. How long should a job search take on average? The general rule of thumb is this: Expect one month of job search for every $10,000 of income you expect to earn. Therefore, if you’re expecting to earn an annual salary of $60,000, you should plan for a 6-month job search. Your job search may take a little longer. You just know you’re still job searching.

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5 Outdated Resume Writing Tips to Ignore Right Now

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A free online resume builder may help but you should also watch out for the following tips for writing a resume as they are no longer recommended in today’s job-hunting market. See Also: Resume Action Words That Will Get You That Job. There was a time when people were encouraged to lie on their resume to get a job but this is a big no-no in today’s job market. Talk About Technical Skills Everyone Knows.

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for assistants

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Twitter is great for networking and hearing from other assistants, LinkedIn is great for professional development and job hunting, Facebook is useful for interesting articles and receiving updates from relevant companies. If you use social media make your manager aware that you have this skill set and can help the company with their social media strategy. This is especially important if you are looking for a new job.

Are assistants overqualified?

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I have just spent the last hour looking through jobs that are currently available to assistants. It has been really interesting reading all of the different job descriptions, the skills that are required and the salaries attached to different levels of the role. I remember when I was job hunting. I would get incredibly excited reading the tasks which were outside the core skills and I would imagine all of the challenges this role would provide.

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17 Worst Resume Mistakes

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Whether you are a college student, a recent graduate or a job seeker, you must have, at least once in your lifetime, written a resume. If you aren’t confident with your written skills, have a good editor go through your document. If you simply add that you require a job, it is an utter waste of time. Specifically, if you include the fact that you need a job as an objective statement, then it is certainly not so unique. Reasons why you left your previous job.

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5 Tips On How To Land The Best Jobs For Introverts

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If you become uneasy or anxious when you are around others, then landing a dream job may seem limited. There are diverse jobs that have been created to match the characteristics of this personality. With a new perspective and by looking in the right places, it’s still possible for you to land one of the best jobs for introverts and enjoy a successful career. Not every job is based on teamwork and networking with others. Change your search to jobs for introverts.

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How to Stand Out When Applying for a Job in Australia

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But similar to many other countries in the world, finding a job in Australia can still be challenging for many individuals. Even with a low unemployment rate of 6% in 2015, Australia can sometimes be a difficult place for job-hunting because many applicants tend to lack the necessary occupational skills or because they are unable to produce evidence of applicable work experience.… … Economy & Environment Australia jobs career work in Australia

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So you want to find a new assistant job?

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Is that a lot of jobs for one decade? But I have left a job because it was completely mis-sold (having stuck it out for a year) and another I left because the opportunity to move to Barcelona came along both of which are slightly unusual. Anyway, my point is that I know quite a bit about getting a new job and I’m going to share some of my knowledge with you in this post. When applying for jobs through a website such as LinkedIn, monster.com or secsinthecity.co.uk

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3 Surprising Tips That Will Transform Your Job Search Approach

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Every day, you wake up early, get dressed, make a plan for the day, and hit the job boards only to find yourself falling short of the competition most of the time. Job searches are incredibly stressful. You need to manage your stress, stay healthy, and maintain a high level of productivity as these are the things that can help you land a job faster. Here are a few simple ways to hack your mind as well as the best job search tips worth giving a try. Create a Dream Job.

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How To Make A Successful And Hassle-Free Career Change

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Some of the most common jobs people have during their early years may feel like a “dead end” but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. Take a close look at your current job. Decide how satisfied you are and what type of job you really want. Think about what parts of your current job you really like and dislike. It can be due to the work culture or the job itself. You should never let yourself feel “stuck” in the job you’re currently working in.

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Beginning Your Job Search? Start By Building Your Brand

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Maintaining and building your online persona is a part of the new job search. Building your personal brand is crucial to standing out from the crowd when job hunting. After all, Inc reports that every corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes, but on average only four to six people will interview for the position. Here’s a look at some tips on how you can build your online presence and find the job that is right for you.

2015 166

Tips for Getting that First Job

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It’s one of the most common Catch-22s of the employment world: you’re out of school and looking for a job, but you need experience to get one. But, if you don’t have a job, how do you gain experience? Volunteer : Volunteering is a good way to develop skills and gain experience that will interest employers. Practice for Interviews : Like almost everything in life, job interviews get easier the more you practice them.

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4 Simple Steps To Landing Your Dream Job

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Aaron is a fresh college graduate looking to land his first full-time job. He’s new to the job hunting process and doesn’t know where to begin his search. What can Aaron do to increase his chances of landing a great job? In a recent survey administered to over 500 graduating students for Door of Club’s “College Graduates’ Views on Job Prospects” segment, over 67% of students did not have a job lined up after college.

2018 141

OfficeTeam Reveals Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search

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Are you in a New Year, new job scenario? Job-hunting tactics that worked even a few years ago may appear passé, while using fresh strategies can help professionals stand out among a large applicant pool. “It’s It’s easy to get stuck in a rut during the job hunt,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “If If certain tactics aren’t working, job seekers need to switch gears and try new ideas.”. Network solely when you’re looking for a job.

What I Learned From Reading 1,000 Resumes

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In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon to get 500 resumes within 48 hours for ONE job position. Let’s say the job was for an administrative assistant. Sometimes, I really wonder if people just send out resumes to every job posting in hopes for a callback. I always tell people to treat resume-writing and job-hunting like dating. Try to break it up into the basic sections (summary, experience and skills), and be as precise as possible.

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Navigating The Job Market Before Earning Your Degree

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It’s no secret that the job market comes with a rigorous map to navigate. To put this into perspective, in 2017, 53% of newly graduates are underemployed and having a tough time finding the right job. The job is yours. College students are enjoying the longest run in job growth since the late 1990s,” Phil Gardner, Director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute says, “but that doesn’t mean navigating the job market is easy.” jobs on average.

2019 116

New Career Rules

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You have great skills, experience, a good attitude, and look professional; so do they. It is your competitive edge even if you aren't job hunting. #2: This is not just a tool you use for a new job interview. Whether you are an executive assistant, administrative assistant, administrator or one of the other 20 titles in the administrative profession, there are new career rules.

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Love Your Career: Demonstrating Your Worth & Selling Yourself

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you probably think you can just rest on your laurels and continue to do a good job. With organizations working meaner and leaner, every employee must consider that they are working every day to keep their job. The Career Portfolio is NOT about job hunting. The Portfolio captures current-and-building skill levels, recognition, career enhancements, development activities and accomplishments. Competing for an internal job. What new skills have you gained?

2013 121

New Career Rules

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You have great skills, experience, a good attitude, and look professional; so do they. It is your competitive edge even if you aren't job hunting. #2: This is not just a tool you use for a new job interview. Whether you are an executive assistant, administrative assistant, administrator or one of the other 20 titles in the administrative profession, there are new career rules.

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What can assistants expect in 2014?

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Oh and don’t worry I can’t see technology taking jobs away from us any time soon! This is particularly important if job hunting, as most recruiters will now look for an active engagement in your chosen profession. We don’t want to lose the established skills that older generations of assistants have so in 2014 organisations should ensure the transfer of skills takes place before the boomers leave for their well deserved retirement!

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5 Best Ways to Use Technology To Land Your Dream Job

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Looking to move on from your dead-end job? The modern corporate world is so brutally competitive that you don’t even need a job to be severely stressed. “We’ll And for a job seeker, there’s nothing worse than waiting for that call. An online portfolio isn’t only a great way to highlight your skills, qualifications and experience, it can also show employers that you know your way around technology. See Also: 6 Interview Hacks That Are Sure To Land You The Job.

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