Managing Time in Your Home Office

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by Here’s an interview that one of my coaches, Ann Ronan, did with me about the special problems people who work at home face. How to control distractions like friends calling because you’re not “at work” Why your home office isn’t working for you. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Managing Time in Your Home Office appeared first on Clutter Coach.

Your Mental and Physical Health As A Blogger

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As an at home entrepreneur or blogger, sitting in front of your computer for hours on end is your biggest work hazard. Recently Dr Shannon Reece interviewed Rachel Blaufeld, Founder of Entrepreneurs bloggers home office

Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

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Office location: 80 percent work in home offices, which is a drop from 2013, when 90 percent said they work in home offices. Q uality of life improved for solopreneurs in 2014, solopreneurs have high expectations for 2015, and Facebook has fallen out of favor.

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Solopreneur Survey Results: 2013 Was a Good Year, Expectations Are Very High for 2014

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16 percent of solopreneurs lost money in 2013; 36 percent took home between $0 and $20,000; 14 percent took home between $20,001 and $40,000; 10 percent took home between $40,001 and $60,000; 12 percent took home more than $100,000. 90 percent work in home offices.

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Pretzel Power: Building Relationships One Bite at a Time

Make or Break Moments

My opportunity came in 1999 when I was promoted to Director of Corporate Stores and moved to Ohio to work in the home office. I remembered that and was sad to realize that during my first few weeks, people walked past my door to her corner office.

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My Today Show Appearance

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When I sat down in that chair to be interviewed by Amy Robach, I was confident in my ability to do well in the interview. That’s because I had followed the advice of experts I had been interviewing over the years. They had always told me that the key to any good interview is to prepare, prepare, prepare. So, here’s how I “walked the talk” and some lessons I’ll share with you when you go for any kind of interview: • I did my research. Who was interviewing me?

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5 tips for working at home with your significant other

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One of those changes has been a lot of people launching their own businesses from home. But what happens when you and your significant other both start working from home? couple have both been working from home since March. Working at home) can be very lonely.”

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Being A Digital Nomad

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Doesn’t have an office and most of the time doesn’t have business cards either (the new dial tone being twitter , of course). For a digital nomad the world is the office. In the beginning, I worked from home. Back Yard I switched the office room for my backyard.

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Could telecommuting be a career mistake?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Could telecommuting be a career mistake? 3) You want to work at home so you can look after your children.

Don't Be an Introvert Writer | Men With Pens

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But you can’t chain yourself to your computer so get out of your stuffy office and allow your brain a breather once in awhile. What Should I Do” – Microblogging Reply Laura Spencer ( @TXWriter ) July 1, 2010 at 9:18 am We’re supposed to leave the home officer sometimes?

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