4 Ergonomic Office Tips to Remember

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Are you looking to create an ergonomic office space but aren’t sure where to begin? Ergonomics in the office is essential. An ergonomic setup will also improve employee wellness overall. But how do you create an ergonomic office? Choose the Right Keyboard.

6 Ways to Alleviate Ergonomic-Related Strain

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Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 6 Ways to Alleviate Ergonomic-Related Strain Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on November 15, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. There is a good article on Ergonomic s, as it relates to safe computer use, from the Mechanical Engineering Department at U.C. They list six ways to alleviate ergonomic-related strain. Try different keyboards and mice – there are many designs on the market.


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How Good Office Ergonomics Can Mean Better Productivity

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If you’re in the market for a new office desk, then look for the kind with an adjustable tray for your keyboard and mouse. Make sure that the tray is large enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse.You can adjust it to suit you, so that your risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome will be much reduced. If you are a proper and classically-trained typist, then don’t tilt your keyboard towards you. If they are bent, then adjust your keyboard angle or chair height.

Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard shortcut keys

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© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 10 August, 2010 Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard shortcut keys I am on vacation and on my home computer I do not have a mouse so rely on keyboard shortcut keys, which reminded me again how helpful they are and how they are a big timesaver rather than reaching for the mouse all the time. Better for you ergonomically as well. Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh.

Review: NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad


Using the top row of the keyboard would be a painfully slow process, so I used the numeric keypad on the large keyboard I had. I use an Apple Wireless Keyboard in my workspace for ergonomic reasons (largely because of my propensity to use a standing desk), and the addition of this numeric keypad makes entering any sort of numerical data a breeze. Plus, it works seamless and looks great alongside my regular keyboard. Reviews Apple keyboard numeric keypad

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Macros: Shortcuts To Productivity With Microsoft Word

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You can also add this macro to your toolbar or assign a keyboard shortcut by clicking on the buttons below and following the instructions. Click on either the toolbar icon that you created, the keyboard shortcut or click Tools, Macro, and Macros…, then click run. Home About Me Advertise Macros: Shortcuts To Productivity With Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Monday, October 13, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity D o you know what a macro is?

Sitting comfortably? Good posture at work

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The benefits of an ergonomic mouse. Over the years I’ve seen colleagues use an ergonomic mouse, which they raved about, but only recently have I really seen the benefits. RollerMouse is an ergonomic alternative to the traditional mouse that sits directly in front of your keyboard. The keyboard risers were height and angle adjustable so I was able to set-it up in the bests possible position.

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Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

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At home, you can invest in an ergonomic adjustable chair, or add pillows if you feel your chair is too low. Also, you should use a separate keyboard to maintain the ideal 90-degree angle of your hands. As an active employee, you spend a significant part of your day at the office. During that time, you need to carry out tasks, meet deadlines, interact with co-workers, and still have complete insight into the impact of your work.

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Could One Item in Your Office Be Hurting Your Productivity?

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A study has shown that sitting in a comfortable, ergonomic chair can improve worker productivity up to 17.8%. productivity increase with ergonomic chairs. And they have all of those big names in ergonomic chairs at prices much easier on the budget. Where the old ones always seemed to have me leaning forward in order to reach my keyboard and type, this one allows me to lean back, with the lumbar support in the exact right position.

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Fighting Back Against Back Pain

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Sitting in an ergonomic position can help you to prevent back pain from taking over your life. It’s also important to pay attention to the position of your keyboard and computer monitor. Keyboards that are too low can cause you to hunch forward while computer monitors that are too low can cause you to crane your neck forward. Setting up your home office and kitchen to be ergonomic work spaces is also a great way to prevent unnecessary back injuries.

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3 tips for a stress-free connected workplace

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Place your computer directly in front of you with your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position – your lower arms should rest at a comfortable angle. Think ergonomics – you should have a desk chair that is adjustable and provides proper back support. The post 3 tips for a stress-free connected workplace appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. (NC) NC) Does your workplace stress you out?

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How to Take Care of Your Back When You Have a Sitting Job

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Your upper and lower arms should be at a right angle and you should have a space below your keyboard where you can rest your wrists. You can consult with a specialist to find the most ergonomic pieces of furniture that can help you with your back pain. Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your back health. It can leave your spine in pain and feel stiff and sore. It can also cause tightness in your lower back and hips.

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Increase Motivation and Enhance Moods By Interior Design

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Ergonomically designed desks, chairs, tables, keyboards, and other such components have high motivational value. Rather than feeling tired and worn out after a long day of work, ergonomically-designed interior furnishings help you feel gratified and satisfied with a job well done. Ergonomic interior furnishings also eliminate the familiar aches and pains associated with prolonged repose on rigid seats and beds. This post was written by a guest author.

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Avoiding A Pain In The Neck At The Office

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Use a desk or a computer workstation that is ergonomically correct. Look for a non-reflective work surface (if you have a glass desktop, add a desk pad to cut down on glare) and a pullout keyboard tray. An articulating keyboard tray makes it easy to adjust your keyboard to the height that’s right for you. • Use an ergonomically correct office chair that supports your back while absorbing and distributing your weight.

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Memory Makeover: Tips to Spruce Up an Absent Mind

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Put pen to paper (or finger tips to keyboard) and record important dates in a calendar, notebook or on your mobile device. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Memory Makeover: Tips to Spruce Up an Absent Mind Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on October 20, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe to my blog posts by e-mail. Thanks for visiting!

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Too Many Applications Driving You Crazy?

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I close all of them by either clicking on the "X" at the top-right corner or pressing ALT-F4 (keyboard shortcut to remember - can be very useful). Home About Me Advertise Too Many Applications Driving You Crazy? By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, October 07, 2009 Filed Under: Organize , Productivity D o you have too many applications open on your computer? Have you passed by a co-workers desk and noticed that they have 20 different things running all at once?

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Need To Create a PDF? Don't Have the Software? Don't Panic!

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All you need to do is go through your regular print routine with the following steps: Click File, Print or CTRL-P as the keyboard shortcut. Home About Me Advertise Need To Create a PDF? Dont Have the Software? Dont Panic! By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook , MS-PowerPoint , MS-Word , Productivity Y ou receive an e-mail from your manager.

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Forgot Your Password? Again?

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Defeat Keyloggers by not using the keyboard to type passwords. Home About Me Advertise Forgot Your Password? Again? By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, August 14, 2008 Filed Under: Productivity , System Security F orgetting your Windows password happens to everyone from time to time. Yes, even I forget it at times. People are always bombarded with computers asking them to change their passwords every so often. Then you have to try to remember all of these passwords!

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Microsoft Office Poll Results

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This saves a bunch of time if you have to do a function several times and there isnt a keyboard short cut. Home About Me Advertise Microsoft Office Poll Results By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, March 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook , MS-PowerPoint , MS-Word , Productivity I am sure that all of you use Microsoft Office in your workplace. There really isnt a chance that you dont use it, whether you are on a PC or a Mac.

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