Email Newsletter: 3 Alternatives to an Ezine

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Note: An ezine is another name for a newsletter or electronic newsletter. This can very easily be done with a service like BYO Audio, who make it really easy for you to add audio to your emails. Articles for Reprint Online Marketing ezine newsletter

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Email Management: 5 Top Tips for Managing Your Emails

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I’m in email overload.” ” When I asked my subscribers recently what their biggest office headache is, email is right up there with the rest of them! Comments such as: “Emails – yikes!” Does your email play distracting alerts i.e. a sound?

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5 Tips to Ensure Your Emails Get Opened (and Read)

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It’s getting harder and harder to get your subscribers to open your emails… Let alone read and act on them! As a result, business owners are seeing plummeting open rates for their email newsletters (ezines) … some email open rates are being reported as low as 8.6%.

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Tips for Proofreading Emails Like a Pro

Business Writing

This month''s free Better Writing at Work e-newsletter features the article "10 Tips for Proofreading Your Emails." Email Proofreading Here are three of my favorite tips, followed by two that readers sent me: 1. Double-check the spelling of names. Check the signature.

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How to “Hack” Your Networking and Grow Your Income Using a Email Newsletter

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One of the best things I’ve done for my business in years is starting an email newsletter. An email newsletter actually doesn’t take any more time, beyond the initial set-up. Now, you may be thinking: what a hassle! I have enough to do already!

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This Easy List-Building Tweak Has Boosted My Newsletter Opt-In Rate 345 Percent

The Solopreneur Life

Since then I’ve experienced a 345-percent increase in the number of newsletter signups I receive per month at my website. Here’s what I did: I added a check-box field to all of my landing-page forms so visitors can subscribe to my newsletter with just one click.

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“Your Pseudo Emotional Newsletters Suck”

The Solopreneur Life

About 2 hours after I sent the post to my email list, a reader unsubscribed and wrote: “Seriously, I like the solopreneur concept but your pseudo emotional newsletters suck.” ” (It’s supposed to be “pseudo-emotional newsletters.” The “your newsletter sucks” comment was an indicator that I did good work on that post. T oday I’m going to explain why speaking your mind in your blog is good for business.

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Make Your Email List Better – By Making It Smaller

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In the world of email marketing, prevailing wisdom is that bigger is better — at least when it comes to the size of your subscription list. The fact is email lists are living things. … Marketing Sales email list email newsletter mailing list

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Email Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why You Should Be Using It to Market Your Business.

Tips From T. Marie

The business experts agree, when it comes to marketing, the most effective avenue you can use is email. In fact, many business leaders will tell you that email out performs all other marketing channels they’ve tried. I know, you’ve heard the rumor that email is dead.

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Email Triage: What it is and how it can help you

ProAssisting Blog

Now I’ll detail how I use email triage with the hope that you see a use for this technique in your dealings with both work and personal emails to “maximize email success in the shortest time period&#. Lastly, I familiarize myself with which emails deserve priority.

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5 Things Customers Need To Hear You Say In Your Email Newsletter | Business 2 Community

Denise Aday

See on - Email Marketing Virtual Assistant. Practice these five phrases in your business’s email newsletter, and you’ll be communicating with your audience effectively, all while having some fun along the way.

Two more happy, email marketing clients!

Denise Aday

Two more testimonials from happy, email marketing clients ! Email Marketing Virtual Assistant clients email marketing ezine marketing mailchimp MailChimp Expert newsletter testimonials virtual assistance virtual assistant

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How To Create A High Quality List

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If you publish your ezine/newsletter through one of the emailing list services then you will also be provided with tracking stats for each issue. Not only is it important that you publish your newsletter regularly, but equally important is that your subscribers receive it.

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5 Best Email Management Practices

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With all the different rules and regulations governing list management, it’s getting harder and harder to not only get your emails delivered to the recipient’s inbox – think all those spam filters – but to actually get your recipient to open and read your email.

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Today, Your Email is an Engagement Tool – PointDrive Makes Sure it Stays that Way

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The funny thing is, so many of us are still doing what worked 10 years ago: buying lists, cold calling, sending spammy sales emails. You see, 10 years ago, your simple text-only e-mail newsletter would deliver stellar open rates.…

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Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. How many emails are in your inbox right now? When someone asks you if you have received their email, will you bend the truth to ‘cover’ for yourself because you won’t know? You have email overwhelm! Some reasons for email overwhelm: People you work with needlessly carbon copy everyone on everything. Or everyone ‘replies to all’, or adds on to long email threads. Subscribing to too many newsletters and auto feeds.

Design The Best Email Newsletter Template and Compete For Prizes Worth $2000!

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From now until June 25, 2012, GetResponse is running an email newsletter design contest. To enter into the contest, simply design your best email newsletter using the GetResponse email creator and submit it for consideration.

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Gmail Email Management: Create Filters and Labels for Quick and Easy Email Organization

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We all know that email is a huge source of overwhelm for many solopreneurs, and also one of the biggest time drains. However, email is essential to a solopreneur’s success, so you have to find a way of organizing your emails. I have access to all of my emails!

Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

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A lot of business managers have now woken up to the benefits of email marketing and they are taking advantage of it big time. Email marketing does not require any print or postage cost and there are no fees to be paid in exchange for counted exposure. However, you may need a software to track and evaluate the emails. You may even incur a certain cost for sending millions of emails at once. Remember, you will be sending emails to those who have signed up for them.

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How A Simple Email Signature Can Get You More Clients

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Whenever you receive an email from me you will ALWAYS see my contact information at the bottom and know exactly how you can get in touch with me. You will see: My name. My email address (with an active hyperlink). And an active hyperlink to the signup page of my newsletter.

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Tips for Better Email Deliverability

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The cardinal rule of email deliverability is to never borrow, buy or rent an email list. To boost the size of your email list, review every interaction point a customer has with your company, and consider implementing a program for each one.

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3 Simple and Low Cost Marketing Ideas to Create Visibility

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If you have some important information to share, you can instantly create a post – no waiting for your next newsletter to make your announcement! Publish an Ezine/Newsletter. Unlike a blog, readers sign up to receive your newsletter so you already have a connection with them.

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5-Step Checklist for Sending Out Email Broadcasts

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Everything you do in your business, from responding to emails to working with clients, needs to be systemized and documented, so that it’s very easy to create a repeatable process in your business. The wrong email template being used. Emails going out at the wrong time.

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Does the Value of E-newsletter Subscribers Diminish, Over Time?

The Solopreneur Life

T he conventional wisdom in email marketing is that open rates and click rates diminish as names on a list get “older.” I thought it would be interesting to put conventional wisdom to the test Thursday with the announcement of to my e-newsletter list. If you want an accurate picture of your email list (and why wouldn’t you?), I think it’s worthwhile to send the old subs an email that asks if they want to remain on the list.

19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don't Want To.

Productive & Organized

Productive & Organized Goes Audio in 3 Different Ways » 19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Dont Want To E-mail, it is the form of communication that we love to hate and love to love.  Send emails to others that you would like to receive back.

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For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated -

Denise Aday

See on - Email Marketing Virtual Assistant Denise Aday ''s insight: "Email newsletters, an old-school artifact of the web that was supposed to die along with dial-up connections, are not only still around, but very much on the march."


Simple Email Management With The New Gmail Tabs

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If you’ve received one of those very desperate-sounding “if you want to continue to receive my emails, move me to the Primary tab” emails, then you’ll know exactly what I mean! Okay, so first let’s address those emails that have been sent out….

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The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day One

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been craving to do a 30 days challenge related to my email list for years. But nothing related to my email list. Blogging Personal Development Relationships & Society challenges email Seriously. I did 30 days challenges for running, for challenging relationships, for #5words, you name it. I even did 30 days challenges disguised as monkeys, for an entire year. It’s kinda strange [.].

Publish a Successful Ezine with these Top 10 Tips

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Do you know the purpose of your newsletter? I regularly help my clients to implement is a system for getting on track with their newsletter — or stay-in-touch strategy as I like to call it! Articles for Reprint Online Marketing ezine list building system newsletter office systems

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10 tips to tidy up your inbox

Practically Perfect PA

So it goes without saying that you get tons of emails, oh and your Executive probably gets tons of emails too! One area that is my absolute weak spot is email. I am guilty of being an email addict and spending unnecessary amounts of time reading, replying and filing my emails.

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Top 10 tips for creating bulk emails

Practically Perfect PA

During the course of my career one of my favourite tasks was creating regular newsletters, marketing emails, company updates and bulk email messages from my Executives. Here are my top 10 tips for creating bulk emails. Is the email mobile and tablet enabled?

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3 Innocent Subject-Line Words That Harm Open Rates

The Solopreneur Life

A recent best-practices post at the Mailchimp website included information on three innocent, non-spammy words that harm e-newsletter open rates. Email marketers are familiar with words such as ‘free’ which are generally to be avoided in emails since […].

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Email List Management: What Happens When You Choose the WRONG Email List Management Service!

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Over the years I have worked with many solopreneurs helping them to create their online marketing systems and stay in touch with their audience via a regular ezine (or electronic newsletter). Usually they come to me having already started to build their list, and have even subscribed to an email list management service so that they can deliver their ezine on a regular basis.

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The Three-Step Process for Simple Email Processing

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the biggest hassles I hear about these days is the struggle to keep up with email. It’s like people figure it costs nothing to send, so they send out reams of email. Classify Your Email. This type of email is generally the result of a query you have made of someone.

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Today’s Scoop: Email ROI is Immeasurable (And what you can do about it.)

Denise Aday

The ROI of Email is Immeasurable. The full article on how our email ROI measurement and thinking falls short is worth a quick read at The Email Marketing Chronicles. The post Today’s Scoop: Email ROI is Immeasurable (And what you can do about it.) Email Marketing Virtual Assistant best practices email roi newsletter subject lines tips

Creating Your Online Marketing Flow in 3 Simple Steps

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that you can give your visitor in exchange for them giving you their name and email address. The absolute best way of doing this is through publishing a regular newsletter (or ezine). A basic format for your newsletter should look something like: A personal note from you.

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MailChimp Help = Another Happy Client. Ready to be one?

Denise Aday

Henci’s very goal-driven and determined to understand how to engage her audience with email marketing. Email Marketing Virtual Assistant clients email design list building list maintenance mailchimp newsletter permission marketing testimonials

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What is the difference between an autoresponder and a newsletter?

Denise Aday

See on - Virtual and Email Marketing Assistance. Basically, a newsletter sends the same email to all subscribers at the same time. To this I would add that with autoresponders there’s typically an end point in mind, wheareas newsletters tend to be ongoing indefinitely. In a newsletter scenario, you might offer a new “class” each week to learn how to prepare a certain dish. When you add an article to your site o….

Organising your Outlook folders

Practically Perfect PA

I think the way people structure their email files can be quite a personal thing! I like to keep it fairly simple, but I also like to keep every single email. Here is a little diagram of my email file structure. . Move to specific folder: Newsletter subscriptions / RSS feeds.

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How to Get Your Emails Opened and Acted Upon

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My friend and email marketing expert, Linda Claire Puig, is hosting this valuable teleseminar on how to write the world’s hottest subject lines…this is one of the most important (and overlooked) skills you need to attract clients online and grow your business to 6-figure success. —> The #1 secret to avoid getting your emails reported as spam. —> 4 powerful tips to get a huge response every time you send an email.

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