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9 Dental Health Myths That You Should Stop Believing Now

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For you to keep your overall health, experts say that you shouldn’t neglect your oral health. It’s because a healthy set of teeth is one of the indicators of your well-being. Failure to take care of it is the same as letting your physical health down the drain.

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Network like a CEO

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It goes without saying that networking is essential for your career development. For a whole load of reasons, that I’m not going to write about in this blog, because we have lots of other blogs that talk about the benefit. So what am I going to write about today?

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Use of Contract Labor by Small Businesses Continues to Grow

Small Business Labs

The IRS released their 2016 tax data on sole proprietors.    The data covers business receipts, deductions, and net income reported by taxpayers on Schedule C of tax Form 1040.

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Why Can’t I Get a Raise?

Eat Your Career

Advancing financially at work can be hard. After all, everybody wants a raise. But there’s only so much money to go around. Someone is always going to be disappointed, and it’s no fun when that person is you.

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7 Reasons to Head Over to Seoul Right Now

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You might have heard the saying: Go to Seoul to refresh your soul. It is one of those emerging tourist spots where the new meets the old. If you haven’t visited this South Korean capital as of yet, then you should totally do it at least once in your lifetime. Why visit Seoul?

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20 Google Search Hacks for Personal Assistants

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I can’t think of a single day in the last decade that I haven’t at some point used Google for something. It could be to check my emails, write a document, put a meeting in my diary or, in most cases, search for something or settle an argument. It is, like most of us, my […].

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Upwork Going Public; Shows Maturation of Online Talent Marketplace Industry

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The online freelance talent marketplace Upwork filed last week to go public.    According to the filing, Upwork has 375,000 registered freelancers and 475,000 client businesses located across 180 countries.    The company reported sales of $164.4 million in 2016 and $202.6

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5 Really Effective Ways to Champion Mental Health Issues

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Mental health is one topic that no one really seems to want to talk about — but it’s a subject that should be on everyone’s mind. As many as one out of every four adults will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives, according to the WHO.

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Do you need to write a travel management policy?

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Some of the following scenarios will probably sound all too familiar to you in your current position: Your Executive Team and colleagues take the liberty of booking their flights and accommodation themselves without much thought for the time it takes to get a business trip organised.

Video: 7 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing

Small Business Labs

7 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing - Business Ideas for Product Makers is a fun and interesting video designed to help makers and other small manufacturers build their business. The video, below, is from the YouTube maker video channel from the highly energetic Evan and Katelyn.

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5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career

Office Dynamics

5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career. Think like an entrepreneur. See yourself as President of You, Inc. Don’t just think of yourself as working for someone else. Learn to take responsibility and be accountable for your work environment. Be a catalyst in making good things happen around you.

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What You're Getting Wrong When You Apologize

On The Job

Today, social media is sure to blast the news far and wide when a top leader makes a mistake, whether the person is in the private sector or public life.

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Building rapport with a remote boss

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Building rapport with a remote boss is something that many of us are going to have to contemplate in our roles. Many of you are already working with a remote boss, and in the future, it is going to become more common that you will support an Executive who is even on the road constantly […].

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Productivity Secrets Top-Level CEOs Would Rather Keep to Themselves

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Ice freezing offices. Social media. YouTube. Fantasy football leagues. There is one thing all of them have in common – they are all primary suspects for causing your productivity at work to plummet. Even the top-level CEOs fall under temptation to watch the latest cat video uploaded on YouTube.

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Don’t Leave Your Readers Guessing

Office Dynamics

Whether you’re writing an email, an article, a report, or a proposal, never leave your readers wondering what you actually want. Specifically, they shouldn’t have to wonder about these critical components of communicating: Why have you told them this information?

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Don't Wait: 8 Reasons to Leave Your Job Now

On The Job

I've often written about how to get a job. But now, I'm going to write about how to leave a job. With unemployment below 4%, there's never been a better time to say good-bye to a job that has cost you sleep, sanity and family relationships.

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We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for this October’s Virtual Summit

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I’m so excited to share with you the first group of new speakers for the Virtual Summit and their session details. We have a varied group of trainers from all over the world for the Summit who are truly inspiring.

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How To Take The Perfect Selfie (With Or Without AR)

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For millennia, people have sought after the perfect method of capturing one’s likeness. From cave drawings to royal commissioned portraits to tintype photography, our perceptions of self are constantly changing. And now, a lot of people are focused on how to perfect selfie. The Evolution of Selfies.

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Getting Monday Motivated

Office Dynamics

We all know that Monday can be the most challenging day of the week. We also know that our mentality has a lot to do with this. But why? According to studies and surveys conducted over the years, there are several reasons why most of us dislike Mondays. We are leaving a life of being in charge.

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How to Get Credit for Your Ideas

On The Job

Have you ever had someone steal your idea? If you've been in the workplace for any amount of time, the answer may be "yes." But as Daniel Solis points out , there really isn't a way to steal an idea, because someone else has probably thought of it first.

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My Typical Day

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the things I get asked - a lot - is how I manage to get things done. People want to see my schedule to see what magic I work to be productive. There is no magic - it is simply regular routines that help me keep on track.

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How to Focus When You’re Writing

Daily Writing Tips

Do you ever find yourself distracted when you’re writing? I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer who could honestly answer “no” to that question!

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Trouble in the office

Laughing all the Way to Work

I always enjoy Anita's insights. This is a good read on ways to handle passive/aggressive colleagues

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Need to Keep Checking Accounts Separate

Small Business CEO

Small business checking accounts let business owners (you) manage their taxes, legality and money issues in a practical manner. As an aside, customers, suppliers and clients can write checks to the business itself, adding more professionalism to the small business.

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Incomplete Thought Writing Mistakes

Daily Writing Tips

Writers sometimes sabotage their efforts to express themselves by leaving key information out of a sentence, resulting in confusing statements. Each of the following examples suffers from obfuscation due to one of more missing words.

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5 Marketing Ideas for Food Trucks

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Marketing can be a difficult monster to tame no matter what industry you are in. But in the fast paced lifestyle of food trucks, strong marketing is more important than ever. Owning a mobile eatery removes the ability for customers to associate your brand with a location. That’s the mobile part.

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5 Signs Your Business May Need More Employees

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There are a few employees that companies and corporations need to function properly, without turning to bankruptcy in a few years. Being a good employee, at a good job, is the ultimate dream; as business owners, are we hiring the right type of employees?

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8 Easy Steps of Printing QuickBooks Checks

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QuickBooks provides businesses with an affordable alternative to opening a whole accounts department. It creates and maintains a database and helps make payments. If you want to use QuickBooks to make payments, you can print checks and hand it to your vendors.

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4 Tips to help you rock your LinkedIn company page

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Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? A great company page can be so much more than just an extension of your HR, but an actual hub where your audience can get valuable news and information about your business and your industry.

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5 Top Tricks Technical Service Providers Can Use to Optimise Their Workforce

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Running a service company is about staying focused. Each job has limited money-making potential, so it’s vital to do them all as efficiently as possible. These five tips make it easier to sustain profitability starting with the workforce in the field. Get Smarter About Metric Tracking.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Learning Management System

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The LMS, or learning management system, is quickly growing in popularity. The perks are numerous to speeding up the training process, but many brands are still having second thoughts. The simple reason is that they have not chosen the right LMS for their needs.

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Points and Punctuation

Daily Writing Tips

Point and words and compounds containing that root, as well as terms with the element punct- and some similar (and not so similar forms), are all cognate, deriving from the Latin verb pungere , meaning “prick” or “stab.” Such words are listed and defined in this post.

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Your Trust Services Company Should Have These 6 Key Attributes

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No two trust services companies are alike. Nor are all trust companies appropriate for every client’s needs and preferences.

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