5 Legal Issues To Consider And Address Before A Divorce

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If you are thinking of the same thing, here are some of the most common divorce legal issues you should be prepared to address. To legally put an end to a marriage, a number of processes and approaches have to be taken. Divorce legal issues vary from case to case and the laws governing them differ greatly from state to state. This is the most common divorce type and couples who file this case gets to decide what suits their needs. Credit card statements.

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How A Divorce Affects The Debt That You Took Jointly With Your Spouse

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The same applies to car loans and joint credit cards. What you are not responsible for is any debt that your partner incurred before you were legally married. As long as both your names are still attached to your debts, they will continue to affect your credit.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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OneNote: My Filing Cabinet In The Clouds. create notebooks and files just like I would with paper, but now it is all organized on my computer. I plug directly into my MacBookPro and use Audacity or Garage Band to edit the file. Accept Credit Cards Anywhere, Any Time.

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Snail Mail 101

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This category includes bills, medical forms to file, an insurance or telephone plan to compare with what you have now, information about a product you intend to buy and a list of activities put on by a group you belong to. Be careful about filing too much. Most people’s file cabinets are neglected paper graveyards. Keep files you refer to near your desk. Get a tray to store file-ables until you’re ready to file them.

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An Introduction to Trademarks for the Uninitiated Solopreneur

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This article provides a brief overview of the basic legal concerns and implications associated with adopting and seeking to register a new trademark. Generic marks (such as “Sweater” for sweaters) are generally not afforded any trademark protection, and descriptive trademarks (such as “Legal Services Provider” for an attorney) are only protectable under limited circumstances not applicable to new enterprises. Filing for Registration.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Wachovia delivers positive.

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Nearly every bank offers full services including checking, savings, loans, certificates of deposits, credit cards, brokerage services, etc. Credit cards offer extra customer service perks My new Nordstrom credit card came in the mail, and.

How To Make This Recession Work For Your Small Home Business.

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Given the fact that small business can’t get credit, while the big boys can, let them play bank for you for a while. Lets says business was bad three months running, do your tips apply to non business related credit etc. E-Mail me or follow me.

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