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Community Lenders Creating Community Spaces - Credit Unions are Opening Coworking Spaces

Small Business Labs's article 3 Ways to Connect Through Coworking Spaces provides an excellent example of how coworking is spreading across industry verticals and niche markets. The article highlights 3 credit unions that have opened coworking spaces.

2019 227

Podcasting Entering the Mainstream

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But as the TechCrunch article Y Combinator Bets on the Booming Podcast Industry points out, revenues are expected to rapidly increase.  In case you hadn't heard, podcasting is booming. 

2019 171

TV Sitcom Explores the Blending of Work and Life and the Barriers Between the Professional and Amateur

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Key quote from the article on this: There's one part of your question that I found interesting, and it is something that we talk about in the writer's room a lot.

2019 150

The Rise of "Wealth Work"

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For example, Atlantic's recent article The Servant Economy is, no surprise given the title, quite negative on this trend.  Quartz's Life coaches are the new personal trainer highlights a trend we've been tracking since 2008 , the growth of personal services. 

2019 193

Half of U.S. Full-Time Employees Plan to Defer Retirement Due to Financial Reasons

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We've long often covered the trend towards delayed retirement ( see our baby boomer section for many articles on this topic ). MetLife recently released their 2019 U.S. Employee Benefits study. It's the 17th year they've done this study.

2019 161

Study Says Over Half of Older Workers Suffer Involuntary Job Loss

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  As the article chart below (click to enlarge) shows, most of the study participants (56%) experienced at least one employer driven job loss after the age of 50, with many (18%) experiencing more than one. 

2019 219

Kauffman Foundation Indicators Show U.S. Entrepreneurship Near 20 Year High

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We'll explain why in a future article.  The Kauffman Foundation recently introduced the Kauffman Indicators of Early Stage Entrepreneurship.    The indicators cover: Rate of new entrepreneurs : The broadest measure possible for business creation by population.

2019 189

"Job Crafting", Independent Work and the American Dream

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  The New York Times article How to Make Work Better covers job crafting and suggests greater use of it by those with traditional jobs would make work much better. 

2019 200

A Look at Non-Employer Businesses from the SBA

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  There's also a number of reasons why employer SMB numbers aren't increasing, but it's a longer story and we'll go into it in a later article.  The U.S.

2018 241

Coworking Doesn't Need a New Name, But the Office Space Industry Does

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  The recent Allwork article Why Coworking Needs a New Definition covers the new name side. Liz Elam, long time coworking space owner and founder of GCUC, responded to this with her article Coworking Does Not Need a New Definition.

2018 233

McKinsey's Bias Busters Collection

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These are some of our least read articles. McKinsey's Bias Busters Collection covers how are decisions are often affected by cognitive and/or organizational biases. 

2019 169

Why Independent Work and Coworking Increase Mental and Physical Well-Being

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As the McKinsey article points out, a lack of social support is not good. As we said in our article  Coworking Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely , coworking spaces provide social support. 

2018 236

Does It Pay to Be a Writer? Yes, But Not Well For Most

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The Pay Survey 2019: What 1,400+ Freelancers Get Paid to Write study surveyed writers of all types, with most writing articles and blog posts.   The article has a number of suggestions on how writers can increase their earnings.

2019 178

Ride Sharing Continues Rapid Grow

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  But as the article chart below shows, ride sharing use is common across most age, income and educational cohorts. Pew Research recently did a study on the use of ride sharing services by Americans.

2019 184

More on the Changing Nature of Retirement

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There's been a recent flurry of articles on retirement, mostly focusing on older people staying in the workforce longer than prior generations. It covers the fact that the world is rapidly getting older, as is shown in the article chart below.

Funding for Education Technology Startups Continues to Boom

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  The article chart below (click to enlarge) shows some (but not all) of the bigger Edtech funding rounds in 2018. The article also references a prior Crunchbase article, China’s Education Startups Continue To Pull In Massive Funding Rounds.

2018 184

Pets Used to be for Kids. Now they are Kids.

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" The article highlights Tesla's new Dog Mode , which keeps the car's climate control system working so pets are safe while left alone in the car.   According to the article, the global pet care industry is expected to grow to $164 billion by 2023 – a 31% increase from 2018. 

2019 146

Insect Farming Company Ynsect Raises $150 Million

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Ynsect , a Paris-based producer of insect protein used in fish farming and pet food, recently raised $125 million.    The company is using the money to expand in the U.S. and build the world's largest insect farm in Northern France.

2019 153

Yet More on the Changing Nature of Retirement

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But it's an important trend and there continues to be a flurry of interesting articles on working in and/or delaying retirement. " The article suggest that corporations need to change their policies to retain older workers instead of losing them and their skills and knowledge.

2018 177

Coworking Goes to the Dogs (it had to happen)

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Key quote from the article on these services: "We do everything but cutting on-site, so nail trim, baths, blowouts, brushing, we do in that back room.

2019 157

Food Delivery Continues to Boom

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And as the chart below from the Forbes article Uber's Secret Gold Mine shows, Uber Eats is about the same size as U.S. It's been an interesting couple of weeks in the food delivery industry. 

2019 146

What Highly Skilled Independent Workers Want

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The global accounting and professional services firm EY has developed GigNow , an external online talent platform. 

2018 195

"Everything, it seems, is a shared office these days"

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The title of this post is a quote from the NY Times article  Sorry, Power-Lunchers. The article covers Spacious , a startup that transforms unused space - especially restaurants outside of meal times - into shared workspaces.

2018 206

Social Network Support Helps Turn Knitting Hobbyists into Hobbypreneurs

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The research was based on digging through the data at the knitting community site,  which is known as the "Facebook for knitters" Key quote from a Washington Post article on the study : analyzed almost 100 interviews and 403,168 profiles of knitters and crocheters.

2018 174

GM's Restructuring Illustrates Multiple Trends

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Many of the articles on GM's restructuring cover this topic.   The key points these articles make is the rise of ride, scooter and bike sharing coupled with increases in urban living, ecommerce and working from home are combining to reduce the demand for cars.

2018 166

Can Traditional Employment Match the Flexibility of Independent Work?

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" Another example comes from The Atlantic article  What Happens When Gig-Economy Workers Become Employees.

2018 182

Study Finds Middle Aged Professionals Moving to the Countryside

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        Rural America rising: why professionals are moving to the countryside , an article on the study, provides a good explanation of why people are moving to small towns: Surveying Minnesota realtors and the new arrivals themselves.

2018 192

Most Millennials Think Starting a Business is Risky

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This is a theme we've covered in the past in our article Risk Profiles of Freelancers Versus Non-Freelancers. According to a report from the global financial giant UBS , 72% of Millennials say starting a business appeals to them. But at the same time, most say it's too risky to do.

2018 211

Co-Living Startups Continue to Attract Funding

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The article points out that most of these startups are selling community in addition to housing. "" In addition to the companies in the article, there are a few more notable co-living firm worth mentioning.

2018 201

Digital Nomads Enter the Mainstream

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As the Forbes article on the study -  Digital Nomadism Goes Mainstream  - points out, digital nomadism has become a spectator sport followed by millions.  MBO Partners last week released Digital Nomadism: A Rising Trend , a research brief on digital nomads.

2018 178

Why We Aren't Doing a Coworking Forecast This Year

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  As we said at the top of this article, we will continue our research on coworking. This is the time of year we normally release our annual coworking forecast. And this year would have been our 10 th annual forecast ( click here for our 2018 forecast ). 

2018 157

According to LinkedIn, Most SMBs Use Freelancers

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Key quote from their article on the study : " more than half (52%) of small business hiring managers say that the number of freelancers and contractors in their company will increase in the next 5 years while 38% say the number will stay the same."

2018 176

Video: 7 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing

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As we pointed out in our article  Are Makers the Future of Small Manufacturing? 7 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing - Business Ideas for Product Makers is a fun and interesting video designed to help makers and other small manufacturers build their business.

2018 170

Study Finds U.S. Has 27 Million Square Feet of Coworking Space

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  They've also written an article - Shared Space: Coworking's Rising Star - summarizing their results.  Yardi Matrix , a provider of real estate industry data and research, has released an interesting coworking study. 

2018 213

Google's Shadow Workforce

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Bloomberg's Inside Google's Shadow Workforce covers the use by Google of what they call TVCs, or “temps, vendors and contractors" According to the article about half of Google's workforce is comprised of TVCs. 

Google 177

Is Coworking's Surge Leading to Market Saturation?

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According to the Reuters article 'Coworking' surge in Manhattan raises asset-liability quandary : "The amount of office leasing by “coworking” firms in Manhattan is nearing 10 percent of all new leases, a sign of growing demand for short-term contracts by companies seeking workspace."

2018 173

"As a Freelancer My Career is a Constant Classroom."

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These findings are why the Information Age article Rise of the IT Freelancer jumped out at us. We used part of the key quote in our article title: "As a freelancer my career is a constant classroom – unlike university though, it’s one where I can earn money for attending."

2016 277

Flurry of Articles on Micropreneurship

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 Articles include: Why People Want to Be Micro-Entrepreneurs :  From Fast Company Co.Exist, this article covers a survey by micro-task site Fivvr on why people want to be micropreneurs. Why Micropreneurship May Be the Key to Job Creation :  A Huffington Post article that interviews the CEO of Task Rabbit, a micro-job site.

2012 140

Social Isolation - Not Just Loneliness - a Health Risk Reduced by Coworking

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  Our recent HBR article  Coworking Is Not About Workspace — It’s About Feeling Less Lonely  focused on the loneliness issues coworking helps with. Social isolation and loneliness are related, but not the same thing. 

2018 211

How Coworking is Changing Commercial Real Estate

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Allwork's recent article The Top 5 Most Valuable Companies that are Using Coworking nicely covers this trend. Coworking has reached the size and scale where it's starting to have second order impacts on the broader real estate industry. 

2018 176

Is the Gig Economy a "Big Nothingburger"?

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The Mother Jones article The Gig Economy is a Big Nothingburger is an excellent example of the response to a new paper - Understanding Trends in Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States - from the economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger.

2019 140

The Rise of Small "Speed Factories"

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One of the first articles we wrote on Small Business Labs back in 2007 covered this trend.    And while the Kellogg article focuses on consumer manufacturing, but the trends also hold true for B2B manufacturing. 

2018 168

The Rise of Occupational Licensing

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  This data comes the interesting HBR article  More and More Jobs Today Require a License. In the 1950's about 5% of full time U.S. workers had a professional, occupation license. Today about 23% do. 

2018 194