8 Methods to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

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Huge credit card debt can feel like a crushing, impossible burden that you need to carry for months, years, or even a lifetime – but it doesn’t have to be. Just imagine how good it’ll feel to not owe your hard-earned money to a credit card company. Credit Money

Can You Go To Jail For Credit Card Debt?

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Can you go to jail for credit card debt? Civil debts are things like payday loans, credit cards, utility bills, student loans, or medical bills. Can You Really Go To Jail For Not Paying Your Credit Card Debt? Little Known Facts About Credit Card Debt.

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Personal Loan vs Credit Card vs Debit Card: When to Use Each

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When is the best time to get a personal loan, swipe a credit card or use a debit card to consolidate debt? For instance, your credit score highly influences your chances of loans, credit cards, or mortgages getting accepted. Personal Loan or Credit Card.

The Lazy Nomads’ Top 3 Safety Tips for Travelers in 2019

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To minimize risks, carry valuables (credit cards, passport, and money) close to you. All you’ll need is a local SIM card. The post The Lazy Nomads’ Top 3 Safety Tips for Travelers in 2019 appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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Good Practices for A Successful Dropshipping Business In 2019

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The consequence of this complaint is that several customers end up registering a dispute or a chargeback with the payment processor or credit card issuer. The post Good Practices for A Successful Dropshipping Business In 2019 appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

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She had great credit score because of on-time payments on her mortgage and she never had debt. Businesses have a downfall and credit cards spiral as the interest rates increase. Eliminate credit card debt: That’s a big one. Credit Money

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How To Fund Your Holiday of A Lifetime

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Find The Best Value Credit Card. Credit cards are the most common way of funding a huge trip. Booking flights and accommodation by credit card is not only sensible in terms of finance but will also cover you more should anything happen to your booking.

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The Importance of PCI Audits

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A PCI compliance audit can help to ensure your customers’ sensitive data, such as credit card information, is safe.… Information Technology credit card processing PCI audits PCI ComplianceData breaches are more prevalent today than ever before.

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Leather Wallet and Go Digital

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A lot of it comes down to what we’re used to doing, and what we’re used to is handing over a plastic card. In the not-too-distant past, credit and debit cards were the new payment methods, out to replace the wad of cash or the checkbook in your pocket.

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The 5 Important Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

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A credit score is more than a three-digit number. It not only determines your ability to pay back loans but also set interest rates you pay for credit cards and loans. Because of that, protecting and improving your credit score is downright essential. Credit Money

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Can You Become A Police Officer With Bad Credit Or Bankruptcy On Your Credit Report?

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Only a few of them consider the impact that their credit reports can have on them. Why You Need to Check On Your Credit Score. Apart from knowing exactly the steps you need to take to become a police officer , you should also check your FICO scores and credit histories.

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What Happens If You Delete A Paid App On Your Iphone or Ipad?

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Does it matter if I paid for it with a credit card? Any purchase with a credit card is likely to have a detailed record of the transaction. Banks will allow you to cancel a credit card transaction if something was faulty with the merchandise.

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Mastering The Art of A Worry-Free Life

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So, wear sunscreen, pay off credit cards, eat more greens, and learn fractions. At one time or another, we’ve all been around worried family or friends. Sometimes, it’s awkward and uncomfortable.

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Illegal Debt Collection Practices You Need to Be Aware Of

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It provides coverage for different debt instances such as credit cards, mortgages, and medical bills used for family, personal or household causes. It is important to note that a collection account can adversely affect your credit score. Credit Money Stress

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Internet Access While Traveling: Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe

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This includes entering credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal details. Are you tired of unreliable and painfully slow internet when traveling? Do you worry about your security? It does feel like an endless battle waiting for apps to respond and pages to load.

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6 Perils of Moving In With A Partner (and How to Avoid Them)

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If one of you has been saving for years, pays all the bills on time and has a clear financial plan, while the other lives from paycheck to paycheck and has thousands in credit card debt, it’s a bit of a recipe for a disaster. Moving in with a partner is a big step for any couple.

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10 Awesome Tips On Finding The Best Deals Online

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If an online shopping store allows the use of coupon codes and scratch cards on Friday, then wait for that day. Use of credit and debit cards. Using bank cards is very common these days. You can also shop according to what your credit card offers.

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Managing Emails Effectively: Tips on How to Maximize Email Use

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You depend on it for a lot of things, like receiving important documents, credit card statements, and utility bills. Your e-mail is your own personal space on the internet. It is the most important piece of real estate on the internet you can own.

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8 College Courses That Will Make You Rich

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Someone who walks into Best Buy and pays for a 47-inch plasma television with a credit card may not comprehend the difference between an asset and a liability. Growing up, you were probably given the idea that doing well in school can help you succeed later in life.

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6 Things to Think About When Booking a Wellness Retreat

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There’s nothing worse for messing with your chakras than a glaring credit card bill when you return home. Wellness retreats offer the perfect opportunity to wave goodbye to packed trains and an overflowing inbox and say hello to wind chimes, fluffy dressing gowns, and total zen.

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How to Stick to your Financial New Year’s Resolution

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Users can save for multiple goals at once, directing money into accounts for things like emergency funds, credit card debt repayments, or vacations. At the start of a bright and shiny new year, the first few days of January are the easiest to get through.

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Simple Money Hacks That Every Millennial Needs To Know

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Learning to separate necessities from luxuries is an important step in not only being able to save money, but also to pay off personal and student loans and credit cards while also being able to put money aside for the future.

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Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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Aside from your travel documents, photos of your driver’s license, credit card, you drinking or doing drugs, information about your kids, and writing negative remarks on your current employer can put you in financial troubles.

30 Easy Ways to Save Money You Probably Aren’t Doing Yet

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Most utilities and other recurring bills can be set to be charged to a credit card or deducted from a checking account these days. Avoid credit cards with annual fee. Credit cards with their cash back bonuses and reward points are a great way to save some money.

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How to Find an Affordable Engagement Ring — Without Sacrificing Quality

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The phrase affordable engagement ring probably makes you think of a lot of things: weird lighting in malls, trays of identical-looking rings, and maybe even your credit card bill.

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Being a Single Parent of Three, This is What I Advise All the Moms

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So, my advice to you is to always pay all your bills whether it is for rent, utility bills, fees or credit card debts. Today, I attended the graduation party of my twin boys. Looking at them with their graduation gowns and hats on, I felt so proud.

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Hired as C Suite EA and role description reads like an Office Assistant – Ask an Admin

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I do very minimal tasks for him as well and my role description consists of miscellaneous things from issuing credit cards for anyone to issuing cell phones to anyone to ordering catering for anyone in the building to filling the frig in the boardroom when it gets low.

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If You Receive Payments You Should Have An Electronic Payment Option

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Does that mean needing an expensive credit card reader? PayPal , Stripe and Square all have mobile card readers for taking credit & debit card payments on the go. If swiping a card isn’t something you want to do, use an online payment gateway.

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Research: Why Workplace Competitions Often Backfire

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The competition was to get the most customers to fill out credit-card applications. Since I was 17-years-old at the time, I could have cared less and never even asked a customer if they wanted a credit-card application.

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Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job

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online retailers and auction site sellers do not ship purchases overseas, charge too much for international shipping, or do not accept international credit cards.”.

How To Protect Yourself From Counterfeits

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Websites that sell counterfeit merchandise could be used to scrape personal data and credit card numbers, which can be sold on the dark web for an additional profit. Why do counterfeits matter? Just buying a knockoff purse doesn’t actually hurt anyone, right?

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How to Apply Good Financial Habits to the Rest of Your Life

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Like credit card debt, sleep debt is a dangerous thing. It’s easy to see how having good money habits can make you feel better.

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The Potential of a Fresh Start


A statement from your credit card company gives you the chance to start fresh with a new payment philosophy. There’s something about starting something with a clean slate. The ability to have a fresh start shows up more often than we realize each day.

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Should You Be Googling Yourself?

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Among adults online: 15% have had their social security number compromised, and as a result 14% have had their identity used to open credit cards, and 8% have had someone use it to try and claim a tax return.

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4 Small Business Grants That Can Help Support Your Growing Business

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Others use their credit cards, or take out a loan. Starting a business or getting a business to grow beyond its initial year can be challenging, especially when funds are an issue. This is why a lot of small business owners often use up their own savings to fund their business.

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Build Your Financial Future by Building Business Credit

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From the moment we open our first bank account or get our first credit card, we are bombarded with tips, opinions, and information, from our family and financial advisors, on the importance of building personal credit.

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