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How Managers Can Help Stressed Out Employees

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Stress management for employees is important as it allows them to give their best at work. A stressed-out employee will never be able to perform well. Therefore, managers should always aim to provide a relaxed environment for their employees to work in. For example, a manager can start a TeamViewer online meeting only to have a fun surprise for the team. Although it can leave the employees baffled, it’s a good way for them to release the stress.

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7 Awesome Ways to Effectively Manage Your Stress on Weekdays

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Stress is a silent killer and if you’re not doing well in coping with stress at work, it can spell problems for you. Stress can strike anyone, even the most optimistic and energetic of people. The next thing you know, you’ve lost your focus, energy, and confidence. Studies show that stress is one of the leading causes of chronic health conditions. Heart disease, accelerated aging, and diabetes are linked to stress. Yes, stress is inevitable.

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Time Management for the Modern Assistant

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Year after year, one of the biggest struggles executive assistants report to me is effective time management. Starting each day with confidence, positivity, and passion for progress often equates to a successful day. If you would like more time management tips, get a copy of my downloadable eBook, Time Management for the Modern Assistant: Proven Tactics for Taming Your Day. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Productivity Stress Management Time Management

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The Surprising Benefits of Giving Back on Your Mental Health

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The report revealed that of the respondents that participated in volunteering activities within 12 months of the study, 94% said it made their moods better, 76% were healthier, and 78% said that their stress levels had reduced. Volunteering Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

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The Most Important Tips For Dealing With Bully At Work

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This can cause stress, lack of confidence, and low productivity at work. Bullying can come from any person within the organization — from the manager, right down to a colleague. See Also: 7 Ways to Manage Difficult Personalities At Work. See Also: 5 Ways To Cope With Workplace Stress. Stress Workplace

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Self-Doubt

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Each mistake is a learning opportunity and each mini-milestone builds confidence. If you are experiencing a low and stressful moment, you could also consider adding adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha or a supplement like L-Tyrosine. However, it needs to be thoughtfully managed.

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Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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This poor interaction on Instagram pushes your kids into the ‘low confidence zone.’ When they win your confidence, they’ll stab you in the back. In the virtual world, even the most bashful users act confidently. According to Kyle Marchini , senior analyst for fraud management at Javelin Strategy & Research, “Your airline boarding pass may have a barcode that contains your frequent flyer account number.” This comparison with others gives birth to stress.

10 Things That Are Essential For A Great Office Environment

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This not only cuts down the interruption and stress but also boosts productivity. The best way to manage such affairs is by striving to achieve transparency among every employee. Trust and support are what the employees need to feel more confident and relaxed in their jobs. Do not let their skills go to waste by managing every single task. Such sitting options give a sense of freedom and can improve energy and mood during stressful periods.

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18 Books Every Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant Should Read

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Does taking time off lead to more stress than relaxation because you’re worried what will (or won’t) happen at the office while you’re gone? 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do: Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, and Find Your Authentic Voice for a Life of Meaning and Joy by Amy Morin. Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, and Influence by Valorie Burton.

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How to Deal with an Intimidating Boss

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If you know what you’re up against, it’s a lot easier to manage. For example, when under stress, your boss may get extra moody. In fact, managing your physical response to the situation can often positively impact your mental response as well. Sit or stand up straight, maintain eye contact and manage nervous ticks, like fidgety fingers and tapping toes. Let’s face it: Everyone has had an intimidating boss.

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Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

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An important component to self-management versus stress-management is to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. A boundary in the office for an administrative assistant can be as simple as addressing a coworker or manager who constantly steps into your workspace and takes your desk supplies without asking and doesn’t return them. One administrative assistant said that her manager did not expect her to check business emails or take action on non-work hours.

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Podcast 132: Decision controls

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You can set up custom Auto Clean filters to archive, delete or move emails as soon as they arrive so you never have to spend time manually managing them. In high-stress environments, we also found ‘situational awareness’ was limited; commanders were operating very much in the here and now rather than anticipating what may happen next.”. It applies to any time you’re in a high stress situation. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ?

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The Positive Mental Health Effects of Self-Employment

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The gig economy offers workers the opportunity for more control in their jobs, which may lead to more self-worth, more confidence and less strain. For employees in the mainstream economy, heavy job requirements plus low autonomy equals a scenario with high occupational stress.  A recent academic study found that self-employed gig workers in the UK score higher across a range of psychological well-being measures than workers in the mainstream economy.

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How to Prepare for An Office Move: Top Tips You Should Know

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Although it can be stressful, it’s not something you need to be afraid of. There’s one serious downside to moving offices that can’t be ignored, and that’s the stress of it all. It’s likely to have a very detrimental effect on the workload and stress levels of pretty much everyone in the office. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize this stress and make the move happy and prosperous for your business and staff. Do you have an office or facilities manager?

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How to Plan a Startup Team Building Retreat

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Most start-ups deal with a skeletal group and work through many stressful situations together. These simple activities can bolster group confidence and help them do work together without any problems.… Management team buildingAs startup culture takes over the modern generation, it has become more necessary than ever to encourage team-building efforts. When such a variety of work is being dealt with with a small group, animosities can arise very quickly.

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