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9 Step Process To Manage Your Remote Team

Office Dynamics

The infographic below documents the process that has worked for us and we hope it will help you manage your remote team better as well.

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How I Fixed My Broken Writing Process


Unfortunately, I hate this process. This would drag out the process, and I’d procrastinate. A few months ago, I started thinking more critically about my writing process. The frustration of repeating this process two or three times every week finally made me question if there might be a better way. Belle B.

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Business Manufacturing Process

Small Business CEO

Streamlining your manufacturing process can help to save time, save money and help to minimize operational discrepancies.

Outsourcing your Business Processes to a Virtual Assistant: What You Really Need to Know

Tips From T. Marie

Business Tips Featured Working with a Virtual Assistant business Business Process Outsourcing virtual assistance virtual assistant virtual assistants

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2013 51

Productivity as a Process


Collect, Process, Organize, Review and Do. It is a process and not a goal. This is a guest post by David Wyndham. Information

All Aboard the Induction Process

Practically Perfect PA

One of the tasks that is often given to a PA/EA is the introduction of new members of staff and having the responsibility for the induction process. Was there anything that could have been improved and if so can you add this to your process for new employees? Filed under: Induction Process , Tasks. Start early.

Practical Productivity: Personalize Your Own Process


I’ve always found it helpful to remember no productivity process is perfect. The following is a guest post from Luke Burkey.

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The 6-Step Process to Turn Ideas into Published Blog Posts

Men With Pens

What you need is a simple process that works every time. You have a great idea for a blog post – and that’s a good start. Suit you. Leave gaps.

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How to Improve Your Customer Service Through Efficient Process

Small Business CEO

… Customer Service business process efficiency

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Small Business Labs

So we're really like the term "RPA", which stands for robotic process automation. We also like robots. And they may be right.

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How the Illogical Process of Hiring Can Help YOU

Job Advice Blog

So, finally, you receive a call to schedule an interview. All your efforts have paid off. A person calls you to schedule another interview. This is a huge compliment! You were selected from dozens or, at times, hundreds of people who applied for the very same position. You typically feel elated on one hand and [.].

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5 Steps to Build Processes That Safeguard Your Most Sensitive Data

Small Business CEO

That’s why you need to establish processes for handling sensitive information. … Information Technology data breach data security

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Grow Your Business With These Eight Processes Every Business Should Have

Productive & Organized

Make them too complex -- They over-engineer the processes and ultimately do not do them because it is too complex. 1 - Financial Management.

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The Sacred Process of Growth

Eat Your Career

The process of breaking down and breaking through happens over and over throughout life, and yet, it never seems to get any easier. A joke.

What’s Missing from Your Editorial Process?

Daily Writing Tips

These factors include the publishing company’s policy regarding how much staff attention is devoted to the editorial process, as well as the editor’s skill level. Original Post: What’s Missing from Your Editorial Process? The writer produces an initial draft and reworks it until it seems satisfactory for the writer’s purposes.

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The Process


The process is far from easy. Sometimes the procedures get in the way of the process. The process allows for progress. A life.

Payment Processing "On Location" Just Got a Whole Lot Easier (App How-To and Review)

Productive & Organized

  With PayPal Here you simply need the app and a steady hand to take a picture to process a payment.     7 - Process the scan.

Using the 3P’s (People, Process, Product) to Make Your Business Successful

Small Business CEO

Mr. Lemonis is definitely someone to be admired, and he’s successfully used this event-driven business management tool better than most.

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How Your Business Can Save Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

Small Business CEO

Let’s take a look at how to pay the lowest credit card processing fees possible as well as potentially obtain a free credit card machine.…

Here’s a Fun Exercise That Should Speed Your Branding Process

The Solopreneur Life

I f you’re an aspiring or new solopreneur, here’s an fun exercise that should speed your branding process. Yellow appealed to me.

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How Comindware Process Change your BPM

Small Business CEO

Business Process Management ( BPM ) is all about making sure that business processes and workflow is executed in a more effective and efficient manner.

Top 5 Tips for Small Business Payment Processing

The Small Business Blog

The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Allow customers to purchase from you in the way they want to, rather than just limiting them to one method. For example, if you only accept payment in person at your shop then you…

5 Ways Businesses Can Streamline Their Processes and Save on Manpower

Small Business CEO

Are you looking for ways to cut business costs? Take a gander at the cost of skilled labor. … Management cut costs manpower expenses

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PIE: The Simple 3-Step Process for Creating Your Strategic Business Plan

Office Organization Success

Today, I’d like to share with you my simple, 3-step process, for sitting down and crafting your own strategic business plan. ” at [link

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Structure Your Business With Kanban

Small Business CEO

Every company, regardless of its size, needs to plan and establish an internal processes. … Management business process kanban

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Career Management: Defining the Process and Purpose

Eat Your Career

In reality, career management is a very significant and specific process that, when done properly, helps to ensure long-term career success.

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Four Ways Social Media Has Changed The Recruitment Process

Small Business CEO

Organizations are casting wider nets. It’s who you know…online. It’s getting personal. They are coming for you.

Aday VA Announcement: Saying Yes Means Saying No (An Entrepreneurial Evolution & Grieving Process)

Denise Aday

I get now that letting go of my VA identity involves a grieving process. This post itself is a big step and important part of the process. and personal coaching is KEY in this process. This is a difficult announcement following a tough decision, involving quite the identity crisis. Stomach flip-flop.). But it certainly felt off.

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Vehicle Moving Process Made Uncomplicated by Proficient Car Packers movers in Delhi

Dumb Little Man

The post Vehicle Moving Process Made Uncomplicated by Proficient Car Packers movers in Delhi appeared first on Dumb Little Man

Speed Up Email Processing Using Mailbox Techniques

Simple Productivity Blog

Unfortunately, it means I have a lot of email to process. One of the greatest applications that I use on my iPhone and iPad is called Mailbox, and its sole purpose is to make processing Gmail easy. The post Speed Up Email Processing Using Mailbox Techniques appeared first on

3 Tips for Organizing Your Executive & Team Members

Office Dynamics

Systems are an ordered and proven process that saves time, effort, and unnecessary stress. By Julie Perrine. Learn their Style Preference.

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[Video] Streamline Your Bottom Line with Payment Processing

Office Organization Success

Create products and programs with recurring payment features that will help improve your cash flow. Business Planning Streamline Your Systems

3 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Deepest Insecurities (And Become Happier In the Process)

Dumb Little Man

The post 3 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Deepest Insecurities (And Become Happier In the Process) appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Appreciate.

Testing Isn’t Only for the Technical Team: The Tests Your Business Needs to Be Doing

Small Business CEO

One important type of testing that is frequently overlooked is business process testing, such as UAT. What is UAT?

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2016 47

By using professionals when in job search can speed up your process

Job Advice Blog

A recent visit to a public restroom made me smile. I was hoping nobody saw me smiling, but it was quite humorous. In this recently remodeled restroom, everything was automated. To wash my hands, I placed one hand under a U-shaped pipe, which squirted soap. I then moved my hand under the faucet, and water [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund

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Hiring? Don’t Lose Your Loyal Customers in the Process

Small Business CEO

The end result is that many loyal customers walk away from the application process feeling not only rejected but completely ignored and undervalued.

When Words Are Not Enough, Change Processes

Business Writing

A client emailed a request to employees who are registered for an upcoming Better Business Writing class I will teach. In her message, she asked them to email their answers to four prework questions to me. Nearly all the employees. Email Writing Tips

Are You Too Busy for The Most Important Partner In Your Office? The Importance of Daily Huddles

Office Dynamics

To help make the process easier, consider starting slow with a meeting one morning a week. ’”. Basically, they just don’t get it.

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Failing Forward: A 5 Step Process to Fight the Fear of Failure


And that’s what led me to the next step of the process. The following is a post by Lee Garrett. That subject, is failure. Not at all.

2014 17

Failing Forward: A 5 Step Process to Fight the Fear of Failure


And that''s what led me to the next step of the process. The following is a post by Lee Garrett. That subject, is failure. Not at all.

2014 17