Creating Powerful Presentations

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At the Assist Conference a few weeks ago I did a session entitled ‘creating powerful presentations’ I wanted to share the slides and notes with you guys today… Here you go! Slides should be one of the last things that your Executive focuses on when creating a presentation.

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Creating Powerful Presentations

Practically Perfect PA

At the Assist Conference a few weeks ago I did a session entitled ‘creating powerful presentations’ I wanted to share the slides and notes with you guys today… Here you go! Slides should be one of the last things that your Executive focuses on when creating a presentation.

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4 Faults You Can Easily Avoid in Your Slide Presentations

Business Writing

You can easily avoid her presentation faults, pleasing your audience, if you. Presentations Teaching Business WritingI recently attended a dinner meeting whose featured speaker told about her life in a foreign country.

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Own Your Story: Past, Present and Future

Office Dynamics

I’m preparing this post early but when you read this, I’ll have just given my presentation #OwnIt, How to Own Your Story and Win at Life at the Executive Secretary Live in London. Your present , step up and be accountable.

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The ultimate guide to designing presentations

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This could be for a presentation in front of the board, for other members of staff or a pitch to win new clients. With that in mind, here is my ultimate guide to designing presentations. Slides should be one of the last things that your Executive focuses on when creating a presentation.

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Overcome Your Fear of Making a Presentation

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In almost every role in business there will come a time when you will need to make a presentation – but many of us fear that day. Yet being able to make a great presentation is one of the best ways of improving your career prospects. You may have a range of academic and professional qualifications at the highest level and be brilliant at your job, but if you can’t make a good presentation then you are holding yourself back.

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More presentations from Assist Travel 2016

Practically Perfect PA Presentation at Assist Travel from Practically Perfect PA. Room ex assist travel presentation for Practically Perfect PA from Practically Perfect PA. Unicorn events assist travel conference presentation from Practically Perfect PA.

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5 Key Rules To Create A Killer Presentation

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After analysis of hundreds of the most successful lecturers in the world, one can say that there are five important rules on how to create a presentation that is clear, memorable and, most of all, fun. A good presenter is a story teller.

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Present Like The Pros, With Confidence and Grace

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“Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.”

Why Your Presentations Suck -- and How to Make Them Much Better

On The Job

Michael Baldwin says we’ve been in a “downward spiral” since the first “spectacular” presentations were made with cave drawings 32,000 years ago. When you’ve got a lot of data or information to present, don’t feed it to the audience with a firehose.

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Excellent Presentation Explains Online Talent Marketplaces

Small Business Labs

Andrew Karpie's Online Work Arrangements Platforms  presentation does a great job of explaining the changing ways contingent workers are sourced, engaged and managed by hiring organizations.   He explains all this in the presentation.

Revising with the Present Perfect

Daily Writing Tips

All three facts refer to past events, so present tense is definitely does not belong. Enter the present perfect: William Bradford Bishop Jr., The following item appeared in the column of one-sentence news items on the front page of my morning newspaper: William Bradford Bishop Jr.,

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations

Ian's Messy Desk

You would think in this day and age of Garr Reynold and Presentation Zen , Seth Godin and Really Bad PowerPoint or Cliff Atkinson and Beyond Bullet Points , there would be no excuse for poor quality PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately, people continue to churn out ineffective presentations. Here are some links and resources for improving presentations: Joseph Sommerville provides a list of common presentation sins. Presentation Templates.

How to Give a Dynamite Team Presentation

On The Job

I once was part of a group presentation that was due to get together for the first time at a big conference. I never met her until about an hour before the presentation. By the time the presentation was over, I wish I'd never met her.

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How to Present Your Content

Daily Writing Tips

For the first time, however, I realized that unfortunately, there’s a close analogy between the way many amateur writers present information and the way some well-meaning professionals (or other serious writers) do it. Original Post: How to Present Your Content.

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How to Present Complicated Information That Anyone Can Understand

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Many of those who work with complex information believe it can’t be done, and hence we have the mind-numbing, jargon-riddled, overloaded PowerPoint presentations that do little to engage or inform. So how do you present complicated information that anyone can understand?

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One Little Tip to Remain in the Present

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But the great thing is – there is a very simple way to get out, one little tip that guides you back to, and helps you Remain in the Present. The easiest way to come back to the present is to cultivate Gratitude , to cultivate your abundance right now.

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ITA* Presented Miniopoly: Wow what a showcase!

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On February 4th the ITA* team bought our award winning Little Black Book to life by creating the Ultimate Venue Showcase – ITA* Presents Miniopoly. The post ITA* Presented Miniopoly: Wow what a showcase!

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How to Give the Best Virtual Presentation Ever

On The Job

Giving a virtual presentation to a tech audience has special challenges, but an expert provides tips to overcome any obstacles and give an engaging and informative talk. It’s fairly easy to tell if people aren’t paying attention during your presentation or meeting.

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Secret Santa presents

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I’ve also had some terrible secret santa presents (one year I got a bumper sticker… I didn’t own a car). The post Secret Santa presents appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

Presentations: Licensed to kill?

The Small Business Blog

He is quite happy to… Read the full article here: Presentations: Licensed to kill? Funny Business funny funny and true presentation A friend of mine is a Firearms Instructor with the police. Years of training and experience in the field eventually qualified him for the position.

Radius Small Business Trends Presentation

Small Business Labs

They just released a presentation on The Most Important Small Business Trends in 2014.   For anyone interested in small businesses and/or small business trends the article and trend presentation are well worth looking at. Radius  is one of the more interesting big data startups.    Using web-crawling technology similar to Google's, they've amassed data on over 27 million U.S. small businesses.

Why print is still important in business presentations

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In the 25 years since its launch, PowerPoint has become the most popular presentation aid, holding 95% of the presentation software market. Nowadays, most presentations are given with PowerPoint or similar digital supports.

The Present Participle and Continuous Tenses

Daily Writing Tips

The present participle, together with a the verb to be , is used to create continuous tenses. Although a form of the verb, the present participle cannot be used as the main verb of a sentence.

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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Fast by Organizing All of Your Presentation Slides - Even if you have 1000s

Productive & Organized

Last Friday, I shared a post on how you can save time using a Master Power Point (Keynote if you are a Mac user) file to create your custom presentations really fast.  My solution is to keep all the training programs in one master folder with a sub-folder for each new program/pp presentation. As soon as I create a new presentation a master copy of it is placed in that master folder.   His presentations are filled with videos and great content. 

First Ever Livestream Presentation!

Office Organization Success

Talking of which… did you catch my first ever Livestream presentation yesterday? Phew… what a busy, busy week over here at Office Organization Success! Now that I’m slowly getting settled again it feels good to be busy and planning out my 2012. It was such fun, and I shared a TON of great content on how you can create your business plan in 3 simple steps. Don’t worry if you missed it… you can get access to the replay — for a limited time only!

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Present Participle as Adjective

Daily Writing Tips

As one of our readers tells her students, writers should rejoice in the present participle because it is one of the rarities of English “rules”: one thing they can count on. Unlike its sibling the past participle, the present participle always has the same ending.

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3 Sentences That Present Obstacles to Comprehension

Daily Writing Tips

Original post: 3 Sentences That Present Obstacles to Comprehension. In each of the following sentences, the statement’s wording or syntax problematically interferes with reader comprehension. Discussion and revision of each example points the way to a clear solution.

5 Lessons for Mixing Past and Present Tense

Daily Writing Tips

A tense trap is not a trap that makes you tense; it’s when you get stuck in past tense when the phenomena you are describing is perpetual or at least valid to the present moment. Even in paraphrase, the writer should retain the present tense: “Bush lost me as a supporter when he said that outsourcing American jobs is a good thing.”. Original Post: 5 Lessons for Mixing Past and Present Tense. Writers often fall into a tense trap and don’t even notice.

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New Coworking Video; GCUC Conference Presentations

Small Business Labs

  The conference presentations are also available (registration required). Lots of good stuff, including presentations on the changing nature of the economy and work, the important role community plays and lots of cool information on the leading edge of workplace design.

Running a Business in The Present – Planning for The Future

Small Business CEO

For the owner of a small business, it’s easy just to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the organization, especially if it’s doing well or in the throes of expansion. Responsibilities include looking after employees, creating detailed business plans, and drawing up budgets.

Listen and Be Present: An Excerpt from “Guidelines”


Be present and appreciate what you have at this point in your life. ” In Essentialism , Greg McKeown discusses how being present helps you prioritize and identify the most important tasks to work on right now: “When faced with so many tasks and obligations that you can’t figure out which to tackle, stop. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is most important this very second—not what’s most important tomorrow or even an hour from now.”

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How Perfect Is the Present Perfect?

Daily Writing Tips

The etymological connection with complete helps in explaining the past perfect (had+past participle) but is not as helpful with the present perfect (has/have+past participle). The present perfect describes two main types of action: 1.

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How to Make Your Presentations Much, Much Better

On The Job

Everyone can give a fantastic presentation. If you’re being completely honest, you may even admit your last presentation sucked.) Everyone has their gifts, and for some people, presenting an idea to a bunch of strangers or co-workers isn’t one of them. But that’s the wrong attitude to take, especially since effective presentations are so critical when it comes to moving up the career ladder , no matter your job. Not so, you may think.

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10 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 10 Tips for a Killer Presentation Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on July 16, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. It’s easy to compound our innate fear of public speaking by delivering a really bad presentation.

The Zoomout Chart: How to Stay Present and Motivated


The visual reminder is very beneficial to stay present and engaged, even when you are feeling unmotivated or mentally strained. The post The Zoomout Chart: How to Stay Present and Motivated appeared first on Productivityist. The following is a guest post from Luke Burkey.

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The Future (and even the present) is Mobile

Small Business Labs

  The presentation has 73 slides covering all things mobile computing. Kudos to the author - Ben Evans - for creating this presentation and making available to the public.

3 Common Mistakes When Presenting Quotations

Daily Writing Tips

Because this is not an attributed direct quotation, it should be presented with nonrestrictive construction, indicating that it is merely one of multiple possible sayings: “The old saying ‘What gets rewarded gets done’ is applicable to any business process.”.

Presenting The Productivity Toolbox

Simple Productivity Blog

Today I present to you a handy sheet that summarizes everything, with room to add your own favorite tools. The post Presenting The Productivity Toolbox appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. Over the past month we have looked at various productivity methods and when to apply them.

How Thinking Small Can Improve Your Writing

Business Writing

Email Presentations Teaching Business WritingOn the job, we strive to think big. We try to see the big picture and the long view. But thinking big can weaken our writing. This post explains how to avoid that problem. Yes, big ideas are important. Organizations.

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