Powerful Presentation Tips

Jen Lawrence

Because they aren’t distracted by their internal anxieties. Know Your Audience : Before putting together a presentation, you need to identify the audience. Define Your Takeaways : Know exactly what you want the audience to take away from your presentation.

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Own Your Story: Past, Present and Future

Office Dynamics

I’m preparing this post early but when you read this, I’ll have just given my presentation #OwnIt, How to Own Your Story and Win at Life at the Executive Secretary Live in London. My very first International speaking opportunity on behalf of Office Dynamics International!

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How to Best Work With International Colleagues

On The Job

After her presentation, she asked if there were any questions or comments. “No When Erin Meyer visited Tokyo with a Japanese colleague shortly after her book, “The Culture Map” was published, she agreed to speak to about 20 Japanese managers.

How To Export Internationally As a Solo Entrepreneur, Using the Foreign-Language Internet

The Solopreneur Life

It’s important that you present a professional, trustworthy image, and using native-speaking translators will help you achieve this, catching any cultural and contextual errors in the process. The chief bonus is a well-established customer base with an international scope and language settings, and assistance already provided for each market. International Business exporting foreign-language Internet translation

10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I woke up this morning with the strange realization that this is my very last day with Office Dynamics International. When the opportunity to work with Joan Burge in Las Vegas presented itself, and my husband was on board with the possible move, I went for it. I had the opportunity to present at the Executive Secretary Live event in London last April when I shared my personal story. I called my presentation, #OwnIt, How to Own Your Story and Win at Life.

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Administrative Training Pioneer Celebrates Unlikely 25-Year Anniversary

Office Dynamics

ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING PIONEER, OFFICE DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL, CELEBRATES UNLIKELY 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Las Vegas (June 4, 2015) – Office Dynamics International, the globally recognized authority for administrative training and development, is celebrating its 25 th year in business this week.

10 ways to improve your public speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

You need to develop both skill-sets to deliver strong presentations. Give your voice some life – Ben Stein gave us the definitive monotone presentation style in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The best presentation you can give is the one you know so well, you don’t need any props to hold you up. Any presenter gets better through practice. What does it take to be a great presenter or even just a decent one?

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10 tips for successful public speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

Toastmasters International has put together a list of ten tips that will help improve your public speaking skills. Technical presentation tips please! Communication 10 tips audience communication glossophobia improve nervous energy practice public speaking public speaking skill rehearsal social psychology sound speeches spoke successful public speaking ten tip tips toastmaster toastmasters international visual aids

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The Contractor Test; Do You Pass?

Tips From T. Marie

An example of this would be a law firm hiring an attorney with the intention that it will present the attorney’s work as its own and would have the right to control or direct that work. Virtual Assistants provide business to business services. They own and maintain their own businesses.

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8 Ways to Calm Nerves When Give a Speech

Ian's Messy Desk

Giving a presentation normally causes stress. If you have any of these symptoms before or during a presentation, you are normal. Almost everyone experiences some stress before presentations, even when the speech is as simple as, “tell the group something about yourself.”

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Leadership Communication for Effective Teams

Ian's Messy Desk

If you view communication from a high strategic level, you may present a “big picture&# perspective that completely frustrates staff who need the details of how a new policy or strategy might affect them. Image via Wikipedia.

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Must Have Gadgets for the Modern Entrepreneur

The Small Business Blog

Email is still the primary communication channel for the vast majority of businesses both internally and externally. Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer. If you’ve ever had to stand in a room full of people and present a slideshow you’ll know the frustration in having to click a mouse or press a button on the keyboard to advance to the next slide. Guest Blog administration bluetooth call answering laptop presentation smartphone tablet technology virtual office wifi

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I look like that!!

Laughing all the Way to Work

I was in a workshop today on presentation skills and one of the things they had us do was present something to the group while they filmed us. I just finished watching the DVD they made of my presentation and came to the following conclusions: I should have started my diet six months ago rather than only last week; I will never wear a sleeveless dress again without a jacket; I really need to spend a little more time styling the back of my hair and not just the front.

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Giving Back – Share the Benefits

Make or Break Moments

So I was recently befuddled when I received this lovely recommendation after giving a presentation at Podcamp Ohio : “I attended one of Deborah’s speaking sessions and she is amazing!

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Are you Ga Ga For Google?

The Office Professionals Place

Now Google can help you do things like…… Google Docs – Create and share your online documents, presentations and spreadsheets Google Voice - Don’t have time to listen to voicemails? Need a speaker/presenter?

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7 surprising venues with outdoor space that you need to know about

Practically Perfect PA

The UK (especially London) venue scene is extremely fast-paced, so ensuring you are presenting the most current solutions for your internal events can often be a time-consuming task.

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Whose meeting is it anyway?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Do you ever get a meeting request and an agenda has not been provided, or if it is a teleconference the call-in details have not been given or the boardroom hasnt been booked for an internal meeting?

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Where's the remote thingy for the PowerPoint?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Some people in the office were trying to get the remote working as we had a PowerPoint presentation coming up and were calling it things like remote thingy , remote slide clicker, wireless mouse so I finally asked, "Does anyone know what the official name for that thing is?" It's called a Presentation Remote. When I looked on Google different companies were calling it different things, but PowerPoint Remote or Presentation Remote does help.

Power Up Your PowerPoint With Templates!

Professional Assistant Blog

Post from: Administrative Assistant Tips 4comments for this post Feng Liang I stumbled upon this corporate presentation template at Cone Trees that I can actually use for my work, it wasnt cheesy types that usually come up in the search, so it thought id share :D. www.conetrees.com/2008/10/downloads/clean-elegant-presentation-template Posted on 12 October, 2008 1:34 PM The Professional Assistant Hi Feng Liang, Thanks for the comment.

Introducing the Virtual Summit Partner

Practically Perfect PA

Today, I am absolutely delighted to announce that the International Management Assistants (IMA) are the official partner for the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. We are also really pleased to have IMA Executive Chairman present at the Summit.

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Global Small Business Forum October 23rd in Chicago

Small Business Labs

But despite the growth in SMB exporters, too many small businesses are missing out on the opportunities presented by global markets.    The conference covers the nuts and bolts small businesses need to know to get started and thrive in international markets. 

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10 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Jen Lawrence

Whether you have an internal share folder or use Google Drive, declare a location to track all information and save important files. 2) Send out meeting materials (pdf of presentation, list of resources, etc.)

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

Dumb Little Man

A few had rehearsed presentations backed by visual aids while others seemed to be just making it up as they went. Before you embark on a self-taught path to becoming a more able presenter, it may be helpful to know that fear of public speaking is not uncommon.

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How to Manage the Rush Jobs

Ian's Messy Desk

Fifteen minutes later another manager comes by looking for last-minute help with a PowerPoint presentation. Meanwhile, you’ve skipped lunch, a courier is waiting on a delivery from you and the intern is hovering, looking for approval on the next step.

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New Training and Resources to Office Dynamics in 2019

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International is the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching, and resources. Any conference attendee can request to present their innovative idea prior to September 15, 2019.

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The Accelerating Pace of Worker Misclassification Regulations

Small Business Labs

The webinar presentation ( click here for the slide s) is full of interesting information. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Spend Matters and MBO Partners had a really interesting webinar last week titled Highly Skilled Independent Professionals are Coming - Get Ready. 

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Customer Service Through Social Media: The game has changed

Customers Rock!

Harry is with Useful Social Media , and I will be presenting at their New York Conference on Social Media and Customer Service next week. It’s worth pointing out that it takes three times as much internal resources to acquire a new customer as it does to retain one.

7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Admin Leader

Eat Your Career

Present at an Admin Conference. The International Association for Administrative Professionals is the leading association for admins. As a proud former administrative professional , I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the admin community.

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Global Coworking Forecast: 30,000 Spaces and 5.1 Million Members by 2022

Small Business Labs

and international coworking conferences. The complete forecast presentation is on their website, including forecasts for the U.S. For more details, see the full forecast presentation on the GCUC website. We recently released our new coworking forecast for 2018-2022. 

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Conference for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – Opening Session

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge, CEO and founder of Office Dynamics International, took the stage. They build teamwork internally and externally, and set goals they work to achieve. They present a professional image and hone their personal brand continually. October 24, 2018.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Shared Information for Customer.

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Shared Information for Customer Service Success Douglas April 30, 2009 Culture , Specific Companies No Comments I was listening to Steve Odland (the Chairman and CEO of Office Depot) present at an event today and one of the things he talked about was how sharing information across the organization could lead to decision making empowerment and aptitude.

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The Robot Business is Hard - Rethink Robotics Shuts Down

Small Business Labs

According to the International Federation of Robotics, an industry body, worldwide sales of robots increased by 31% in 2017.  With all the noise around AI and robotics these days, you'd think this is a great time to be a company that makes robots. And in many ways, it is.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

Practically Perfect PA

My first true events project was for an internal communications conference and summer party for 200 people. Being a personal or executive assistant is a career in itself, with the right drive and ambition you can carve out a highly rewarding working life as an invaluable support resource.

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Nikola Tesla: Man Who Defeated The Prediction Fate

Dumb Little Man

Prediction: “Present wireless receiving apparatus will be scrapped for much simpler machines; static and all forms of interference will be eliminated, so that innumerable transmitters and receivers may be operated without interference.

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How AI Will Make Workflow Easier for Marketers in 2019

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Internal Communication. One of the more tedious parts of any marketer’s day is creating and writing internal communication. Then, it can use that information to present the visitor with what he or she is more likely to interact and engage with.

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The 2019 Top Tech Events to Attend for Your Business

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For any company that either runs their own internal servers or operates data centers to provide hosting or related services to customers, this is a key convention. It is led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and features leading presenters and speakers from across the UK.

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Top 10 Reasons For Learning R Programming For Beginners

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Having a supportive community is not only good for helping you tackle problems but it also presents you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. In the present data-savvy world, the importance of data visualization has reached new frontiers.

2019 205

How Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Sleep and Health

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It responds to light and darkness, making it your body’s 24-hour internal clock that regulates sleep and alertness. Circadian rhythm is regulated by small nuclei presented in the hypothalamus of a living organism’s brain.

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13 Steps to Problem Solving for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

They can be as small as a printer jam or as big as your executive’s international trip is turning into a disaster due to bad weather. Consider how you will present this information to those involved: communication style; format (verbal, written); timing.

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3 Actionable Steps To Help You Overcome Fears

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever not delivered a presentation even though you knew it would bring amazing benefits to you? Trying to hide part of yourself from yourself is only going to lead to more internal complexities occurring. See Also: Overcome Your Fear of Making a Presentation.

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How Building Your Personal Brand Can Affect Your Job Prospects

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External and Internal Personal Branding. Too Much Internal. Answer: Both are important but you don’t have to present them together at the same time. Question 2: Do you include some hobbies, interests or passions with your business qualifications so you present as well-rounded and personable? You may not realize it but you’re already building your personal brand.

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Career development for Assistants: 5 common problems and how to solve them

Practically Perfect PA

Try saying that you want to develop your skills and presenting your manager with clear options to choose from, rather than leaving them with a vague idea of what you want. See also if internal and external PA networks have evening seminars and other networking opportunities available.

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Ten tips for organising a business trip to… Geneva

Practically Perfect PA

There are lots of conventions, international events and business meetings taking place in the relatively small city so hotels do tend to be expensive and are fully booked most weeks. Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires.

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