May, 2012

Social CRM: An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Customers Rock!

Social Media CRM, or Social CRM, is getting a lot of air time these days. But where does it fit? Today’s post is by Laurie Shook. Laurie is a technology marketer creating solutions that help people communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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Seven Lessons to Reboot Your Life

Dumb Little Man

In 2008, I was like most dynamic women: running on life’s treadmill, overbooking myself, pursuing all my passions at once. Trying to “live my best life” almost stole it from me. I almost died from a brain aneurysm. My husband found me on the floor, collapsed and unconscious.

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What Makes a Great Leader?

On The Job

I've interviewed many leaders over the years, and the one thing that comes up consistently is that great managers don't have to use a bunch of fancy voodoo to motivate or inspire workers.

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Grim Job Market Continues for Young Americans

Small Business Labs

Although the overall labor market continues to improve, there isn't a lot of good job news for young Americans.  The Economic Policy Institute's The Class of 2012 lays out how the job situation is for those 25 and younger.

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Triple the Results You Get from Live Conferences and Events

Productive & Organized

Live conferences are a fantastic way to gain actionable knowledge for your business, rekindle former relationships and make new relationships.    They also represent a significant investment in time and money. Yet, many people don't take advantage of the investment like they could.

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How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Annoying Others

On The Job

I participate in several LinkedIn groups, and one question that caught my eye the other day was whether journalists should have a blog as a way to promote their personal brand.

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6-Step Checklist for a Successful Sales System

Office Organization Success

So, your brand-new product or program is all ready to go. You’ve done all the hard work in creating it and getting it ready to sell on your website; the one job that remains to be done is to actually get it out there so your clients can purchase it … you need a Sales System!

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50 Tips on How to Write Good

Daily Writing Tips

The contents of this post are an alphabetical arrangement of two lists that have been circulating among writers and editors for many years. In case you have missed out all this time, I’m sharing here the wit and wisdom of the late New York Times language maven William Safire and advertising executive and copywriter Frank LaPosta Visco. A writer must not shift your point of view. Always pick on the correct idiom. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake. Always be sure to finish what.

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Are You Media Social?

Job Advice Blog

Many people don’t realize how different from the job search of today is from the job search of not even too many years ago. Many others find it difficult to learn about today’s different kind of search and therefore shove the issue to their back burner, planning to deal with it later—if they do at [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund Career Consulting Career Development career management interview Job Search Social Media

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Lithium’s Customer Heroes

Customers Rock!

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Triathlon

Dumb Little Man

Triathlons can be intimidating. The mere mention of one conjures up images of genetically perfect athletes speeding through race segments so fast that they're blurry. Fortunately, you don't have to be a genetic freak in order to be able to run your first triathlon.

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Asking the Right Question Could Be a Career-Booster

On The Job

I was recently with family who had several young children. It was fascinating to watch how curious they were about everything. It seems every sentence started with "why" or "how."

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Migration from Mexico Stalls

Small Business Labs

According to a study from Pew Research , between 2005 and 2010 more people moved from the U.S. to Mexico than the other way around.  The chart below is from Pew.       This reverses a long term trend of large numbers of legal and undocumented Mexicans moving to the U.S.

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7 Great Websites for Writers

Daily Writing Tips

From usual suspects to obscure gems, from grammar guides to usage resources, here are some websites of great value to writers: 1. You may have heard of this website — a good place, I understand, to find books (or anything else manufactured). But what I appreciate even more is the “Search inside this book” link under the image of the book cover on most pages in the Books section.

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No room for weenies

The Small Business Blog

No use complaining Keep up won’t you? There’s no room for weenies in the global micro enterprise community. My hapless and hopeless UK agent, Tony Robinson OBE, sent me a press clipping of what Serena Williams said after winning the Madrid Open last week. He’s obsessed by how Serena and Venus have raised the game,…

2012 40

How to Choose "Affect" or "Effect"

Business Writing

People in business writing classes have been asking for ways to know whether affect or effect is correct. Here are my best tips for choosing the appropriate word. If you are choosing a noun, your correct choice will be effect. Frequently Asked Questions Grammar and Usage Teaching Business Writing

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How to Focus When You’re Juggling Lots of Different Tasks

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever noticed that the times when you really need to focus are the times when it’s toughest? On days when you have far too much to do — an overflowing inbox, meetings to prepare for, chores to complete — it’s easy to end up darting from one task to the next, never making any real headway. When you’ve got a lot to juggle, you need a battle plan.

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How to Get Along Better With Your Boss

On The Job

I thought the manager’s face would explode. I was at lunch with a high level finance executive the other day when his cell phone rang. He looked at the number displayed on the screen and his face turned beet red – I think I even saw a couple of purple splotches mixed in.

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Mastering Project Management - Webinar

Office Dynamics

View this online. Find the best way to manage your projects – without letting them manage you! Mastering Project Management. A New Interactive Webinar from. Business Management Daily. Wednesday, May 23 * 1:00 - 2:15 PM Eastern Time. We all manage projects from time to time. But just because you manage a project, does that make you a project manager? True project management professionals know the steps to take – and the steps to AVOID – for perfect projects every time.

How to get your Employee’s to be Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

You have decided to make a big work decision and go green. That means you have taken the time to turn your office into an office that tries it’s hardest not to harm the earth. You know it’s a great decision but you may have a hard time convincing your employees otherwise.

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Top 5 Tips for Selling Online

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Let people know the story behind your business. Many people support small businesses purely because of the people who are in charge of them and knowing about the struggles they go through …

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Top 7 Gmail Tips and Tricks

Small Business CEO

As a loyal Gmail user for many years, I have watched Google’s golden child evolve into an incredibly efficient and functional interface.

How To Use Food To Keep Off Of The Energy Roller Coaster

Dumb Little Man

Does this sound like your day?

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If you're a student, what you should be doing this summer

On The Job

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Building a business culture to deliver the best customer service

Service Untitled

A strong business culture that is aligned with superior business goals outperforms their competitors by light years. These are the organizations who have figured out how to delight their customers and even make them smile.

Offices Going to the Dogs

Small Business Labs

For the 2nd week in a row , we have story on dogs.  Workforce's Pet Projects (registration required) covers the growing trend of employers letting employees bring pets to work, especially dogs.   The article says pets in the office reduce stress and increase employee loyalty.

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Bottom Up

The Small Business Blog

Keep up won’t you – most websites that promote ‘how to successfully start and run your own business’ are sponsored by big companies and government bodies and written by people that are in jobs and have never started their own business. The advice is so yesterday. It is stuff from antiquity that belongs in a…

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Ghana – A Community Devastated by E-waste

Eco-Office Gals

Few things can galvanize a neighborhood quite like trash. It’s a classic community problem—everyone creates lots of garbage on a daily basis, but no one wants a trash dump next to their neighborhood, or anywhere near them for that matter.

2012 50

How to Make Each Day a Downhill Stroll Instead of an Uphill Struggle

Dumb Little Man

Back in college, I came across a life-changing personal development concept. It made an immediate difference to my academic work – and it’s still something that helps me every day.

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How To Deal With Negativity at Work

On The Job

Sometimes there is nothing more irritating than those trite phrases like “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” When you’re having a tough time in life, your first inclination may be to tell those full of such homespun logic to go suck a lemon.

2012 39

How to keep your customers from leaving you

Service Untitled

A surprisingly high statistic from the Research Institute of America (RIA) states an average business will never hear a word from 96 percent of their unhappy customers whose complaints range from poor service, rudeness, to discourteous treatment.

2012 34

What to Do When You Hit Your Writing Wall

Men With Pens

“Are you sitting down?” asked my agent. “Oh Oh good grief, just tell me,” I said, not only not sitting down, but breaking out in goosebumps and hating the sound of my cracking voice. And when had I started wringing my hands? My scream of triumph just about shattered the library. I didn’t care.

2012 47

Are you and your customers using the same language to find each other?

The Small Business Blog

Have you tried to find yourself lately? Now, that’s not meant to be soul-searching philosophical question. What I mean by the question is, have you considered what your customers are really looking for recently? How would they describe what they are looking for? Does it match with your description of yourself, your business and the…

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Do You Look Like a Writer?

Daily Writing Tips

Did you read under the covers with a flashlight late into the night when you were a child? Have you been methodically working your way through the Great Works of Literature since the onset of puberty (or, if you were properly precocious, before)? Do you seek out and absorb the advice and insights of authors past and present? Me neither.

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