Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

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Where would you be without your administrative assistant? This coming Administrative Professionals Day I want to challenge you when it comes to thinking about a gift. If you truly value your administrative assistant, I want to challenge you to think beyond flowers and lunch.

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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A message from Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International: Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! For decades I have said being an administrative or executive assistant is a Career of Choice. The post Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Office Dynamics

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all the wonderful executive assistants, administrative assistants, secretaries, administrators and all support staff who support the management team!

A Story of Inspiration for all Administrative Professionals

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Gillie attended my World Class Assistant certification and designation course in Las Vegas many years ago. I was impressed with Gillie the minute she walked in the meeting room as she was polished, professional, and friendly. CWCA stands for Certified World Class Assistant.

Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day

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Finding the perfect gift for your administrative assistant can be a daunting task since flowers and lunch no longer cut it. Today’s executive or administrative assistant wants a gift that is long-lasting. In fact, thousands of administrative assistants will never attend an in-depth training program, conference, or take an online course because his or her company won’t pay for it. ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS WEEK IS APRIL 24 – 28, 2017.

Administrative Professionals Day is Just Around the Corner

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Administrative Professionals Week and Day will soon be upon us. Here at Office Dynamics, we love to celebrate administrative professionals of all walks of life in a big way. Be sure to purchase books that are pertinent to the administrative profession.

Certification Programs for Administrative Professionals

Jen Lawrence

Whether you’re an administrative professional looking for a way to validate your skill set or a manager looking to contribute to your admin’s professional development ( thank you, thank you, thank you ), certification is the perfect step. World Class Assistant.

World Class Assistant Certificate Program for Administrative Professionals

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Congratulations to another world-class group of assistants who recently graduated from the World Class Assistant Certificate Program in Las Vegas, Nevada! World Class Assistant Certificate Program. An amazing and inquisitive group spent two and a half wonderful days with Joan Burge as they learned the World Class Assistant program.

Travel Tips for Your Administrative Professionals Conference or Training Event

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I have been hosting the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence for 19 years. I also host a high-end training program for executive assistants and administrative assistants called World Class Assistant , in Las Vegas. Be assertive in a professional fashion.

Administrative Professionals Conference or Training Event Travel Tips

Office Dynamics

I have been hosting the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence for 19 years. I also host a high-end training program for executive assistants and administrative assistants called World Class Assistant , in Las Vegas. Be assertive in a professional fashion.

Monday Motivators: School Is Never Out for the Career-Minded Administrative Professional

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And while I am the “teacher” in the classroom training administrative assistants and executive assistants, I learn as much from them as they do from me. Look into a class for fall. Happy Monday! I am very excited about this week as it is the beginning of my birthday week. I love birthdays and I am especially grateful that I have lived another year. One thing I have embraced since I was a child is learning. I have been a “sponge” my entire life.

Enlarge Your Presence

Office Dynamics

I am just coming back to the office this week after an incredible week of teaching World Class Assistant to some amazing ladies. It was four full-days of learning and these assistants were hungry to achieve their certification and WCA Certified designation.

2016 176

I am proud to be an “EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT…because miracle worker is not a job title”!

Office Dynamics

I’ve been a professional assistant my entire life. Wow, an organization that was actually focused on administrative professionals! The most exciting part was finding out about the opportunity to gain a certification showing that I was a World Class Assistant !!

2016 193

Secretary vs Assistant – do they think differently?

Office Dynamics

Do secretaries actually think differently than business professionals? Are people with the title “secretary” viewed differently than people with the titles “administrative assistant” or “executive assistant”? it can be a big thing in how non-administrative professionals view the role.

2015 262

Time For Administrative Professionals To Stay Vigilant!

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Even if you are a Trump supporter, you cannot deny that our new President ran his entire campaign exhibiting Class A, typecast bully behavior. No professional can operate with blinders on. This is my challenge to all admin professionals for 2017 Admin Professionals Week : Now is the time to dial up your professional selves. The post Time For Administrative Professionals To Stay Vigilant! What if you had Donald Trump as a boss?

Today’s Administrative Assistant Has Power

Office Dynamics

For the first time in history, the administrative professional’s job description hints at the full engagement of cognitive powers. As an administrative or executive assistant, your power will come from your brilliance! Several years ago at the Office Dynamics Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence , we had 249 assistants collaborate on how an assistant could add more value at work when he or she is already adding value.

2017 186

Tips for Planning Someone Else’s Travel

Office Dynamics

Planning travel for others is no simple matter and administrative professionals know this better than anyone else! When picking between airlines, start with the basics: preferred airlines and flight class.

Travel 223

Three Ways To Be A Career Assistant

Office Dynamics

We can address your questions about the administrative profession and get your insights in the process. World Class Assistant Certificate Program , September 2016. Conference for Administrative Excellence (The Revolutionary Assistant), October 2016.

2016 178

Interacting with the World and Work

Office Dynamics

During a class I was teaching, a high-level executive assistant that I admire said to her peers, “At our company, we insulate ourselves. This executive assistant is a seasoned professional with 25+ years of experience in the administrative profession.

2018 210

Avoid Burnout by Creating Your Own Utopia

Office Dynamics

Unfortunately, burnout is real, it’s draining, emotional, stressful and typically affects both professional and personal lives. As an administrative professional for the past 20 plus years, I have learned how important it is to avoid burnout in one of the largest career fields in the world.

2018 180

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Proactive Professional with Chrissy Scivicque

Office Dynamics

Watch the Replay: The Proactive Professional with Chrissy Scivicque. Download Your Certificate of Attendance: Certificate-Of-Attendance-The Proactive Professional. Why do you think it’s important for administrative professionals to be proactive?

2016 170

Executive Assistants Celebrate Your Peers’ Success! [Admin Recognition]

Office Dynamics

Far too often, administrative professionals have a reputation of displaying jealousy. It means when a peer comes to you and says, “I am so excited; I achieved the completion of an entire 8-week class.” Why not tell your administrative peers how much you appreciate them?

2016 143

BIG Self-Improvement…Commit to One Learning Event

Office Dynamics

I have been in the adult education/learning/training business for 24 years, mostly working with administrative professionals of all walks of life. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard an assistant tell me she or he is too busy to attend a class.

2014 130

Tactfully Voicing Your Opinion In The Workplace

Office Dynamics

Today I am focusing on tactfully voicing your opinion, which is another topic I cover in our World Class Assistant Certification course. You want to maintain professionalism and have the receiver be open to your suggestions or views. Come see me live in Chicago for Administrative Professionals Week! I hope you had a great week last week and were able to apply the tips I had for communicating with people from different generations.

2017 170

Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Office Dynamics

Many times in my live workshops and seminars for executive and administrative assistants, I ask the participant to create a list of qualities, attributes, and attitudes of star-performing assistants. I recently came across this list from one of my classes and wanted to share it.

2015 223

Free Webinar Teaches You How to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

Office Dynamics

As we celebrate 25 years in business we’re offering a free webinar each month for administrative professionals to continue their skill development and learn more about who we are and what we offer the administrative profession. How administrative assistants can be heard. •

2015 216

4 Ways to Increase Professional Effectiveness

Office Dynamics

I spend a lot of my time in the training room with administrative professionals all over the country, I am often taken by the words of wisdom that are shared by the savvy assistants in my classes.

2016 161

Peer Synergy: 5 Powerhouse Strategies For Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. An Administrative Team enjoying a formal event together. What are the qualities of a great administrative team?

2015 176

How to Optimize Your Career By Utilizing Your Talents

Office Dynamics

Optimization is like administrative skills and attitudes on steroids (in a good way!). I have all the tools and answers to help administrative professionals be successful. Have you taken classes this year that advance your skills? Love your career.

2016 170

How to Become A Valuable Employee

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge, a renowned author and administrative expert, is the creator of the Star Achievement Series®, World Class Assistant™ Certificate Program, more than 40 customized workshops and seminars for administrative professionals and author of several books.

2015 145

5 Ways To Amplify Your Personal Brand

Office Dynamics

Take a class at a local university. You should be able to answer these 2 questions: A company would hire you (or promote you) over another event professional because? Judi is an expert on personal branding who helps professionals learn how to expand their network, embrace fear and get a competitive edge. Judi will be speaking at our 24th Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence in October. “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure.

2017 145

For Immediate Release: Experience the Extraordinary

Office Dynamics

Young, fresh, with a new bold look, our website offers haute style for up and coming executive assistants and administrative professionals! Learning Professionals – Sure-fit resources for administrative professionals will have a positive impact.

2014 151

7 Tips for Executive Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive

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97% of administrative professionals are female. Many executive and administrative assistants will ask, “When do you need this?” Benefits of Attending the World Class Assistant Certificate Program (as shared by course participants). Do you want to be more assertive?

2020 Training Opportunities for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

And in honor of our 30- Year Anniversary, we are offering more administrative courses, cities, and dates. Here’s what we have in store for administrative professionals in 2020: Joan’s 30 Year Anniversary Tour – Timeless Skills for Assistants.

2020 194

Love What You Do

Office Dynamics

It has not been an easy journey, especially since I started a niche business of specialized training for administrative professionals of every title, age, and experience level. Over these 29 years, I have met tens of thousands of administrative professionals.

2019 207

Executive Assistants –Developing Your “Wow” Factor

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It has nothing to do with your title or pay grade; it’s about who you are as a professional. They are World Class Assistants. Refine Your Professional Style Your physical presence is a big part of the wow factor. Some executive assistants have it. Some executive assistants don’t.

2019 231

Emotional Intelligence for Administrative Assistants

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In our World Class Assistant course, we cover this topic and participants work on real work world case studies. I reference Daniel Goleman for my classes and want to share this with you. I have grown to love speaking on and teaching assistants about emotional intelligence.

2019 228

Travel Planning for Others – Putting Yourself in Your Traveler’s Shoes

Practically Perfect PA

Features like living itineraries, trip approval emails, and traveler profiles will help all administrative professionals plan travel more efficiently and totally rock the travel planner hat. Many administrative professionals are responsible for organising travel for an entire team.

Travel 201

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Assistants – Fully Utilize Your Talents—Optimization

Office Dynamics

Optimization is like administrative skills and attitudes on steroids (in a good way!). I have all the tools and answers to help administrative professionals be successful. have you taken classes this year that advance your skills? How will administrative roles change?

2019 143

Leading Certification Provider for Executive and Administrative Assistants Cites Top HR Trends, Celebrates 24th Year

Office Dynamics

Founded by CEO Joan Burge, Office Dynamics International reached its 24th year of providing the most trusted certification and training systems for peak performance of administrative professionals. The first trend is the understanding that executive productivity relies on skillful administrative support. Increasingly, best-in-class organizational productivity programs are now positioning the certification and training of executive assistants as a critical component.

2014 176

Executive Assistants That Want To Go Above And Beyond But How? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

This is where the administrative assistant and executive assistant can submit any question they have and their peers will answer the question based on their previous experience. So, executive assistants and administrative assistants from around the world, let’s help each other out! About Ask an Admin: Ask an Admin will be a weekly post on our blog that presents a question that you or a fellow administrative professional submitted to us.

2019 178

Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team

Office Dynamics

We have received numerous requests from assistants for permission to view our recorded or live webinars with their administrative peers or team. Here’s some advice on how you can make training for your administrative team fun.