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5 Ways to End Unnecessary Stress

Dumb Little Man

Do you feel stress every day and often at unexpected times? For example, you are at an office job or just doing daily routine tasks (nothing dangerous or frightening) and your heart is racing and you are sweating way too much. You may have a deadline but nothing life-threatening.

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Booking a chartered flight for your boss

Practically Perfect PA

Assistantsworking for private households or individuals will often have the task of organising business trips and holidays.

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Boost Your Success by Improving Your Speaking Skills

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Boost Your Success by Improving Your Speaking Skills appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Success in public speaking can open a world of opportunity for you. It can broaden your horizons through personal development, influence, and advances in your profession.

2014 232

The New Entrepreneurial Mindset

Small Business Labs

The economy is clearly changing and to better understand these changes Emergent Research (that's us) and Intuit partnered on a year long study examining these shifts, the trends driving them and their impact on the small business economy.

2014 215

Stop Trying To Change Who You Are!

Dumb Little Man

Can a fixation on self-improvement actually be a form of self-bashing? It’s a counter-intuitive idea, but sometimes when we think we are trying to improve ourselves, we are really just trash talking ourselves. The internet is surging with self-improvement tips, articles, books, speakers, etcetera.

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Apps to help with client entertainment in London

Practically Perfect PA

Helping your boss organise client entertainment can be a tricky task, particularly if the client is incredibly important to your organisation and your boss has to pull out all the stops to impress them.

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Where Should You Start Building Your Business Online?

Tips From T. Marie

In my an earlierpost I talked about businesses making the mistake of ignoring the increasing use of mobile devices. Even those businesses who understand the need to build a presence online often get overwhelmed at the starting point.

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Getting Over Depression: 8 Everyday Things That Help

Dumb Little Man

Depression is that feeling that makes you unable to recognize the reflection staring at you in the mirror. You feel so heavy like a big rock is placed on your head. Your whole body is stiff like you are bound in some invisible chains. Your eyes are wide open, but your view is blurry.

2014 285

One Aldwych, London

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve spent many eveningsenjoying cocktails in the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych. From bad first dates with inappropriate men, to pre-theatre drinks and post-theatre drinks, to hours spent putting the world to rights with best friends.

2014 191

How To Easily Put Tasks On A Calendar

Simple Productivity Blog

This article will show you how to show one of your Remember The Milk lists on your Google calendar. The post How To Easily Put Tasks On A Calendar appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

BI Forecast: Beacons Will Change Retail

Small Business Labs

The ability to provide real-time, location-specific, personalized data delivered straight to a customer's smartphone has long been considered the holy grail of location-based marketing. 

2014 196

Lessons From The Checkout Line

Dumb Little Man

Contrary to popular stereotypes, as a man there are a few chores I really enjoy. Its probably due to my mother making it a point to have us all up on Saturday morning with music blasting, food cooking and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

2014 282

It???s My Birthday. Am I Too Old for Tech?

Tips From T. Marie

Today I turn 51 years old. Some would say that makes me too old to be actively making a living working in tech. Its true that the tech world does seem to be dominated by young people. I think thats great, it means tech has a great future. But does it mean that there is no place in tech for those of us with a few more candles on our cake? Some of us, me included, have been dabbling with computers since DOS was the operating system. We remember Windows 3.1

2014 144

Re-inspire Yourself this Fall!

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. The fall is nearly upon us, and sure – this is the time of year when the air cools down, the sun sets earlier, and we prepare for the dormant winter season. But in business, fall is also a time of new beginnings.

2014 141

TJ McCue's Excellent 3D Printing Adventure

Small Business Labs

TJ McCue is crisscrossing the country in a an RV exploring the world of 3D printing. How cool is that!

2014 195

Seven Things You Need to Know About Writing for the Web ??? Whatever Your Job

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever read a web page, blog post, Facebook update or email that was just plain bad? Perhaps it was riddled with mistakes  or perhaps it was full of jargon, badly structured, or otherwise difficult to read.

2014 275

Interview With a VA: Nicole Paull

Virtual Moxie

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Paull, who is a talented CPVA (Certified Professional Virtual Assistant), and, I''m proud to say, has been my Virtual Assistant and utterly-treasured right-hand for the past 4+ years. I hope you enjoy the interview and getting to know her!

2014 195

How to Establish Trust in a Virtual Workplace

On The Job

Research shows that our conscious brains can handle about 40 bits of information a second. While that may sound like quite a bit, consider the fact that our unconscious minds can handle 11 million bits of information per second  and 10 million bits of that can be visual data.

2014 186

New Productivity Forms: August 2014

Simple Productivity Blog

With summer coming to an end, I am reminded that the ocean is a stone''s throw away. I don''t necessarily take the opportunities that are always available, and I want to spend more time with sand between my toes. The post New Productivity Forms: August 2014 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog.

2014 172

Determination – Business Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed.” ” – Booker T. Washington Get talking to any entrepreneur and they will tell you all about the things they had to do to get where they… Read the full article here: Determination – Business Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Quotations Business Quotes determination

2014 165

Hard-won Wisdom For Healing Hurt Feelings

Virtual Moxie

Megan wrote to say: "I recently had a situation where a.doc I was working on with a client went out to some of her people without having had the tracked changes accepted. The recipients whose Word settings show markup saw it. My error, to be sure, and I corrected it as soon as we became aware of it.

2014 189

How to fearlessly pitch and sell without feeling weird

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Your business success demands colossal sales skill. No entrepreneur can avoid it. No matter how it makes you feel, you must be come an expert salesperson. Even startup technologists building software in their code-caves have to persuade investors to sign cheques.

2014 110

Simplifying For Storm Preparation

Simple Productivity Blog

We got hit with our first major storm of the season in July. Living on the coast, tropical formations pose significant threat. Arthur could have been much worse than it was, hitting land about 2 hours south of us. But luckily, we escaped damage.

2014 170

Time Management is You Management

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-06-27 15:20:00. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Here are some helpful hints from Jan Hayner for managing your time , courtesy of the Clutter Control Freak Blog (sponsored by Stacks and Stacks , which has some fab organizing products). These hints are especially helpful for those of you who have a hard time saying no.

Consider Yourself A Leader

Office Dynamics

This question is for you if you’re in an administrative role. Doyou consider yourself a leader? Administrative professionals and executiveassistants often see themselves in their supportroles as being non-leaders. Nothing, however,could be further from the truth!

2014 148

Win a Scholarship to the Best Writing Course for Business Owners

Men With Pens

Each time I prepare for a new session of the Damn Fine Words writing course, I open up the DFW writing contest. Many people tell me they wish they could register for the course, because if they could just get in.

2014 78

Open Loops 8/15/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

2014 125

Spell My Name Right

Daily Writing Tips

“I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” ” No one knows who said it first, but anyone who has ever written for a newspaper or magazine has heard some version of this quotation.

2014 112

BIG Action Begins With An Action Plan

Office Dynamics

This weeks Monday Motivator is written by Jasmine Freeman, Vice President and Chief Executive Assistant to Joan Burge. Hello, Monday Motivators! Joan declared 2014 to be the year of BIG!

2014 130

Exclusive Q&A with Shane Caniglia, CEO of Torn Screen Entertainment and Rich Dad Interactive

Small Business CEO

I’m into gaming and am a big believer that business people can learn better through games. I personally play business strategy games, city building games and biz/finance educational games.

2014 107

How to Launch Your Thing on Time


The following is a guest post by Omar Zenhom. Omar is a life long entrepreneur and educator. He''s the co-founder of an alternative business education called The $100 MBA. Omar attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration with the education system to build The $100 MBA.

2014 99

Reclusion vs. Seclusion

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks to know the difference between  reclusion and seclusion , reclusive and seclusive.. Although synonyms for one another, these words are not interchangeable in every context.

2014 111

Video: What Is Connect Hub?

Brilliantly Better

To make a long story short, this project is just another crazy bet I’m taking against all reasonable odds. It may or it may not … The post Video: What Is Connect Hub? appeared first on Dragos Roua. Business connect hub indiegogo

2014 60

How to Get Your Employees to Like You

Small Business CEO

Business owners and managers worldwide all know there are few things easier in this world than the ability to get your employees to HATE you. In fact, it often requires no effort at all.

2014 104

A Comprehensive Guide to Podcasting Productivity


With Podcast Movement starting up this weekend, I took some to step back and look at my workflow that I''ve used to deliver podcasts on a regular basis over the past six years.

2014 90

Convicted Felon

Daily Writing Tips

A person who commits a felony is called a felon. A felony is a serious crime; what constitutes a felony differs from state to state, but in every state, crimes fall into three categories: infractions , misdemeanors , and felonies. Infraction.

2014 110

Four Keys To Improved Subscriber Journey With Progressive Profiling

Denise Aday

See on – Email Marketing Virtual Assistant. “Four Keys To Improved Subscriber Journey With Progressive Profiling” by Chad White. Denise Aday ‘s insight: Mind you, this is not “profiling” in the creepy, surreptitiously snooping and following you around the web so we can classify you kind of way. Rather much more respectfully and transparently, asking your subscribers directly about themselves and how you can serve them better — if they would like that.

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