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How AI Will Make Workflow Easier for Marketers in 2019

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We’re not going to suddenly see a robot takeover in 2019. However, we will see the continued improvement and application of artificial intelligence in marketing.

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The Rise of the "Elite Expert Segment of the Gig Economy"

Small Business Labs

How To Be A Rock Star In The Elite Expert Segment Of The Gig Economy is an interesting white paper from The Luxury Institute, which claims to be "the world's most trusted luxury and premium goods and services consulting firm." " The Luxury Institute is an expert network firm.

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Five tips for keeping a meeting on track

Practically Perfect PA

You know those meetings that go on and on forever with no agenda, no purpose and no end? Yup, we’ve all been there, and we all know how much of a waste of time these meetings can be. Often, they can be a phone call or an email, and they never require everyone in the […].

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Can Your Writing Pass This Test? Take It to Find Out.

Business Writing

It's easy to fall into bad writing habits at work. Sometimes it's because we are racing. Sometimes it's because we have read enough swollen sentences, obscure acronyms, and endless messages to lower our standards. And sometimes we write on autopilot.

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How To Protect Yourself From The Internet Of Things

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For nearly every internet user, security is a top priority. These days, it’s second nature to proceed with caution online. We are always careful to never share and reuse passwords, we log out of our accounts on shared computers, and are quick to dismiss malicious spam emails.

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Can Traditional Employment Match the Flexibility of Independent Work?

Small Business Labs

We've long found in our research that having work flexibility, autonomy and control are key reasons people become and like being independent workers (freelancers, contractors, self-employed, etc.). 

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7 Environmentally-friendly Ideas Every Business Should Employ

Eco-Office Gals

“All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney. The ultimate goal of every business is to achieve success, and success is nothing but financial benefits and positive public perception.

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Top 3 DIY Website Tricks That Can Save Your Startup Money

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Starting a startup is certainly an exciting entrepreneurial endeavor. You are ready to bring your vision to life via an innovative solution you can monetize. However, the startup journey does have a few associated costs.

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The Staffing Industry Analysts on the Gig Economy and Cloud Labor

Small Business Labs

The Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) recently released their U.S. Gig Economy - 2018 Edition report. They found that about 48 million Americans are in the gig economy, which is 31% of the workforce. They also found about 13.7 million Americans are human cloud workers. 

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7 Environmentally-friendly Ideas Every Business Should Employ

Eco-Office Gals

“All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney. The ultimate goal of every business is to achieve success, and success is nothing but financial benefits and positive public perception.

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Tips for the Tourist in All of Us: The Savvy Admin’s Guide to Travel!

Office Dynamics

I have been hosting the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence for 25 years. I also host a high-end training program for executive assistants and administrative assistants called World Class Assistant , in Las Vegas.

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Should You Consider Working In A Co-Working Space?

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Nowadays, things are changing rapidly- people’s lifestyle, work culture, and working environment. This changing era gave birth to co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are very different from the traditional office culture. They are much more engaging, employee-friendly, and cost-effective.

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We Know We're Rude With Our Phones -- But We Don't Do Anything About It

On The Job

When cellphones first made their appearance, workplace advice columnists like myself advised that bosses and co-workers became annoyed when a worker used it at work.

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The Basic Language And Know-How For Creating A Website

Eco-Office Gals

Technology is enhancing the way people socialize, work, and operate their business. The use of a website can be beneficial to your small or large business. A professional website will introduce your business or brand to millions of new viewers. In fact, a website can be used as a marketing tool.

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Having an assistant

Laughing all the Way to Work

Recently, my sister (a long-time assistant) retired. We were doing some work together and because she knew how busy I was at work, she immediately took over and started to do the small tasks she knew I didn't have time to do. I appreciated all over again how nice it can be to have an assistant, and not only just an assistant, but a very experienced one. I didn't have to worry about a thing because I knew she was taking care of it. It took a real burden off my shoulders.

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11 Highly-Effective Tips on How to Burn Fat Fast And Naturally

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Excess fat can be a nuisance, especially if it’s around your belly area. It can make you feel too conscious of your appearance and it can increase your risk for serious health problems. If you have a very busy schedule, staying in shape can be difficult.

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Productivity Hacks Are Distractions, Not Helps

Simple Productivity Blog

True productivity isn't about shaving off time. It's not about the notebooks, the software, the pens or the stickers. But people, including myself, are always looking for a better way. The problem is that productivity hacks are distractions.

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5 Things to Take Off Your Resume Right Now

On The Job

It can be daunting to write a resume. First, it's a lot of work. Second, you're never sure what to include or omit on a resume -- what if an employer really does care that you have a Goldendoodle?

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Podcast 103: Focus and daydreaming

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 103. In episode 93 I talked about focus and hyperfocus. This time I’ll go into detail about the perils of not focusing and what you can do about it. We’ll start with a quotation. All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” That was written by Blaise Pascal in the 1600’s but it’s even more relevant now.

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5 Little-Known Steps To Get Over A Painful Breakup

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Life is already difficult. Let’s try and make it a little less complicated and happier. Let me start with something you would want to hear in a difficult time like this, okay?

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7 Examples of Incorrect Punctuation with Quotation Marks

Daily Writing Tips

This post points out common errors committed when reporting what has been said or written. Each example is followed by a discussion of the problem and a revision that provides a solution. She pointed out that, “Speed matters — the faster an organization learns, the faster it evolves.”.

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Shrinking your schedule is ironically the key to staying focused and effective

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Brownian Motion – and seriously, bear with me here – is the theory of molecular science that explains why particles in a gas will distribute themselves to evenly fill any container they occupy. . These are the fancy science words for describing complex probabilistic math that’s baked into the laws of physics… which makes gases in a container spread out as much as they can , until the gas is distributed as diffusely as possible throughout the container. . (I I told you to bear with me!).

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How to Pitch Your New Business Perfectly

Small Business CEO

There’s no denying we’re operating in a challenging business climate. Competition is healthy, but to stand out from the crowd and nail new business opportunities, you’ve got to do your homework.

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Impression Management Strategies: Are You Responding to Your Failing Business?

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“I think the best companies are those that can recognize when something isn’t going right, and fix it, instead of just turning a blind eye because it’s easier.” — Ben Lerer. You’ve got an awesome idea and a sleek brand.

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48 Writing Prompts for Middle School Kids

Daily Writing Tips

Are you stuck for something to write about? Or are you looking for prompts to use in the classroom? These prompts are aimed at middle school students (roughly age 11 – 14) – but younger or older writers might enjoy trying them as well.

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Here’s Why Business Cards Are Still Useful

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With the advancement of technology, some may argue that business cards, such as an embossed business card, are starting to become obsolete. They take up a lot of space in your wallet and pocket space which can be used for more valuable things, like gum or memorable tickets.

?How Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Hit My Diet Goals

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A few years ago, my body wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I wanted to lose quite a bit of weight. So, I tried monitoring my portions, counting calories, cutting out certain foods, and exercising like crazy. Unfortunately, nothing worked. I wasn’t getting any closer to attaining my weight loss goals. It was frustrating, to say the least. Then, one day as I was pumping iron at the gym I overheard someone talking about intermittent fasting and the incredible gains that came with it. I was intrigued.

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4 Risks All Workers Are Most Frequently Exposed to Working in Construction

Small Business CEO

America’s landscape is changing. While natural disasters are partially responsible for the transformations taking place, manmade alterations are primary factors here as well. New homes and commercial buildings are continually going up across the nation.

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3 Reasons you should Consider Working with a Social Media Agency

Small Business CEO

Social media is by far one of the simplest and most cost-effective marketing strategies you could use for your brand. It’s also one of the most difficult to master. Not only that, but many business owners still don’t seem to see it as a valid marketing tool for some strange reason.

How to Make Your Business Popular Online

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When it comes to running a business successfully these days, you have to have a strong online presence. Maybe, in the past, having a great ad campaign on billboards and mailed out to customers was enough, but now, having a great website and a strong social media presence makes a huge difference.

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Snail Mail Or Email: The Benefits Of Hand-Delivered Correspondence

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Since the beginning of time, people have developed and honed their ability to communicate with each other in written form. Those early pictures and symbols etched in stone developed into a readable alphabet which later turned into writing on early forms of paper.

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How Small Business Owners can Use Online Writing Services to Build Their Personal Brand

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Roy Spence rightly said that what you stand for matters more than what you sell. Every organization has a brand identity. If you don’t give it much attention, then it will be a lame one; but every company is inevitably going to have a personality.

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4 Skills Entrepreneurs Must Cultivate

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Entrepreneurs are those who ideate, design, implement, and launch a business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but those looking to take the leap would benefit from working to develop a set of skills that can help them succeed. Here are four skills all entrepreneurs must cultivate.

Intranet Tools Are a Secret Weapon For Employee Retention in Healthcare

Small Business CEO

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How to Get a Corporate Venture Capitalist to Invest in Your Innovation

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After years of hesitation, corporations are entering the world of venture capitalism. Their contributions are increasing steadily with the number of active corporate investors tripling from 2011 to 2016. In fact, 75 of the Fortune 100 companies are now participating in venture capital investing.

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Small Business When Going Through a Divorce

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While running a business in and of itself can be challenging, this task can become even more difficult if you have personal issues that are bleeding over into your professional life.

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Side Hustles to Help Meet Debt Payments and Get Out of Debt

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Debt relief is more than just controlling your spending – finding ways to further improve your income can be just as important. A recent survey has found that the average American with a secondary source of income earns about $8,000 extra per year.

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