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6 Tips to Stay Sane During Quarantine

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An unprecedented global health crisis has forced many countries to implement quarantine and lockdown protocols to contain its spread. Because of this, people are left to stay at home for longer periods of time than they could ever imagine.

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Getting A Kindle Book List From Amazon

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I've been buying Amazon books since 2009. That's a whole lot of books. And while writing a recent article on backlogs, I realized that I have built up a huge backlog of unread books on my Kindle. How many, exactly? Well, there's no easy way to tell.

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The U.S. Has 1.7 Million VanLifers

Small Business Labs

VanLifers are people who travel, work and live on the road in vans, RVs, and other vehicles.    And according to the recently released MBO Partners research study on digital nomads , there are about 1.7 million VanLifers roaming the country.

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5 Personal Board Ideas for Trello

Jen Lawrence

When we think about task management tools, we consider all the ways they can help us work better, faster, more efficiently. But have you ever looked at your favorite tool and considered how you could use it to improve your life ?

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How to Coach Your Brain to Improve Your Mental Strength and Motivation

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Whenever I reflect on my daily actions, I am always impressed to see how easy it is to slip off from my best intentions. It’s as if a part of me is determined to achieve my goals while the other almost finds pleasure in sabotaging them.

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Why Wire Mesh Cable Trays Are Gaining Popularity?

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As structural systems, cable trays secure, fasten and manage the massive bundles of electrical cables traversing buildings and other establishments.

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Academic Studies Show Gig Work Increases Entrepreneurship an Acts as a Safety Net

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Two recent academic studies illustrate several of the benefits of the gig economy.    The University of Chicago Booth Review article Does the gig economy promote entrepreneurship? covers a study showing that gig economy employment helps people make the leap to entrepreneurship and start their own businesses. 

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Connecting with Customers During a Crisis – Notes for the Tech Industry

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Since foot traffic has dropped dramatically due to the pandemic, the corporate arena is facing a great setback. Social distancing, which is beneficial for health safety, has brought many negative impacts for businesses globally. Among several other factors, customer interaction tops the list.

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Top Video Production Companies in Asia

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It’s an understatement to say that video is “increasing in demand” in Asia. It’s gone way past being in demand. Today Asia Pacific viewers alone account for over half the total number of digital video viewers GLOBALLY.

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Learn How to Say "No" at Work

45 Things

When the job market is tough like it is now, it's very difficult to say "no." You don't want to say "no" to a request from a colleague for fear of not being seen as a team player. You don't want to say "no" to a boss for fear of being fired.

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How To Run A Successful Business During a Pandemic

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Whenever a pandemic hits, the business sector is always one of the severely hit economic areas. Businesses will either move to a work-from-home setup, hit pause, or worse, have shut down. As a business owner, how can you make sure that your business sees the pandemic through?

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11 Tips For Truly Memorable And Unforgettable Gifts

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How do you give someone an unforgettable gift? We all have that one person on our list who seems impossible to buy for, but you want to give them something memorable and hopefully even useful.

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3 Key Considerations to Find the Right Private Equity Firm

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Private equity firms are playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses to navigate and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving markets.

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5 Ways to Boost Customer Experience Without Spending More Money

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The customer experience is often considered an intangible, qualitative metric for business owners. However, it has real, quantitative effects on your company. A good customer experience is reflected in your retention rates, your referrals, and increased spending.

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Want to Improve Your Business’ Customer Service? Here’s How

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Improving your customer service has numerous benefits that will benefit your business. Customer loyalty and retention levels will increase over time and this causes a ripple effect that attracts more customers to your brand.

Can You Become a Successful Trader?

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Successful Forex traders work harder from the beginning of their careers. They work smartly and analyze the market a lot. Newbie investors often take greater risks in order to earn more profits, which is not so common among the successful Forex traders.

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4 Things Your Business Needs to Perform Remotely

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Working remotely has never been a universal process for so many people until now.

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Property Insurance Claims Attorney: Why Hire One?

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The days of quick and fair reimbursement of insurance claims are long gone. As far as property insurance goes, you pay a huge amount of money to protect your property and expect to be reasonably reimbursed in full in the event of a claim.

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How Much Personal Loan Can You Get on 30,000 Salary?

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With the ease of borrowing offered by instant personal loans, people from a variety of financial backgrounds can now fund their short term and long term goals with ease. Having said that, the loan amounts offered can vary on the applicant’s monthly income.