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London & Barcelona Have More Than 100 Coworking Spaces

Small Business Labs

The European Coworking Conference site's article The Number of Coworking Spaces Exceeds a Hundred in Some Cities i s fascinating. Regular readers know we follow and do forecasts on the coworking industry. But even we're stunned at how big coworking has become in some places around the world. 

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PA life as I knew it was over……….or was it?

Practically Perfect PA

I was a career PA who worked hard and played hard. I had never had to separate my work life from my personal life as they had merged into one. My colleagues had become my friends, we worked long hours and we enjoyed venting about our days over a glass (ahem, I mean bottle) of wine.

2014 225

Why working hard and doing a good job is NOT (necessarily) a recipe for success

The Small Business Blog

Do you remember that friendly, caring, loving parental advice you received about working hard and doing a good job? I would think most of us have had that talk at some point in our childhood. (If

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Help! My Task List Is Overwhelming!

Simple Productivity Blog

"Help! My to-do list overwhelming! It is too long and I can''t get anything done!". We''ve all been there. We have a task list that has more tasks than we can ever hope to get done today, this week or possibly even this month - and that''s without all the other stuff that comes at us each day.

2014 222

This Can Cost You Thousands in Lost Revenues

Office Organization Success

Happy 4th of July, if you’re in the US! We’re enjoying the long weekend here. And we have a perfect view of the City’s firework display from our back deck.

2014 203

Regaining your mojo after a mistake

Practically Perfect PA

Anyone that has worked in a high pressured job will, at some point in their career, have made a mistake. For those of us that have to multitask, juggle many many different jobs and work for a number of Executives and colleagues the likelihood of making a mistake increases significantly.

2014 218

5 Life Lessons Learned From The World Cup

Dumb Little Man

Sports metaphors for life are a bit cliche, and there wouldn’t be so many of them if there wasn’t something to it. As a large portion of the world comes to a near standstill, celebrating I wanted to take a look at the subtext below the dressing up in our country’s colors, drinking and cheering.

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Book Review: A Good Laugh at Other People’s Mistakes

Business Writing

Just My Typo: From “Sinning With the Choir” to “The Untied States,” by Drummond Moir, provides lots of hearty laughs. As I read the book last night, I caught myself repeatedly snickering at the errors proofreaders had missed and feeling. Best Picks Books Proofreading

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Grab your free TEMPLATES from Templates-A-Palooza

Office Organization Success

I’m thrilled to let you know about an amazing TEMPLATE giveaway event – Templates-A-Palooza – happening throughout the month of July! There are a ton of free templates from industry experts on business management and online marketing that are just waiting to be snapped up! Grab yours here.

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Why You shouldn’t Chase Money and Power (and What to Do Instead)

Dumb Little Man

“The problem with external power is that it is fleeting: when you lose the money, position and possessions, you lose the power. If you have tied your identity to those things, you will also lose a sense of who you are when they fall away.”

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Open Loops 7/11/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

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Etiquette Lessons for the Company Picnic

On The Job

It’s summer and we’re finally enjoying those carefree days of warmth and sun we dreamed of while enduring one of the most brutal winters on record. And with the increasing temps comes the surest sign of summer: An invitation to the office picnic.

The Florentine, Chicago

Practically Perfect PA

Upstairs in the Marriot Hotel on West Adams Street in the Chicago Loop you will find the Florentine.

2014 179

Body Hack: 10 Ways To Super-Charge Your Memory

Dumb Little Man

Forgetting things suck, doesn’t it? No one knows why our brains are so fickle, but what we do know is the sensation of information we’ve just heard gushing out of our brain faster than hot water through a spaghetti strainer. And the steam of forgetting hurts.

2014 279

Reuters Top 10 Innovations for 2025

Small Business Labs

Reuters Science Watch has released a set of predictions on the the landscape of science and technology in 2025 by examing global patent data and scientific literature. This was done by data mining the  Reuters Web of Science service.

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Is it Christmas in July?

Office Organization Success

As early as 1950 there have been Christmas in July sales… After all, it’s a great excuse to get out and save, right? I’ve teamed up with Shannon Cherry and a few other experts, as we give the ‘annual summer sale’ a new twist. And it’s something you won’t want to miss!

2014 177

Winning – Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“A business’ flexibility in adapting to change and market dynamics will mark the winners and losers in this fast-changing Internet Age. Flexibility is a tight pairing of speed and agility. Linking businesses together using information is at the center of value creation in the Internet Age.” ” – Michael Dell, US Chairman of Dell Computer Corporation.… … Read the full article here: Winning – Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

2014 166

5 Apps to “Gamify” Your Habits and Turn Boring Tasks Into Exciting Ones

Dumb Little Man

Boring. Am I right? Just the thought of of sitting down… opening a text page… getting your work notes out… and doing the work… Bleh, not fun at all. And not just at work either; Is doing laundry fun? Or the dishes? Or vacuuming? Nope, no way.

2014 279

How to Live the Freelance Life

Small Business Labs

Last week the Freelancers Union released How to Live the Freelance Life , a report based on a survey of more than 1,100 freelancers nationwide that asked freelancers about their work, money, lifestyle, and values. There were a number of interesting findings, but three jumped out at me: 1.

2014 175

Girly Girl Geek Answers Normal Folks Baffling Tech Questions

Tips From T. Marie

As a self proclaimed geek people tend to come to me with questions about technology, specifically online technology. Some of you know I have an alter ego known as Girly Girl Geek , the lovable website creating WordPress Whiz and Headway Hotshot.

2014 163

Sponsor Post, July 2014

Simple Productivity Blog

In July, my sponsors feature those that can help you plan and overcome procrastination. The post Sponsor Post, July 2014 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

2014 163

10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

Office Dynamics

Twitter was founded March 21, 2006. Many of the early adopters have years of tweets and relationships built on this communication platform. We’ve noticed that the number of administrative professionals have been surfacing on Twitter has been increasing.

Brasserie Jo, Boston

Practically Perfect PA

Oh my guuuddd it was freezing in Boston. I had already spent the best part of 2 months in the States and thought I had acclimatised to the cold winter weather. But no, Boston plunged me into new depths of frozen despair.

2014 154

3 Ways You Are Being Controlled By Your Mind

Dumb Little Man

We live in the subconscious. Rather, 90% of our daily operations belong to the subconscious realm. That’s a huge chuck of us we are not in control of. It is therefore imperative we learn to take control. Your mind is a collection of billions of connections constantly wiring and rewiring themselves based on every thought, experience and action you have, experience and do every second, minute and hour of each day.

2014 219

Create Something of Value and Then Charge For It!

Virtual Moxie

Just today, I visited two different sites where the business owner gave away something for free: on one, it was a free consultation, and on the other, a free downloadable audio. In both cases, emblazened across the graphic advertising the free thing was something like, "A $400 value!".

2014 217

Online Invoicing App CurdBee To Shutdown As Users Move To

The Small Business Blog

2014 147

Girly Girl Geek Answers Normal Folks Baffling Tech Questions

Tips From T. Marie

Categories: Girly Girl Geek As a self proclaimed geek people tend to come to me with questions about technology, specifically online technology. Some of you know I have an alter ego known as Girly Girl Geek, the lovable website creating WordPress Whiz and Headway Hotshot. Today’s post is taken directly from tomorrow’s edition of my recently launched […] ( Read more. ). Girly Girl Geek

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Online Talent Marketplaces Continue Strong Growth

Small Business Labs

The Staffing Industry Analysts  is reporting there are currently more than 145 online staffing platform businesses operating globally.   They also reported in 2013 the industry generated roughly $1.4-$1.6 billion in "gross spend"  This is the dollar value of work completed and paid for.

2014 133

Why You Need to Hang on to Troublesome Customers

Small Business CEO

We’ve all been there at one point or another in business: dealing with a mean, snarly, over-bearing, impossible-to-satisfy customer that seems hell-bent on milking every last dime of profit from your business.

2014 109

Idea > Decision > Action

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2012-01-26 10:07:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter For many people, it’s easier and more fun to think up new ideas than to take action on the ones they already thought of. Buckling down and focusing on one idea and making it happen can make them antsy. Sometimes the project you take on is very large and there are so many things to address that you’re tempted to start them all at once. When it comes to organizing, this can get you into trouble.

2014 109

Best Document Tracking Tools and Methods

Office Dynamics

Question: “We have so many people in my office creating and revising so many documents and swapping them around, I don’t know of the best way to ensure someone’s not grabbing the wrong one from the network—or from the person they’re teaming with.

2014 134

How To Be A Part Of Connect Hub

Brilliantly Better

Launching a new business is always exciting, wether you’re starting it because you want it, or because you’re compelled to. I’ll come back later to this … The post How To Be A Part Of Connect Hub appeared first on Dragos Roua.

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Good At, Good In, and Good With

Daily Writing Tips

A reader wonders about the difference between saying, “I’m good in English” and “I’m good at English”: I always felt that there’s a different nuance there when I’m saying it. I just can’t pinpoint it exactly.

2014 108

Retreat, Reset, Results: Why We Need to Step Back More Often to Boost Productivity


"For fools rush in where angels fear to tread." – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism. We live in a world where speed and quantity dominates.

2014 106

A glowing testimonial from another happy (and wonderful) email marketing client! I cannot lie, this.

Denise Aday

A glowing testimonial from another happy (and wonderful) email marketing client! I cannot lie, this one made my spirit soar. clients testimonials email marketing MailChimp MailChimp Expert virtual assistant virtual assistance customer service open rate quality customer feedback

2014 52

Why Running For A Cause

Brilliantly Better

I started to run roughly 3 years ago. It all started with a year-long challenge, called taming twelve monkeys, in which I picked a specific setback (or … The post Why Running For A Cause appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Running marathon running for a cause transfagarasan

2014 86

The Singular Possessive Apostrophe

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks, Could you please do a post on possessives versus plurals? I’m seeing this mistake more and more, to the point where I saw someone use an apostrophe for a plural on a billboard. That wretched, wretched apostrophe! Why can’t we get it straight? The answer is complicated.

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