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The ultimate CV template for PAs

Practically Perfect PA

The other day I was looking at the roles for PAs in London and I must say there are loads of exciting opportunities out there for Assistants. I was really impressed with the array of roles and the different skills and qualities needed.

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Secret To Success: The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid

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“Invert, always invert: Turn a situation or problem upside down. Look at it backward.” ” – Charlie Munger. For ambitious people, knowing what to do is not always enough. Sometimes, we need to know what not to do. So, like Charlie Munger, I am going to use inversion and focus on what not to do to be successful. Specifically, I will focus on two mindsets to avoid in order to be successful. Here’s the secret to success. Mindset 1: Impatience. I’ve always been impatient.

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Flying Cars May Finally Happen

Small Business Labs

Cassandra reports that flying cars could reach consumers as soon as 2019.    Of course flying cars have been just a few years away since 1917, when both Ford and Curtiss Aircraft announced they had flying car prototypes.

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How to Set Career Goals that Work

Eat Your Career

Hooray! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I’m not referring to the holiday season. That’s great and all…but for me, the last month of the year is the best because it always involves my 3 favorite activities—planning, organizing and goal setting! Nerd Alert.

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Dropbox tips and tricks

Practically Perfect PA

I store all of my files in Dropbox, it is really easy to use, loads of other people use it and I love that I can easily share files and documents with the rest of my team. So, today I thought I’d share my Dropbox tips and tricks for you. Here are 10 tips for those […].

5 Simple Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s almost a brand new year and with that comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to lose weight and/or get in shape. Maybe you want to quit smoking. Perhaps you wish to do something more creative, like starting a daily journal, finishing a novel or learning a new language. You eagerly set all those things in January and by February, all your efforts are gone- if they even last that long. Why is it so difficult to make a resolution that works?

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Young Farmers: Educated, Female and Pursuing Sustainable Farming

Small Business Labs

The National Young Farmers Coalition's report Building a Future with Farmers covers the demographics, issues and needs of young farmers (those under the age of 40). The quick summary is young farmers are quite different than old farmers. 

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A little of what to expect at the Future Assistant Conference

Practically Perfect PA

Today I wanted to give you a little of what to expect at the Future Assistant Conference in February next year by sharing one of the panel sessions from the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit.

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home Of The Future

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Years ago, science predicted that the electric home of the future would have an automatic dishwasher and an electric stove that would eventually become remote controlled. Today, those predictions are coming true. There are refrigerators that can message you a shopping list and stoves that you can turn off from the airport if you forgot to in your haste to make it to your flight. You can order groceries to be delivered to your doorstep as you cook using your Amazon Echo.

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The Rise of the Long Term, Off-Balance Sheet Worker

Small Business Labs

Off-balance sheet worker is the term Deloitte uses for contingent workers, such as freelancers, independent contractors and other non-employees.    They describe this in their recent article Forces of Change: The Future of Work.

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8 Ways to Create Greater Workplace Happiness

On The Job

On a scale of one to 10, how happy are the employees in your organization? If your answer is “seven” then you’re right in line with the answer given by most CEOs. Seven is an interesting number,” says Kris Boesch , an workplace culture expert. “It’s It’s representative of ‘we’re doing okay, not great’ or ‘I really don’t know.’ You’re confident that no one is going to go postal. Overall you have a good group of people who get along well enough. There are some areas that could use improvement.

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4 Ways to Ensure Readability in Your Writing

Office Dynamics

by Barbara McNichol. Writings are useless unless they are read, and they cannot be read unless they are readable.” – Theodore Roosevelt. If Roosevelt lived in today’s world, he might have known that 6% of the time wasted in corporations is due to poorly written communications. Of course, your goal is readability. At the same time, you desire to be fast and efficient. What techniques can help ensure your message is clear? Consider these: One Thought, One Sentence. Rewrite Negative into Positive.

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A Quick Guide on How to Clean Up Blood Spills Properly

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Blood is one of those substances that are tricky to clean up. It can seep through porous materials, bind to anything it comes in contact with and stain fabrics and surfaces. Apart from those things, you also have to worry about the things you can’t really see. Blood can carry disease-causing microorganisms that can put everyone in danger. Because of this, it’s only essential that you know exactly how to clean up blood. Blood Spill on a Non-Carpeted Floor. Via brooksremediation.

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Podcast 080: Seeing

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast #80 and it’s about Seeing. I mentioned the concept of inattentional blindness in podcast 69 about Noticing but I didn’t elaborate on exactly what it is. Basically, it means that you can look directly at something but not be conscious of seeing it, or remember seeing it.

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Building a Company LinkedIn Page? Follow These 8 Best Practices

Small Business CEO

Does your company have its own LinkedIn page? It should. Trusting individual employees to act as faithful ambassadors for your company isn’t a winning strategy — though there are certainly ways to incentivize this behavior, as we’ll see in a moment.

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Idioms for Fabric and Other Materials

Daily Writing Tips

Words for various materials used in clothing have been applied to various descriptive terms and idiomatic expressions, including those described below. Cotton-picking is a euphemism to express anger or frustration.

2017 60

Why You Should Consider Email Marketing

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In the bid to outsell one another, retailers come up with several marketing and advertisement techniques. A lot of business managers have now woken up to the benefits of email marketing and they are taking advantage of it big time. Now, what are these benefits? Read on. It is cost effective. One of the most effective techniques to maximize profit is to cut down business cost. So, when it comes to business, cost-effectiveness is a big factor to consider.

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Staying Simple with Justin Shelby


On this episode of the podcast I speak with Justin Shelby , founder of Artichoke. Justin has held leadership positions in Fortune 500, growth stage, and startup companies in addition to have launched over 100 products in 16 countries.

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Three Comprehensive Tools Across Three Categories For Entrepreneurs

Small Business CEO

The famous philosopher Thomas Carlyle once said, “Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing; with tools he is all.”

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3 Cases of Intrusive Punctuation Before a Quotation

Daily Writing Tips

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Startups That Help Build Your Dream Home Without The Stress

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Setting up your own space from scratch is much like staring at an empty canvas. It represents endless possibilities. You can choose from different mediums, strokes, colors, and emotions to illustrate on your canvas. This makes the task of creating a home atmosphere extremely daunting, particularly for those who are just starting up.

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A Quick Guide On How To Choose A Website Name

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Whether you are starting a new business or you already have a brand and want to create an online presence, you are going to need a website and a good domain name for it. But, do you know how to choose a website name? After launching your website with responsive WordPress themes, like Genesis or TemplateMonster , you should think about your brand name. Naming a website is not a small fit. In fact, it is an extremely important decision.

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How To Enjoy Traveling Solo

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“But, don’t you get lonely traveling solo?” ” This is a very common question for a lot of people who have jumped on a plane or a train and set off on their own little adventures. After all, spending anything from a week to a month away from a familiar environment and without the people you know can be a little more than nerve-wracking. Even on our best days, the thought of traveling solo either for a break or to start a life elsewhere can be daunting.

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3 Top Job Industries That Are Flying Under Your Radar

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When your job search feels stalled, it’s time to make a change to your strategy. So many top job industries are emerging, providing opportunities for you to pursue one of your passions. Your job search strategy should have more structure than just randomly sending your documents to dozens of job openings every week. Reflect on what industries align with your interests and focus on those. Let’s take a look at the most exciting job industries you can start with. Outdoor Recreation.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Shared Web Hosting

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With technology evolving, customers have more options than ever before. They are surrounded by streams of brands- millions of them. People are agog over searching things they want over the internet, so if you do not exist online, you are probably losing a multitude of your potential customers. Having a website is a must!

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Are You Still Using These 5 Obsolete SEO Techniques?

Small Business CEO

These are the things that typically happen to anything that gets old: they either grow or diminish in value. They either get preserved and perfected, or get stashed and forgotten. SEO techniques are no exception.

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7 Salesman Tactics to Avoid When Shopping at a Dealership

Small Business CEO

Car salesmen get a bad reputation; there is no doubt about that. Like any other salesperson, their job is to convince someone that they have to put themselves behind the wheel of a car on their lot.

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Expanding The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing

Small Business CEO

A Small Seed Makes A Great Tree. Content marketing represents an increasingly profitable forward investment. With each piece of content you create, you essentially carve out a niche of digital real estate. That digital real estate will very likely remain on the internet forever.

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Tips on Getting Your Employees to Follow Safety Measures

Small Business CEO

Do you own your own small business? Is it challenging to get everyone to follow the rules at all times when it comes to staying safe? And is it even more challenging to enforce these safety measures? Preventing workplace injuries should be one of your top priorities.

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What are The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Certified Car?

Small Business CEO

If you are considering buying a used car for your business, then you might be wondering whether you should shop around for a privately-owned vehicle or whether you should stick to a dealership’s certified pre-owned model.

2017 60

Trading 101: What is Margin Call Trading?

Small Business CEO

If you are buying shares on margin, you should maintain the minimum balance in your account as stipulated by the broker. The margin balance should be maintained so that you will be eligible for margin purchase. If you fail to maintain the margin money in your account, you will get a margin call.

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Grammar Quiz #17: If Clauses

Daily Writing Tips

The type of “if” clause known as “first conditional” is used to express a condition that is possible and even likely to be fulfilled in the future.

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3 Highly Effective Ways to Build Your Local Business

Small Business CEO

If most of your customers come from your local marketplace, then the fastest way to grow your business is to become well-known in the community. Although it’s not difficult, you do have to be consistent. Over time, your company’s reputation will grow through word-of-mouth.

2017 57

5 Types of Usage Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Words can be misused in a variety of ways, as illustrated in the following examples, each followed by an explanatory discussion and a revision. A massive diffused bomb sat in the middle of the courtyard.

2017 57

The Prevailing Style for Prefixes: No Hyphens

Daily Writing Tips

The hyphen’s role as a connector between prefixes and words has diminished significantly over the last few decades—and would be even more inconsequential if writers paid more careful attention to this long-standing trend. This post demonstrates how words with prefixes should be treated.

2017 56

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Whole Person Development

Small Business CEO

The idea of separation between one’s home and work life is not only an archaic way of thinking but a complete myth when it comes to life as an entrepreneur. That’s why there has been a paradigm shift toward Whole Person Development amongst entrepreneurs, executives, and coaches across the world.

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