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12 Things To Let Go If You Really Want to Live A Happy Life

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What is that one thing in life that you think will make you happy? For some people, it’s getting a high-paying job. For others, it’s being able to buy their dream houses and finding the love of their lives. Depending on who you ask, the list can really get long.

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Do you have the courage to be the best?

Office Dynamics

It takes courage to be the best at what you are good at. As children, we are each gifted and talented in different ways. All of these are good and carry the capacity to change the world and enable us to live happy, fulfilling lives. But something happens.

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So, Assist Travel happened… again!

Practically Perfect PA

On Friday 9th September we held our second Assist Travel event at The Grange Tower Bridge and from the feedback we received it looks like everyone had a thoroughly good day.

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Sustainable Business Practices for 6 Popular Industries

Eco-Office Gals

Although our nation once relied on the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling to lessen our environmental impact, many businesses are now turning to sustainability development as a means of reducing our overall carbon footprints and protecting the environment. In fact, it’s an initiative that can be adopted by many different companies in nearly every industry imaginable. Here are six in particular: . Information Technology.

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Success Tips For The Youth Entrepreneurs

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A lot of people go to universities to get a degree and then spend their entire careers working for other people’s companies. Some people aspire to create their own success.

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Free Webinar Replay: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career

Office Dynamics

Our free webinar series includes a free webinar offered each month. In this month’s program we covered the topic: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career. . Learning Highlights From Webinar: How to identify the fears holding you back from living your best life.

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Podcast 023: The two minute rule

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to get more done by not putting off small tasks, and learning how to fit them into little time pockets. Here are some highlights: How much can you really get done in 2 minutes ? But I have an important project to finish! I can do that any old time. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play.

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3 Amazing Strategies To Increase Productivity

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Almost everyone is struggling to find the right strategies to increase productivity. Because of this, several methods and approaches have been crafted to help people out.

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How To Leverage Criticism At Work

Office Dynamics

Autumn is here and I’m loving it. Are you enjoying the cooler weather of fall? I love fall (yes, even in Las Vegas). To me, fall represents cozying up at home, days ending a little earlier, a new television season, football, cooler evenings and mornings, sweater weather and. pumpkin.

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Animated video scenes for a client promoting their technology product

Andrea Kalli

Using animated scenes with a moving jeep and character, I was able to personalize this video based on the clients specific request for a jeep scene. This was a FUN project and allowed me to explore creating some custom animation sequences based on client requests.

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$1 Million Ain't What it Used to Be - You Need More Than $5 Million to be a 1%er

Small Business Labs

The number of U.S. families with more than $5 million in investable assets exceeded 1 million for the first time in 2015.    This is one of many interesting stats about the growing number of rich Americans in the Baron's article Penta Millionaires: The New Rising Class.

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8 Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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You’ve launched your business and now you need to tell people about it. Although that sounds fairly easy, the truth is that it really isn’t. The type of marketing you do can either make or break your business.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Procrastination


Today’s guest post is from Jamie Robinson. Jamie runs , a site that focuses on personal development through motivation, positivity, health and productivity. Jamie is passionate about supporting individuals’ self-development goals and encouraging improved productivity. Procrastination eats away at your momentum and is what keeps you from making real progress. It may not be a problem for you right now, but be sure it will pop up one day when you least expect it.

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Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Our free webinar series includes a free webinar offered each month. In this month’s program we covered the topic: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career. Learning Highlights From Webinar: How to identify the fears holding you back from living your best life. • 7 surefire steps to conquer fear confidently and courageously—including a real-world example of the process in action. What “courage” actually is and what it is NOT.

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It's Tough Being Old in Silicon Valley

Small Business Labs

My last corporate job was running marketing for a Silicon Valley tech firm. This was long ago during the Internet boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s. I turned 40 during this job and one of my coworkers jokingly pointed out that I may have been the firm's oldest employee. 

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How To Be Extraordinary In Any Walk Of Life

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We all want to be extraordinary. Sadly, most of us struggle to believe it’s even possible. We stare at those singers, athletes and entertainers on TV and see them as people we can never be. We think they’re cut from a different cloth.

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5 Effective Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Business

Small Business CEO

In this always-on, mobile world, consumers receive a constant flood of marketing communications across multiple channels, including email, SMS texting , smart phone apps, social media and now even smart TVs.

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3 Cases of Unnecessary Punctuation

Daily Writing Tips

In each of the sentences below, superfluous punctuation interrupts the flow of the sentence. Discussion and revision of each example indicates the correct treatment of the statements. Smith said she regrets using the term, low-lifes , to characterize Jones’s supporters.

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The Epic Battle Between The Two Minds

Brilliantly Better

It’s 6AM in the morning and the park is almost empty. I can barely see a silhouette every now and there, strolling through the grey light of the dawn. It’s silent. Very silent. The only thing I hear is the… The post The Epic Battle Between The Two Minds appeared first on Dragos Roua. Motivation and Inspiration Personal Development

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3 Ways Not To Lose Yourself While Pursuing Success

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A lot of people believe that to achieve success, one must be ready to sacrifice some aspect of their lives. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. What does every speaker emphasize when he or she has to inspire and motivate an audience to achieve massive success? To hustle.

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Streamlining the Management of Your Construction Business

Small Business CEO

Managing a construction business can be very strenuous. However, with the availability of innovative software and technologies, construction project managers are able to streamline the various process involved to build smarter and faster projects. photo credit: Chong Fat / Wikimedia Commons.

2016 104

Hyphens Are Chains Linking Phrasal Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

Writers frequently neglect to connect two words that together constitute a single grammatical unit modifying a noun that follows them. This error of omission is even more likely when the phrasal adjective consists of more than two words.

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Finding the Right People to Make Change Happen

45 Things

When deciding which team member will be tapped as a change agent to help drive a new initiative, do you: a) select someone who has time to do it; b) has experience in the area; or c) draw names out of a hat and hope for the best.

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I’m Saying Thanks For Breaking My Heart

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No matter how strong or weak you are, dealing with a heartbreak isn’t an easy feat. I am not undermining the fact that your family and friends really care about you and want you to snap out of it as soon as possible; it’s just that going through it yourself is a very different story.

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Business Meetings Reimagined: Epic Event Ideas That Inspire and Spark Excitement

Small Business CEO

What you really want to hear from any delegate or business colleague who has just attended one of your organized meetings or events, is when is the next one?

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5 Awkward Sentences

Daily Writing Tips

Innumerable missteps in constructing sentences are possible. Here are five random statements with assorted obstacles to comprehension, each accompanied by discussion and a revision. The past month has seen two major developments.

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The Productivityist Podcast: Michael Bungay Stanier


On this episode of The Productivityist Podcast I speak with the author of The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier. We talk about deep work, simplicity, elegance, the questions you can ask to help you get more out coaching, and much more. Relevant Links. The World Domination Summit Experience | Productivityist. Box of Crayons. Box of Crayons Blog | Inspiration for Teams, Leaders and Organizations. Michael Bungay Stanier | Box of Crayons.

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10 Moments When Being a Freelance Writer Sucks

Dumb Little Man

Rose is a Freelance Writer but frankly, it wasn’t all rosy from page one. In her lowest moments she sank deeper than a sub. She’d cry and sob. She even contemplated burning her old typewriter.

2016 276

Choosing the Right Content for Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Small Business CEO

Utilizing an inbound marketing strategy is a smart choice for any business. Inbound marketing allows you to reach multiple customer bases without exhausting your resources or sales staff. photo credit: Michael Conway / Flickr.

2016 99

Punctuation Quiz #4: Phrasal Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

All but one of the following sentences are incorrect; insert or omit a hyphen in the others as necessary: 1. He’s a sharp dressed young man. As usual, the event was well-attended. I sympathize with his long-suffering wife. She was touched by the open-hearted gesture.

2016 98

How to Deal With a Lazy Colleague

45 Things

I'm not sure anyone embraces Monday with total enthusiasm. It may take more than a few cups of coffee or even a stupid cat video to really rev us up to work on the first day of the week, but we do eventually kick into gear. But what about those colleagues who don't get going on Monday? Or Tuesday?

2016 68

5 Effective Techniques To Learn A Language Faster

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Chinese people have a wise saying: to learn a language means to have one more window out from which you can observe the world. Indeed, the more languages you know, the better you can understand the world and its different cultures.

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Tips to Conduct Human Resources Audits

Small Business CEO

Annual audits of human resources are necessary for all companies out there. It does not matter how many employees the business has. HR audits can be compared with the health checks that you do for your body.

2016 95

3 Problems with Suspensive Hyphenation

Daily Writing Tips

The grammatical convention known as suspensive hyphenation is employed when two or more adjacent and parallel phrasal adjectives, phrases that in tandem modify a noun that follows them, have a common element in the same position.

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10 Easy Ways to a Whiter Teeth Without Spending Too Much

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Yellow and stained teeth aren’t only displeasing to look at; it can make you look old and unhygienic, too. Unfortunately, visiting your dentist to make your teeth pearly white is expensive. Most insurances don’t even cover such procedures.

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Manifesting Your Desires

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Is everyone in the world living the life that they want, the life that they dream of? The answer to that is no. We can look around and see that not everyone is happy with their life and circumstances. We can talk to our friends about hopes and dreams and what type of life we desire, but what are you doing to have that life? Do you know anyone that has their dream life? The answer is yes to that question, have you talked to them about how they got, or do you just think, “Man they’re lucky.”

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The Prefix Co-

Daily Writing Tips

If you’re the betting type, and you wager on whether a given word beginning with a prefix is attached directly to the root word or linked with a hyphen, bet against the hyphen: The trend—in American English, at least—is to close prefixed words and compound words.

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