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Top 11 Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Running a business is hard work, but with the help of these 11 top apps, it can be more efficient and easier to manage. Starting a business requires the entrepreneur to understand a variety of aspects that stretch beyond the product or service they provide.

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What can assistants expect in 2014?

Practically Perfect PA

I know I always say I can’t believe how the time flies but I seriously can’t believe how quickly 2013 past us by! It was quick wasn’t it!? I’m not just getting old!

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David Ogilvy’s Second Commandment for Great Copywriting (and How to Use It)

The Solopreneur Life

D avid Ogilvy was widely regarded as the 20th century’s most sought-after advertising executive. Even though we’re 15 years removed from his death in 1999, his reputation and stature continue to grow.

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Get More Clients: A Simple Strategy for More Clients (It’s Not What You Think)

Office Organization Success

Clients are the backbone of every solo service professional’s business. If you don’t have any, or enough, clients then you’re going to struggle to grow and build a profitable business. Therefore business owners are always on the lookout for strategies, tools, resources etc.

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4 Unconventional Ways To Eliminate The Distractions That Keep You From Creating Your Best Work

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“I wonder when email officially became work,” I casually commented to my office mate. What did we do at work before email?” I sarcastically added. He smiled, but didn’t look up. I remember working before email was a thing.

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Practically Perfect PA Visits: Hotel Elysée NYC

Practically Perfect PA

Landing into JFK airport at 10pm on New Year’s Eve is not the most sensible thing I have ever done. Although the airport was fairly quiet and the usually long queue for customs non-existent an unexpected snow storm was on the horizon.

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Career Necessity: Key Accomplishments List (Free Template Provided)

Eat Your Career

Download my free Key Accomplishments List template here >> One of my favorite career development tools (and one I recommend on an almost daily basis) is the Key Accomplishments List.

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How To Master Your Creativity With 3 Simple Steps

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Have you ever wondered what the key is to mastering your creative skills? What if I told you there are three universal actions that can help you improve in ANY creative endeavor? Would you be interested in that? I hope so, cause that’s what you’re going to learn here. Read more ».

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Solopreneur Survey Results: 2013 Was a Good Year, Expectations Are Very High for 2014

The Solopreneur Life

T he year 2013 was a good one for solopreneurs and they have very high expectations for 2014. But to meet their expectations, solopreneurs must overcome challenges with cash flow, time management, and sales and marketing.

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Green Decluttering

Clutter Coach

A common concern I hear from people when they’re decluttering is that they don’t want their stuff just to go to the landfill. They don’t want to be responsible for creating more trash, or they feel that their stuff could be useful to someone. They want to be green!

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Is it Finally the Year of the Internet of Things?

Small Business Labs

Kevin Ashton coined the term "The Internet of Things"  way back in the late 1990s.  Most every year since has been proclaimed by some futurist as the year the Internet of Things will take off. 2014 may be the year it finally happens.

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Maximize Your Mind in the Work Environment

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The mind is a powerful tool, however due to factors such as stress, fatigue, negativity or boredom we rarely use it to its optimum. Fortunately getting the most from your mind is easy, if you know how.

What World-Class Salespeople Do That You Don’t

The Solopreneur Life

M y 13-year-old daughter, Clare, is a big fan of alternative music. Her knowledge is extensive. Her best friends say she’s “Bohemian” and they like hanging with someone who isn’t into Top 40. Alt is an important part of Clare’s junior-high identity.

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Running a business is not easy, because of CPAs and Accountants!

The Small Business Blog

You would have thought that running a business is easy. I have something you want, I sell it to you and you pay me for it – that’s it, right? Wrong – there are so many other things to deal with apart from the ‘business deal’!

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Waiting Tables Pays in the Experience Economy

Small Business Labs

The Wall Street Journal's Waiting Tables at Top-Tier Restaurants is New Career Path for Foodies  covers how waiting tables, at least at the growing number of expensive restaurants, has become an attractive career option. Key quote on compensation: Head waiters at top-tier restaurants can earn from $80,000 to as much as $150,000 a year including tips, according to industry executives.

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3 Life Lessons Learned from Attachment

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"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone." " -Henry David Thoreau Attachment is at the root of most of our modern experience. As Shakespeare said, the expectation facet of attachment is also the root of all heartache.

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Cool Niche Businesses: 5-Hour Energy Went From Zero to $1 Billion in Less Than 10 Years

The Solopreneur Life

I n my ongoing look at niche businesses and products, I take the measure of a product that launched a new niche market: the “energy shot.”

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How to Break the Procrastination Habit

On The Job

If you’re thinking you might put off reading this story, don’t even think about it. In this interview by Anita Bruzzese with Timothy A. Pychyl, author of “ Solving the Procrastination Puzzle ,” the issues of procrastination, its impact and how to change your ways are explored.

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Revolutions Instead of Resolutions

Virtual Moxie

Heading into the end of last year, something was off for me. At first, I thought I was bothered that my half-sabbatical was coming to an end—except I wasn''t. Then I thought that perhaps I was experiencing some sort of soul-crushing boredom—except I don''t know how to be bored when the world is so big and beautiful and I love my life. What I was, I realized, was weary.

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How To Start Interval Training The Right Way

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If you are looking to get better aerobic results in less time for your trainee, then high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the thing for you.

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Most companies left alone in corporate tax review

The Small Business Blog

Finance Directors and their advisers will be relieved that Chancellor Osborne left corporation tax rates unchanged in his Autumn Statement. Instead, the main emphasis was on measures to increase the overall tax take with the help of measures designed to cut down blatant tax avoidance.

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The Sharing Economy's Socialism Peddling Capitalists

Small Business Labs

The Sharing Economy is getting an enormous amount of press these days. What's interesting is the coverage is mixed, with some highly complementary and other coverage quite negative. The reason the coverage is so mixed is people are discovering most sharing economy companies are more focused on profits than making the world a better place. This

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A Happy New Year To You!

Office Organization Success

I hope you got chance to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends over the holidays. Here in the Lawton household, we had a wonderful break. There was a trip to the movies to see The Hobbit; a party we hosted, visiting friends, plus too much eating of chocolate, cake, and all the wrong stuff! My first visit back to the gym yesterday was hard.

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How to Be Ready for Winter Disasters

Dumb Little Man

The winter of 2014 is shaping up to be one of the coldest in recent memory, with temperatures falling to record lows even in the deep South and as much as a foot of snow falling on the Midwest.

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Taking your e-commerce business to the next level

The Small Business Blog

For many of us, 2014 will be the year that we take our businesses to new heights. If you’re determined to stick to this resolution, here’s everything you need to know to drive forward your e-commerce business.

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Organize your Jewelry for Travel

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-03-02 17:53:27. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. You may know that I'm a big fan of the lowly zip lock bag. It can be used to corral extra cords, stash manuals and spare parts together and keep dead batteries until it's time to drop them off.

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Translating Yearly Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals – An Example

Simple Productivity Blog

Last week I talked about how setting yearly goals, then generating monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks can bring you to completion quickly. Today I wanted to give you a concrete example. The post Translating Yearly Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals – An Example appeared first on More great content can be found on the site at, or you can find me on Twitter ( @SmplProdBlog ) and Facebook ( ).

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Why Having Tons of Potential Puts You at a Serious Disadvantage

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

I’m going way out on a limb here, but I bet I wasn’t the only kid whose report card had notes like this: “Lots of potential. Needs to apply himself.” .

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FSB WorldPay Business Awards 2014 entries now open

The Small Business Blog

Business awards might sometimes seem like a waste of time, but when they come with a hefty cash prize attached they should always appear on your radar. Not only will being nominated for (or winning) an award mean that the profile of your business is raised, but just imagine what you could do with £10,000… Read the full article here: FSB WorldPay Business Awards 2014 entries now open on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business PR business awards fsb

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Why We May be About to Lose Our Innovative Edge

On The Job

Is America losing its innovation edge? If so, the reason could be because managers and employees are not on the same page in developing new ideas. Specifically, many employees think they have a good idea, but their managers won''t listen to them.

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How to Become the Person Success Can't Resist

Productive & Organized

It goes on and on. And never ends. The perpetual search for the magic key that delivers just about anything you want:   Money. Freedom. Fulfillment. Adventure, and more.   What if I told you there was such a key?   OK … stay with me.

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Finding And Purging Hidden Clutter

Simple Productivity Blog

The holidays are over, and I find myself packing up the holiday decorations. After opening boxes that contained decorations we didn''t use (and haven''t used for some time), I started thinking about hidden clutter and how it takes up room.without our being aware of it. Today I want to talk about how to find hidden clutter, and how to purge it. The post Finding And Purging Hidden Clutter appeared first on

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Beginnings – Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“You can think and talk about a project for a long time, but only action will manifest it. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never get anything done. Don’t wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ” This quote is by American business author Alan Cohen… Read the full article here: Beginnings – Quote of the Week on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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“Your Pseudo Emotional Newsletters Suck”

The Solopreneur Life

T oday I’m going to explain why speaking your mind in your blog is good for business. To do that, I first need to tell you about Mr. Horrell. Mr. Horrell was the basketball coach for our eighth- and ninth-grade seasons at Ridge Junior High in Mentor, Ohio. I remember two things Mr. Horrell told us: 1. “Don’t give up the baseline when playing defense.”

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Going Beyond Inbox Zero


The following is a guest post by Harry Guinness. Harry is a web designer, photographer, publisher, entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and International Man of Mystery. He''s also a fan of self-experimentation (to the occasional dismay of his family and friends) and skill acquisition.

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Open Loops 1/10/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings -- my open loops -- to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on getting more juice out of lemons, rituals to spur new habits, a new notebook where you can change out the pages, an easy snowman gift bag, how financial freedom means less stress, and a resurrection of roles from Stephen Covey.

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Want to Earn More Money for Your Writing? Give it Away!

Men With Pens

Tired of making pennies a word - and losing jobs to other writers regardless of how little you charge? That means it''s time to change your marketing strategy, and I can''t think of a better time than the beginning of the New Year.

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