Scientific American's Top Emerging Technologies of 2019

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Scientific American's describes their Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2019 as "World-changing technologies that are poised to rattle the status quo."    Back in 2014, there were lots of forecasts that AI-based driverless cars would be common by 2020.

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2014 MBO Partners State of Independence Report Released

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million in 2014. million 15+ hour independent workers by 2019.  trillion in total revenue in 2014, spent more than $150 billon on non-payroll/contractor expenses , and are the primary income source for more than 10 million American households. 

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Did The Gig Economy Jump The Shark?

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These days, gig drivers have seen wages fall by more than half since 2014 and it’s not just gig driving jobs that are seeing turnover rates of more than 500% per year. million between 2014 and 2018, but the number of part-time gig workers rose from 12.9

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The Rise of Independent Worker Teams: Fiverr's Studios and Upwork's Agency Experience

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The chart below (click to enlarge) is from a 2014 study on the impact of cloud computing we conducted in partnership with Intuit.  In 2014 we suggested that cloud computing is a transformational technology that was in stage 2 and helping to create new forms and types of businesses. 

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Most Small Businesses Still Have Less Than $400,000 in Annual Revenue.

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Our title includes the word "still" because we posted on this data back in 2016 , when 2014 data was most recent available. According to data from the U.S, Census 2016 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (the most recent data available), the median U.S.

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Academic Studies Show Gig Economy Larger Than Government Data Suggests

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  For example, we reported in 2014 on our research that showed the questions asked in government surveys led to an underreporting of gig work. We Several papers related to the gig economy presented last week at the American Economic Association annual meeting caught our eye. 

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The Importance of Personal Hygiene for Healthy Living

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The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases report declared in 2014 that around 48 million people in America suffer from food-borne illness every year, of which about 3,000 people succumb to the disease annually.

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Bain Consulting on Predicting the Next Tech Disruption

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A good example is drone forecasts back in 2014. Predicting the Next Tech Disruption from Big 3 Strategy Consulting firm Bain and Company discusses 4 forecasting tools (shown below) Bain uses to predict when disruptive technologies will be widely adopted.

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A Growing Number of Freelancers are Providing Professional Services to Businesses

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  Like prior years, the 2019 study focuses on the growing group of highly-skilled independent professionals (freelancers, independent consultants, etc.) million in 2014, and to 7.4 MBO Partners recently released their 3rd annual Client of Choice study.  who provide services to businesses on a regular basis. And the number of independent professionals has grown quite rapidly. As the study chart below shows, it's increased from 4.5 million in 2011 to 5.9

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Rig Up and the Growth of B2B Niche and Specialty Gig Talent Marketplaces

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  The company was founded in 2014 and it pre-qualifies contract oilfield workers and helps them find gigs quickly and easily with energy firms. 

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U.S. Birth Rates Continue to Fall

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But as we pointed out in 2014 , kids get a lot of bad press due to the cost of raising them and the potential problems they can have or cause. The Axios article The American Baby Bust covers the latest fertility data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Key quote: "The U.S.

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Why I Am Grateful To My Worst Boss

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In 2014, I decided that I needed to give back, and so I enrolled in a teacher training course, secured my provisional teaching license in math and started interviewing. It has now been four years since my very short excursion into the world of education.

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What Do You Mean by “Woke”?

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I’ve been aware of this use of woke for some time now, so I was surprised when six of my writer friends admitted—in November 2019—that they’d never heard of woke being used in this way. In 2014, it became associated with the newly launched Black Lives Matter movement.

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How to make yourself less anxious and self-conscious in high stakes business situations ?

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My exhausted self (and team mates) at the finish of the 2014 Inferno Race. Entrepreneurs always need to work on their self-consciousness.

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The 14 English Punctuation Marks With Examples

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Note that commas aren’t used when giving a year in numerals: it’s 2019 nor 2,019. The en-dash is used to indicate a span of time or a range of numbers: From 2012 – 2014, I was at university. Do you know how to use punctuation marks correctly in English?

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Wage Versus Education Gap

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And as we've written about before , women currently comprise about 57% of all college students and it is expected this will grow to about 60% by 2019. Their are two really interesting male/female gaps in the U.S.

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Episode 242: Exploring The Productivity Paradox with Tonya Dalton


In 2014, she closed up shop to follow her true passion, inkWELL Press ®—a company centered around productivity tools, training and education. On today’s episode, I spent time with Tonya Dalton. Tonya Dalton started her first business in 20019 working out of her home juggling two small kids.

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