Enclosures: Should I use a Paperclip or Staple it?

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Someone recently queried whether they should use a staple or paperclip on correspondence when they are enclosing documents. Business correspondence with more than one page should be stapled. The enclosures should be paperclipped or clamped to the correspondence, not stapled to it. The only time I will staple it is when the attachments are cheques (1). Tags: checks stapling vs. paperclip professional assistant Administrative Assistant cheques

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What's the story on your file?

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Papers that belong together should either be stapled or clipped so it will be evident to anyone looking through the file what belongs together. Fax transmission sheets and courier slips are also part of the story and provide proof that a document has been sent so should be kept stapled to the correspondence. If you send an e-mail with attachments, the attachments should be printed out and stapled to the e-mail to keep an accurate record of what was sent.

To do or not to-do? Managing with the to-do list

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I usually put a subfolder in my project file for the to-do list, or if it is a small project, I staple it to the inside of the folder. My sister told me she once worked with a manager whose first question when meeting with her staff was, "What does everyone have on their plate?" Everyone looked at each other and mumbled something or other, but nobody was really prepared for the question.

The pronouns you use can reveal a lot about where your head is

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It is my junk drawer with clips and staples and just about anything I might need during the day. One of my co-workers told me that I was already using "we" and "us" when referring to my new employer. I am physically still in my current job, but my mind is already on my new one. How do you keep focussed on your current job when you know you are leaving? Sometimes it has been hard.