How To Become Bitter and Resentful in 9 Easy Steps

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Like with anything in life, a good mentor will help keep you on track and will accelerate the path to success. There are all sorts of benefits to being bitter and resentful.

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How Do Others Perceive You?

On The Job

If you think you'll be recognized at work or garner a promotion just because you work hard, you need to get a clue. Too often people feel that if they promote the good work they're doing, people will look down on them," Garfinkle says.

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Bold Strategies to Create a Balanced and Harmonious Life – Jennifer Lier

Office Dynamics

Jennifer took the stage following lunch to give a powerful, dramatic presentation that encouraged women to boldly create strategies to promote health and balance at home and at work. A strategy for brilliance is “Acting As If” – Find mentors to help you do what you want to do. Jennifer shared how she had many mentors along the way who helped her do what she wanted to do. For example, don’t lower yourself to participate in office gossip.

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Five Ways to Network With the Boss

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Mentor. Promote. Some employees believe that it's the job of head brass to go out and promote a company, to get new business in the door and to project a positive image. Worldwide competition is so tough right now that employees who promote their company will garner notice from the boss. Want to know a key player many people forget to network with these days? The boss. Yep, the head honcho. The big kahuna. The top dog.

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10 gifts to give your career

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Those who help the company become more innovative or strategic will make themselves key players – and those are the people a company is more likely to retain and promote. Find a mentor. Don’t gossip at work. Be a mentor - or help someone else with their career.

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