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OneNote: My Filing Cabinet In The Clouds. create notebooks and files just like I would with paper, but now it is all organized on my computer. But I live and work in less than 200 square feet -- so I don't have the room for a lot of equipment. My scanner serves all these purposes -- scan a document in and you can then e-fax it over the internet, print out a copy, edit it directly through OCR software, save it as a PDF and toss the paper.

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Home About Me Advertise Thinking Outside the Job Description Box By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, March 20, 2008 Filed Under: Productivity E ditor’s note: This is a guest post by Patricia Robb of Laughing All The Way to Work: The Ultimate Secretarial Survival Blog. They each took the initiative to get appropriate training and education to better equip them in the areas they were interested in. Retrieve Your Files with Ease Is You Boss Not Giving You Enough Work?

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« New Small Business Startup Idea: Virtual Import/Export Assistant » « Previous Entries This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 12:18 pm and is filed under Entrepreneur , Home Business , Marketing/PR , Small Business / SOHO , Sole-Trader , Start-Up , WinWeb , bootstrap , grow your business , market and sell , start-up in business , use online IT. Pali have been providing legal reports to solicitors since 1999.

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