A Look at Email: A MacSparky Field Guide


My friend and all-around smart guy David Sparks has released his latest MacSparky Field Guide and its subject is something that is near and dear to my heart: email. As with his prior works, David has put a lot of time, thought, and energy into Email: A MacSparky Field Guide. One of the areas David spends a lot of time on in Email: A MacSparky Field Guide is Apple Mail. There isn''t a more comprehensive guide to email on the market than Email: A MacSparky Field Guide.

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Review: The Productivity Blueprint


The Productivity Blueprint is broken down into four modules, and each module has a specific element (dealing with email, distractions, etc.) videos in included in the main portions of the course, and those videos don''t include the "action screencasts" that can be found throughout the modules. These screencasts offer recaps of the actionable steps presented in the videos, and also offer tutorials on how to complete certain actions related to apps and services.

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Call For Help: The Next Two Weeks With A Virtual Assistant


Screencast tools (like Jing ) are helpful for delegating process-oriented tasks with several steps. I''m going to give up another email accounts for my virtual assistant to access. I''ll be handing the keys of the sales email account over to my ZA, and will create a corresponding "Best Practices Cheat Sheet" to go with it. Elise sent me an email as my hours for the month were winding up.

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A 5 Step Guide to Productive Travel: How to Keep Going Forward When You’re Going Places


Put Your Email Autoresponder On Early. A lot of people put their email autoresponder on the day before they are traveling. Now that didn’t mean I made myself completely unavailable through email (although the last tip explains that I have a buffer in place for email response times as well). So I’ll be dealing with emails in the morning and other administrative tasks until I get on my early afternoon flight.

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Review: OmniFocus Premium Posts by Asian Efficiency


You get a 250 page ebook, a 9 page bonus ebook, screencasts, video training, one year of personal email coaching from Asian Efficiency, and even a guide that will show fan of Agile Results how to integrate that methodology with OmniFocus.

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