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10 Ways to Ignite Your Imagination and Accomplish Big Things

Dumb Little Man

" Imagination is more important than knowledge " ~ Albert Einstein. The reality is you can be anyone or anything you want to be; it just takes a pinch of confidence and a spoonful of imagination. Do you want to write like Hemingway? Paint like Michelangelo?

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Why Networking Is Essential For Career Success (and Everyone Should Do It NOW)

Eat Your Career

Networking. The word alone strikes fear in the hearts of many. It’s so awkward and uncomfortable! It’s so inauthentic! It’s just so…so…exhausting. That’s why many professionals put it off.

How should assistants represent their boss at a meeting

Practically Perfect PA

As I have moved up the career ladder and become much more of a business partner as well as an EA I have found myself frequently attending meetings on behalf of my manager and representing them at lots of different events and functions.

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Study: Men More Likely to Get Requested Flextime

On The Job

If you asked your boss for a more flexible work schedule, would your request be granted? The answer, finds a new study , may depend on your gender and your position.

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8 Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself to Really Be Happy (And What to Do Instead)

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You’ve probably heard it said a million times that when it comes to happiness, you are often your own worst enemy. Which is so frustrating, because deep down, you know it’s so damned true. But, what the heck are you supposed to do about it?

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Infographic: Social Media Marketing

The Small Business Blog

If you’re reading this post, you are likely to be one of the many entrepreneurs using social media on a day-to-day basis in your business. The general aim for most small businesses using social media is to increase traffic to their website, but how successful are they?

WordPress 3.6 & Genesis 2.0 Is Here!

Eco-Office Gals

WordPress 3.6, after a little delay, is finally here and Genesis 2.0 has followed on it’s heels, as promised. What does this mean for WordPress users? HTML5 Compliant: One main change coming down the pipelines is the transformation to HTML5.

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Is the 9-5 Killing Productivity? Harnessing Your Natural Rhythms to Get More Done

Dumb Little Man

The 9-5 working day is so ingrained into modern day society that we barely think to question it. But is sitting at our desks 8 hours a day really the optimal solution for the workers of today?

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Can Do

The Small Business Blog

As I was driving this week, I switched on the radio and caught a few minutes of a phone-in programme hosted by Victoria Derbyshire. The subject was the requirement for those on Job Seeker’s Allowance to take part in work experience.

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7 Lessons That Solopreneurs Can Learn From Comedians

The Solopreneur Life

M ost stand-up comics are solopreneurs, at least in their careers’ formative years. Gil Greengross, Ph.D, writes in Psychology Today: “No other art, besides stand-up comedy, requires that the artist will both create and perform his own act.” ” Sound familiar?

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8 Ways The Internet Complicates Your Life

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Have you ever wondered how people lived before the internet? I can answer that in one word: simpler. The internet, while a great source of knowledge and convenience, can actually complicate our lives. Here are 8 ways the internet complicates your life. How It Complicates. Too Much Information Increases Doubt. You go to the internet to research something. You get all the information. But you don’t stop.

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How Do You React To Resistance?

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I'm not talking about big resistance like getting fired, but the subtle, more common kind of resistance we all experience every day. Let me explain. Imagine that you're working on a big project such as writing a book, building a chair, solving a math problem, or planning your day.

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Feisty Enterprise Tip #14: Make Deals To Prosper

The Small Business Blog

Be flexible – there’s nothing like a win-win on price and product/service offer to make both the customer and the biz owner friends for life. Every minute you enter into conversation with your customers builds a relationship and allows you to negotiate a deal that meet their needs exactly.

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The Rise of the Naked Economy

Small Business Labs

The Rise of the Naked Economy is a new book by Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Nuener, founders of the successful coworking chain Nextspace. It covers the paradigm shift from traditional jobs and employment to a world of contingent work, projects and tasks.

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PIE: The Simple 3-Step Process for Creating Your Strategic Business Plan

Office Organization Success

Many business owners (especially those with a non-business background) struggle when it comes to creating a strategic business plan for their business. Chances are they’ve never ran a business before, and even in their “employment” days were not involved with the day-to-day business management.

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10 Devices for Under $100 That You Didn't Know You Needed

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Life can get pretty hectic, and that is why it’s nice to find helpful tools that can give us a helping hand from time to time.

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My holiday confessions

The Small Business Blog

In the post earlier I talked about holidays, but neglected to mention what I personally favour. I was recently interviewed for MyTravelMoney about this blog and my holiday activities. If you want to find out more about what I do when I’m on a (working) holiday, jump over to their site.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Manage Your Time Effectively appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. How do you decide which activities get your attention first? That is, how do you decide what you are going to do each day? When you set priorities, do you set them in a way that meets your comfort level or in a way that effectively addresses your objectives? There is a lot of stuff competing for your time. You need to determine which will receive your attention.

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It’s Not Your VA’s Fault

Office Organization Success

Just last week I had two, almost identical, conversations with two clients. But the worrying thing is this isn’t the first time I’ve had these conversations; in fact it’s cropped up quite a bit over the past couple of years. And it goes something like this: I’m frustrated with my VA (Virtual Assistant). She’s missing things. I’m on my third VA this year. I can’t find someone who knows what to do.

2013 172

Focus On Success and Build Confidence?

Dumb Little Man

Confidence. We all want it…. You, me, everyone and anyone wants a slice of the confidence cake. But some of us struggle to get a piece. You see others happily consuming their slices, and they seem to only associate with others who have a slice as well. You want some. Badly.

5 Of The Best Education Marketing Tips For Twitter

The Small Business Blog

Twitter has rapidly established itself as one of the best marketing and promotion tools available. Its bite-sized content and highly social nature means it’s the perfect platform for getting people to talk about your educational establishment.

How to Plan an Eco Office Move

Eco-Office Gals

In today’s eco-aware society we are all expected to chip in and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprints. This is especially apparent in the business world and the ‘throw-away’ society we’ve become. So with this in mind, are you already putting eco-friendly methods into practice?

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Why and How To Shorten Your Task List

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. How do you feel when you look at the list of stuff you have to do today? If you are like most people, it will range from a “I have so much to do” to an “I am going to run away to join the circus.” ” Today I am going to tell you why a long task list is bad, and how to shorten your task list. Why A Long List Is Bad. Writing down tasks that need to be done is good for your productivity.

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How To Live Well And Not Die Young!

Dumb Little Man

“Life is hard and then you die!”. The person who made the statement was definitely not in a sunny mood! But, that’s no reason to look at life with the sunglasses of gloom. Your life often is what you make of it.

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Quote of the Week: Character

The Small Business Blog

“You’ve got to learn to survive a defeat. That’s when you develop character.” ” That wise quote was by former US president Richard Nixon.

2013 203

The Productivity Lie I've Been Telling Myself

Virtual Moxie

I was writing a note to my VA Nicole today, when it hit me that the word "please" hadn''t been included in anything I''d written. I changed it, then spent some time reflecting on how it came to be that I''d let go of a kindness, and a way of showing my consideration and respect to her.

2013 222

Announcement: New Blog

Simple Productivity Blog

I am a reader. I always have been. The librarians used to question the amount of books I would check out, but my mother assured them I read 6-8 books every week. It hasn’t changed much as an adult. And I love my Kindle, allowing me to take books everywhere.

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Party Planning Advice: How to Plan an End-of-Summer Blow-Out

Dumb Little Man

Where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Memorial Day, but now Labor Day is right around the corner. That means you still have time to throw a big end-of-summer bash, so why not go all out?

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Infographic: Cyberattacks

The Small Business Blog

Technology moves quicker than most of us can keep up with, but unfortunately so do the techniques that are used to steal data or damage your infrastructure. Today the preferred tactic for gaining access to a company first involves identifying their employees via social media.

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Free Coaching Call: August 2013

Eat Your Career

In case you missed it, I hosted my quarterly free coaching call earlier today. You can listen to the recording using the audio player below or download the MP3 if you’d like.

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Open Loops 8/16/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. This is a great tip to transport CDs and DVDs in a pinch…use a book! From Lifehacker’s “Hold Loose CDs in a Book for Easy Transportation” There are some tricks in this article about the iPhone’s accessibility. I am going to try. Out the Guided Access one, because my daughter always seems to go elsewhere after using my phone.

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Ways to Spend Less Money on Back-to-School Shopping

Dumb Little Man

It seems hard to believe, but back-to-school time is already here. In many parts of the country, schools are opening for the fall in early August, and that means that parents are scrambling to buy all the things their children need without taking out another mortgage on the house.

2013 262

Top 5 Tips for Crisis Control

The Small Business Blog

At times of crisis, your business leadership skills are fully tested. Personal strengths and weaknesses may be exposed in a way that would not be possible except under great stress. But in order for your business to make it through times of crisis, you need to remain in control.

2013 198

Freelancers and the Child Free Life

Small Business Labs

Time Magazine's cover story The Child Free Life has garnered a lot of attention. It covers the trend of declining birth rates and the growing numbers of childless adults.    It's hardly the only recent popular media story on this topic.  Newsweek's Where Have All the Baby's Gone  covered the same ground earlier this year.  So did CBS News , which provided the clip below on being childless by choice.

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Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-11-20 17:17:23. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I love it when simple changes make a big difference. Example: a pile of fruit on your dining table is just a random pile of fruit. Put the fruit in a bowl or basket and, voila!, you've got a centerpiece.

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We're All Ready For Some Football But Do You Know How to Throw a Tailgate Party?

Dumb Little Man

Fall is almost here, and for millions of us, that means football season.

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Infographic: Trademark Blunders

The Small Business Blog

Ever since the first US trademark application in 1870, there have been a whole load of weird and wacky applications. But things got extra strange once celebrities started realising that they could make money off their catchphrases or, in some cases, their very identity.

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