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DNA Testing for a Healthier Diet

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever felt frustrated by diets? Have you ever struggled with weight loss? Have you been discouraged by eating “healthy” food that made you feel bloated or have low energy? Most people have run into issues with their diet at some point.

2020 199

The One of a Kind Assistant Conference Experience

Office Dynamics

A Recap of Our First-Ever Virtual Conference for Administrative Assistants Our first-ever virtual conference for administrative assistants had so many monumental moments and nuggets of information.

2020 130

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Why My Team Is Thriving At Work

Simple Productivity Blog

This has been a hell of a year. COVID has put a stress on most working people, if it left them employed at all. I've been working at home since March, and there is no sign of returning to the office. Yet our team is thriving. Someone recently asked me why I thought that was the case.

2020 130

The Surge in New Small Business Applications

Small Business Labs

Applications to get a tax ID as part of starting a business jumped a dramatic 77% in Q3 from the prior quarter.    This was the largest increase ever in business applications - and there's nothing even close. As the U.S.

2020 88

How To Dispose Face Masks in an Eco-Friendly Way

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We thought it couldn’t happen in our lifetimes, but it did. Since early 2020, the pandemic continues to rage throughout the world. The good news is that medical researchers have learned more about how the coronavirus works, and researchers are already working on effective vaccines and treatments.

2020 189

Clear Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Own Business

Small Business CEO

There’s no mistaking that feeling of contempt as you log on or clock in for another days’ work. Another 8 or more hours of mental or physical labour and wondering if you’re destined for something else, something better than this….

2020 85

3 Inbox Labels You Need to Use

Jen Lawrence

Keeping our inboxes organized can be a bit of a nightmare. If you’re like me, your inbox is an extension of your task list, which makes everything a bit harder to keep straight.

2020 52

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4 Learning Experiences That Can Redefine The Way Your Child Evolves

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Raising a child is no easy game. Many struggling parents tend to look for parenting tips from external sources: parenting books, family & friends, psychologists, and a lot of the times, to no avail.

2020 178

Tech Trends – How to be a Modern Entrepreneur

Small Business CEO

Modern Australian entrepreneurs are leveraging their online skills to connect with their audience. A storefront business can still bring many benefits to a company’s overall performance.

2020 79

TechCrunch's 5 Startup Trends for the 2020s

Small Business Labs

TechCrunch's 5 startup th eses that will transform the 2020s looks at 5 broad startup themes that will define the next decade.    These are: 1.    Wellness : TechCrunch defines wellness more broadly than most.    They say it encompasses building " humanistic societies with strong social fabrics that enliven, enrich, and build meaning for our lives …" More concrete is their view on the needs of our health system. 

2020 49

Starting My Fifties In The Twenties

Brilliantly Better

Today I turn 50. That’s half a century. Not bad. This event falls in 2020, a year some people labeled – in a somehow regrettable burst of enthusiasm – “the start of the twenties”. I am sure those people thought about the 1900s twenties, expecting the same amount of glamour, wild life and expansion. Read more. The post Starting My Fifties In The Twenties appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

2020 40

9 Things That Affect How Much You Pay for Car Insurance

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We’ve all seen tons of commercials touting the lowest rates when it comes to car insurance. Then you get a quote and ask yourself, “why are my rates so high?”. It turns out, what you pay for car insurance is not the same for everyone.

2020 174

Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Office Carpet

Small Business CEO

Carpets are one of the essential accessories in an office. They form a part of the office decor and keep the floor clean. With constant traffic and footfall, carpets can quickly pick up dust, grime, and much more. Superficial cleaning will only remove an outer layer of dust.

2020 72

3 Keys for a Great Recommendation

45 Things

When searching for a new job, we often just focus on what we will say to employers about our skills and experience. We practice answers to questions such as "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"

2020 56

A Guide in Picking The Best WordPress Host

Dumb Little Man

According to Google’s Best Practices, a website should load in 3 seconds or less. Any longer, and visitors may click away from growing impatient. According to research, a 9-second increase in page load time increases mobile bounce rate by 123%.

2020 162

4 Ways Some People Cope Better Than Others

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Ever wonder why some people seem to take things in stride no matter how tough it all gets? These people seem to bounce back from every setback and weather all the storms with what appears to be complete calm and poise. We all experience hardships in life.

2020 162

CEO’s: Here Are Five Useful Skills You Can Learn Online

Small Business CEO

Online learning is enjoying an unprecedented boom at the moment, and not only because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. These days the number of online courses available is staggering, with a genuinely impressive variety of subjects on offer.

2020 71

An In-Depth Look at Backlinks and Their Uses

Small Business CEO

The word backlink is one of the commonly most terms in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), and it’s simple to understand. A backlink is just a link to another site using some kind of anchor text. According to Forbes , these links are crucial for staying relevant and adapting.

2020 66

Why a Warehouse is The Solution to The growth of your business

Small Business CEO

As the efforts you take to grow your business succeed, you simultaneously create a new challenge for yourself to overcome: chiefly ensuring you have the resources to meet increased demand.

2020 66

How To Convert Your Office Into A Eudaimonia Machine

Small Business CEO

In Aristotelian ethics, Eudaimonia is the condition of peak human flourishing or living well. And for many of us, working in beige, open-plan offices or ecru cubicle farms sets the scene perfectly for us feeling the exact opposite!

2020 64

The Best Online Brokerage for Trading

Small Business CEO

With the availability of many online brokerages, trading on different stocks and assets is now easier than ever. The question is which brokerage to choose for trading. Thanks to the advancement in technology, trading or investing in stocks, indices, commodities, or currencies, etc.

2020 59