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A Look At The Healthcare Jobs Of The Future

Dumb Little Man

With each passing year comes a whole new series of ingenious innovations, especially in STEM fields.

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Understanding your personality and communication preferences

Practically Perfect PA

Understanding your personality and communication preferences Understanding your Executive's personality, behaviours and communication preferences are crucial to building an effective relationship and partnership.

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The Secret To Getting Things Done

Simple Productivity Blog

There is only one thing you need to do to get things done, no matter what the time frame or task. It's very simple, yet profound. And still many people won't do it. Want to know this secret? Today we'll look at the secret and why most people don't do it.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Organization Skills for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Ways to Improve Your Organizational Skills as an Administrative Assistant It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to thrive in chaos. It feels disorganized, unscheduled, and without direction.

2021 135

How Increases In Remote Work Will Affect The Wage Gap

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The past year has led to an unprecedented increase in employees working from home. Just under 90% of global organizations either mandated or requested their workers to do their jobs remotely last year.

2021 182

What’s Left After The Messy Beginning

Brilliantly Better

10 years ago, if you wanted to eliminate meat from your diet, you had very few options. You could obviously go with salads, nuts and crucifers, but if you wanted a more dense source of protein, you were out of luck. And I’m talking mostly about engineered protein-rich foods.

2021 82

Podcast Episode 39: Yak Shaving, Overthinking and Getting Back On Track

Simple Productivity Blog

Yak shaving is an extreme form of distraction, as well as procrastination. So is overthinking. We talk about both of these today, as well as how to get back on track. The post Podcast Episode 39: Yak Shaving, Overthinking and Getting Back On Track appeared first on Laura Earnest. Podcast

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7 Smart Strategies To Deal With Unemployment

Dumb Little Man

Having been retrenched in 2018 after being with a company for 17 years was quite frightening. I have just turned forty-nine, which have put me in the age bracket where finding employment is exceedingly difficult. Being hard of hearing has also limited me with regards to the positions I can apply for.

2021 177

Is It Still Worth Promoting Your Blog On Facebook Or Instagram? An Experiment

Brilliantly Better

A few months ago I started a promotion experiment. I wanted to see if Facebook / Instagram are still worthy of that, or – as my hunches were telling me – these outlets are already so opaque that they don’t even serve their initial purpose, which is connecting people.

2021 78

Epistemology vs Agnotology

Daily Writing Tips

Once upon a time, I encountered the word epistemology and its forms only in academic writing. Lately, I’ve been seeing it all over the place, often unaccompanied by any definition. Election-deniers are said to exist in a “parallel epistemological bubble.”.

2021 89

Business Applications Continue to Surge

Small Business Labs

There were 1.15 million applications to get a business tax ID (EIN) in Q4, 2020.    This is an impressive 27% increase compared with Q4 of 2019. As the U.S. Census chart below shows, business applications fell from Q3 by 28%. 

2021 71

How Society Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

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Today, many people want to be like entrepreneurs. Relatively few are willing to face the risks business owners do, but everyone can admire the rewards some manage to earn. Glowing accounts of how companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google began are the epic tales of a modern fairy tale story.

2021 171

El Viento Viene, El Viento Se Va

Brilliantly Better

One of the reasons for moving to Valencia was that here you get more 300 sunny days per year. The temperature is most of the time above 25 degrees and, overall, you get an astonishing weather. Well, “overall” should come with a little bit of a disclaimer.

2021 68

7 Reasons to Add PPC to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

Pay per click or PPC is quickly gaining popularity as a strategy for online marketing. It allows advertisers to buy a spot on search engines. When users type a keyword, the ad will appear on top. It’s an excellent strategy for businesses that are yet to make their online presence felt.

2021 84

Poshmark and the Rise of Social Selling

Small Business Labs

Poshmark is a social e-commerce platform where people buy and sell secondhand goods, mostly used clothes.    It went public last week and closed its first trading day worth $3 billion.      In the Barron's article Poshmark CEO Sees Huge Market for Used Goods.

2021 66

These Upgrades Will Make Your Home Eco-Friendly Instantly

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Your home is where you feel the safest and most comfortable. It’s your very own sanctuary. Big investments or purchases like a house require upkeep and regular maintenance to ensure everything is in good condition.

2021 172

Hard Resets versus Soft Resets

Brilliantly Better

It’s reasonably cold and daylight is starting to dim. The park where I’m running is slowly blending into that uncertain shape, when it’s not fully dark, but contours are fuzzy. It’s a nice Saturday evening and I’m enjoying my come back run, after about 2 weeks of pause.

2021 67

Why SME Need To Consider On-Demand Graphic Design Service Provider – Penji

Small Business CEO

Graphics design needs come up all the time, from marketing materials to websites to social media. While it might be tempting to use someone in-house for your graphics design needs, you’ll quickly find that this is time consuming and might not always produce the most professional impact.

2021 76

3 Tips for Dealing with a Perfectionist Colleague

45 Things

For most of us, we have great days at work when we're really on top of our game. Then, there are other days when we don't do our best work, and we know it. But a perfectionist can never let anything slide. He or she believes that everything has to be perfect, every single time.

2021 52

Top 5 Best Learning Language Apps

Dumb Little Man

Whether you want to learn a foreign language so you can watch that movie without subtitles or communicate with the locals fluently when you travel abroad, you will most likely need a language learning app to get started.

2021 171

When Is Something Becoming Obsolete?

Brilliantly Better

Lately, I’ve been struggling at work with a 3 year old React Native project, which kinda fails to work anymore. It is the standard type of spaghetti code on top of last minute features, which eventually leads to a dead end.

2021 65

5 of The Best Credit Cards Designed for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

Running a small business, even if that business is just you acting as a freelancer, isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out. It takes capital for initial expenditures like office space, utilities, equipment, advertising, and office supplies.

2021 75

The Yet To Be Fulfilled Promise Of Blockchain

Brilliantly Better

Every 3 years or so, a certain part of media gets hyped about a seemingly unexplainable appreciation of a certain asset. The media we’re talking about is mainly business and economic related, and the asset is Bitcoin (or crypto-currencies, if you prefer).

2021 63

Top Tips for Business Blogging in 2021

Small Business CEO

Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced one, you might be wondering what changes 2021 will have in store. If you’re looking to renew your mindset or just find some new tips in the trade, this article was written for you.

2021 70

Team Productivity Low? 5 Tips For Every Aspiring Project Manager Out There

Small Business CEO

Beyonce said “girls run the world” and we don’t disagree. But here’s to people who run teams, the Project Managers. Several qualities of excellent project managers differentiate them from their other team members, and rightly so.

2021 68

5 Top-Rated WordPress Plugins for Small Business Sites

Small Business CEO

Starting a business is a monumental endeavor, and there are a few natural first steps to keep in mind to create a successful and long-lasting venture.

2021 65

6 Reasons Why Content Fuel Writing Service Can Help Solve Your Website’s Content Problems

Small Business CEO

Content is king, yet one of the biggest challenges websites face is the creation of consistent, quality content. There are so many options when you’re looking for SEO writing services, but which ones are superb? Which ones are qualified?

2021 61

7 Top Small Business Ideas for 2021

Small Business CEO

2020 has been an eventful year in many aspects. Many businesses survived while many incurred losses. The pandemic has been a reality check for most business owners. The most important lesson that all of us learned is that the world is going online, and we need to keep up with the pace.

2021 60

5 Business Processes to Update in 2021

Small Business CEO

January kicks off a new calendar year, but also a fresh fiscal year for many organizations. This means new budgets, updated plans for projects, and goals for the year.

2021 60

How to Choose the Right Car for your Business Fleet

Small Business CEO

Choosing a vehicle for business is a slightly different exercise than choosing on for personal use. You’ll need something that’s practical, economical and comfortable – especially if you’re putting in a lot of miles.

2021 56

How to Make Business Trips as Easy as Possible

Small Business CEO

Business travel can throw up a range of challenges that might take even the experienced by surprise. But even if you aren’t bowled over by any of them, you might find yourself exhausted by the time you get to the hotel – and therefore not at your best when you come to conduct the actual business.

2021 52