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5 Health Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Room

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After a long day at your desk job and packing in a good workout, falling into bed in a toasty room sounds pretty appealing. But have you considered the health benefits of sleeping in a cold room?

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The Assistant growth mindset

Practically Perfect PA

How do you feel when someone gives you feedback at work? Are you open to feedback, or do you feel defensive? What happens when you have challenges at work? Do you face them head-on, or do you avoid the situation? As Assistants, we often come up against misconceptions about the role.

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Your Personal and Professional Brand Matters

Office Dynamics

Successful businesses around the world spend enormous amounts of time and money developing a brand that sets them apart and tells their story. Their marketing departments consider every little detail, from logos to font style, from signature colors to tone of communication.

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Learn to Say “No”

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Learn to Say “No” appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. There was a time when I would say yes to everything. Not because I thought I had the ability to do it all, but because I felt I looked lazy if I wasn’t doing something all the time. I had to learn to say no. There was also an issue of how to handle things … Continue reading Learn to Say “No” → You just finished reading Learn to Say "No" ! Consider leaving a comment!

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The 11 Most Important Rules For Healthy Eating

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You know what to do in theory, don’t you? Avoid processed foods and trans fats. Include more lean protein and load up on the fresh fruits and veggies. Looks easy, right?

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 Day in the life: Anna Dukes, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive at ITN

Practically Perfect PA

Enjoy today’s Day in the life: Anna Dukes, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive at ITN, which is full of Executive Assistant Tips and Tricks. What are the main aspects of your role?

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Podcast 132: Decision controls

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! This is podcast 132 and it’s about decision controls. This episode is sponsored by Clean Email, the answer to email inbox overload. I’ve written about ways to clear out that clutter, but you can save time by using the Clean Email app.

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10 Tips for a Successful Meeting With The Boss

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Maybe you work one-on-one with the head honcho every day or perhaps you only get a face-to-face on very rare occasions. Whenever you get the chance to sit down and have a meeting with the big guns, it’s best to make it as productive as possible.

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Episode 272: Crowdsourcing Paris with J.H. Bunting


On this episode of the program I speak with J.H. Bunting about the life of a writer and the making of his ambitious new book, Crowdsourcing Paris: Memoirs of a Travel Adventure. Bunting (or “Joe” as I know him) is a bestselling writer, novelist, and a dad.

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The Proximity Bias – And How It Affects Our Perception Of Value

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been living in Spain for over a year now. Enough time to completely change my social circle. Valencia’s expat life is quite vibrant and, if you really take the time to get involved, you get to meet a lot… The post The Proximity Bias – And How It Affects Our Perception Of Value appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Relationships & Society

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Boost Productivity by Simplifying Spaces

Simple Productivity Blog

Many years ago I saw the effect of simplifying spaces in my home. By taking away the immediate choices my daughter had for activities, she was able to settle quicker and play longer.

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The Science of Balance

Dumb Little Man

As much as we love to believe we’re the most advanced culture to have ever walked the Earth, the truth of the matter is that we have everything about as fouled up and backwards as a drunken dyslexic trying to figure out pants and shoes.

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Renewable Energy to Pass Coal for U.S. Electricity Generation in 2021

Small Business Labs

According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) , renewable energy sources will pass coal in terms of U.S. electricity generation in 2021. As their chart below shows, each of the sources will produce around 800 billion kilowatts of electricity in 2021.

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Increase Your Self-Awareness with the Left-Hand Column Exercise

Jen Lawrence

Self-awareness is all the rage lately. Emotional IQ training. Meditation. Journaling. We’ve made self-awareness trendy. And that’s not a bad thing. Slowing down to figure out how we are affecting the world around us is more productive and expected as we interact with each other.

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Picking The Best Form Builder For Your Website: 8 Top Tools

Small Business CEO

In the age-old understanding of the “marketing funnel”, the more leads that are poured into the top, the more quality results will eventually fall out from the bottom!

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5 Academic Writing Tips to Help You Earn The Highest Grades In Class

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If the task of completing a research paper in time seems too daunting to you or you just can’t get that A grade for your thesis, this article will be of help to you. Below are 5 great academic writing tips to help you get that top score in class. Understand the deliverables.

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Scientific American's Top Emerging Technologies of 2019

Small Business Labs

Scientific American's describes their Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2019 as "World-changing technologies that are poised to rattle the status quo." 

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Interview with David Hauser, Author of Unstoppable

Daily Writing Tips

Over the coming months we will publish interviews with book authors, focusing on the process of actually writing the book, launching and promoting it.

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How to Scale and Predict Results in Influencer Marketing

Small Business CEO

With 11x ROI than other marketing methods, influencer marketing is delivering exceptional results due to highly engaged audiences. Because of this, many brands and marketing agencies are looking forward to ramping up their influencer marketing efforts exponentially.

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How to Unwind: 8 Things You Should Do After a Tiring Week At Work

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So, how did your week go? Tiring? Stressful? Well, we don’t blame you. Almost every other adult in the world is dealing or has dealt with a mental health issue and what adds to their stress, is work. Workplace stress exists and sadly, no efforts are made to address this problem.

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Customer Intelligence and Teamwork Drive Innovation


Innovation happens in many places and has many faces.

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Reluctancy and Humbleness

Daily Writing Tips

Synonyms are good. They enable us to narrow a concept to the exact connotation we wish to convey. Unnecessary synonyms, on the other hand, weaken writing and speech by replacing a strong word with an invented or obsolete equivalent.

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Things To Consider When Setting-up A Cheap Research Paper Writing Service

Small Business CEO

Despite the controversy, research paper writing services are rising in demand. If you’re looking for starting-up a business in this niche, here are some things to consider.

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7 Networking Tips in a Competitive Industry

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Regardless of the industry, networking is a must. There are so many career growth benefits to making connections with other people. But when taking care of business in your industry means constantly putting in an effort to stay on top of the competition, things can be a little trickier.

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Does Your Workplace Have Unconscious Biases?

45 Things

It’s estimated there are more than 150 identified types of unconscious bias. These types range from the natural tendency to surround ourselves with others who are similar to us to forming assumptions and stereotypes about others.

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The Future (And History) of Phishing And Email Security

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Not that long ago, the only way to communicate with someone across the office was to get up and walk over. Then, it became calling one’s phones with individual extensions being widely used.

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How Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Sleep and Health

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Circadian rhythm is a behavioral and physiological change that normally runs on a 24-hour cycle. It responds to light and darkness, making it your body’s 24-hour internal clock that regulates sleep and alertness. The word circadian is derived from the Latin words circa and di?m,

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5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Small Business CEO

Despite the unprecedented influence of social media, the classic email remains a top marketing choice for business owners. However, many mistakes are made regularly that hurt prospects to increase sales and gain conversions. Even the most seasoned experts can slip up.

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Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Small Business 

Small Business CEO

There are several ways to protect your business and all the hard work you have put into it. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to make sure your business is adequately insured with the proper types of insurance plans. A recent N.Y.

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How to Compare and Choose the Right Transcription Service

Small Business CEO

When it comes to transcription services, it is important that you make sure you compare and choose the right ones for you. This is because it can make your decision a lot easier and it can do you a lot of favours if you choose the right service.

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An Interesting Solution To Businesses Through Dynamics 365 Edition

Small Business CEO

Cloud is an advanced development of the digital age and has set a different era in the world of business solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest solution for businesses with a combination of ERP and CRM that is cloud-based. The solution comes in two editions, namely Business and Enterprise.

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How to Protect Your Business: 3 Tips

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When you own your own business, there are a lot of challenges you’ll face along the way. You’ll also be exposed to a lot of risks which could jeopardise the company. Security is one of the main challenges you’ll want to tackle head on. Protecting your business is crucial if you want it to succeed.

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Why is Retargeting Worth a Try (Infographic)

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Retargeting requires some practice and knowledge to get positive results. It is well worth the effort, though. The fact that only 2% of website visitors purchase on their first visit to a website should be reason enough to consider the many options of a retargeting campaign.

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