July, 2017

Ground rules for team meetings

Practically Perfect PA

A really fundamental task for assistants is organising your department team meetings. If your organisation is anything like the businesses I used to work for I bet you organise A LOT of team meetings.

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Business Spotlight: How Cox Enterprises Successfully Promotes Sustainable Employee Behavior

Eco-Office Gals

At Cox Enterprises , conservation is more than a corporate priority. It’s a mindset we encourage every employee to adopt and apply to their lives.

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How Your Car Can Affect Your Personal Branding

Dumb Little Man

We all have a personal brand. If you think you don’t, you should probably look further into it. How you present yourself on a regular basis becomes your personal brand, like it or not.

2017 114

4 Tips That Will Help You Influence Others

On The Job

Communication seems to be a problem in the world today. It's not that we don't have plenty of ways to communicate, it's that we expect the tool (text, phone, email) to do the job for us. That's never going to work because good communication requires human effort.

2017 77

Thomas Friedman Embraces the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

The well known New York Times columnist, best selling author and pundit Thomas Friedman wrote a very bullish article on gig work last week. Self-Driving People, Enabled by Airbnb focused on the gig work being created by Airbnb's "Experiences" platform.

2017 75

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4 Career Management Lessons You Can Learn From Playing Golf

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The game of golf can teach us a lot about what it means to manage a successful career. Golf takes practice, confidence, optimism and most importantly, patience. Beginner golfers are typically encouraged to focus on their swing before they hit the green.

2017 105

Survey: Unhappy Workers = Unhappy Customers

On The Job

Companies like Zappos often are seen as the standard bearers of the top-notch customer experience , but some companies trying to emulate them may find they fall short because they are missing a key component: an equally top-notch worker experience.

2017 54

The Taylor Review: The British Government Looks at the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

Last October the British government asked Matthew Taylor , the CEO of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) , to lead a study on the future of work with a focus on self-employment and the gig economy. The study - Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices - was released last week. 

2017 58

Career Success and the Power of Perception

Eat Your Career

In the business world, it can be tempting to believe we’re all operating in the same objective reality. After all, we deal in things like facts and data. We forget sometimes that reality is actually quite subjective; it’s shaped by the observer.

2017 77

Project Manage like a pro

Practically Perfect PA

Project management is a key skill for PAs these days.

Downsize and Organize Your Digital Clutter

Office Dynamics

Physical clutter can damage your health.

2017 68

How And Why To Work On Your Emotional Intelligence

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Parents and educators have done a serious disservice to many people by leading them to believe that IQ is everything and that your grades actually matter once you are out of school. Learning is good and getting good grades can certainly open a lot of doors, but your IQ is basically set for life in childhood. So, if you are going to depend on that for the rest of your life, it will just be a losing game for you. There is good news, though.

2017 100

Why Your Business Must Go For Direct Outreach

Small Business CEO

There are a couple of reasons why businesses are moving away from direct outreach towards more passive, yet highly effective, inbound marketing strategies. Firstly, direct outreach is invasive – you could be reaching out to a prospect while they are busy.

2017 46

Direct Selling Industry Employs More People Than the Online Gig Economy Platforms

Small Business Labs

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), 20.5 million Americans were involved in direct selling in 2016. Of those, 5.3 million are what the DSA calls "business builders" These are people actively managing and selling products to a customer base (think Avon, Mary Kay, etc.).

2017 57

How the Best Hotels Win Repeat Bookings

The Small Business Blog

Follow these golden rules to build a reputation as a caring bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or national chain, to win repeat bookings. Convincing guests to stay at your hotel for a second or third time is up to eight times cheaper than winning a brand new customer. Here’s how to do it….

2017 39

How to nail a video interview

Practically Perfect PA

According to tech giant Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019.

Build Structure out of Chaos (Part 4 of 4 Part Series)

Office Dynamics

To end my 4 part series, I wanted to share my quick list of tips with you. In case you missed the rest of the series, you can read part 1 here , part 2 here and part 3 here. Remember that doing several little things throughout your day can also improve your productivity. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to try. Best of luck. . Standardize processes. Focus on tasks of high value. Clarify objectives. Learn to think on paper. Anticipate upcoming work events or projects.

2017 56

Five Career Killers Every Professional Should Be Aware Of

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Hard work is, without a doubt, an indispensable factor in the ladder of success. Without it, there is not much that can be accomplished. Working hard with sincerity and integrity is sure to take an individual’s career a long way. Unfortunately, there are instances where hard-working individuals can lose their fight and succumb to the various obstacles along the way.

2017 99

4 Ways to Create a Paperless Workplace

Small Business CEO

There has been a steep fall in paper consumption in the workplace over the past decade. The average office worker in the United Kingdom consumes around 45 pieces of paper per day. This is five pieces lower per worker per day compared to what it was in 2008.

2017 43

Led by Uber and Airbnb, the Sharing Economy Continues Rapid Growth

Small Business Labs

According to eMarketer : " over a quarter (26.0%) of US adult internet users—or 56.5 million people—will use a sharing economy service at least once in 2017. This is a higher figure than previously projected due to stronger-than-expected uptake of both ride- and home-sharing services."

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This is What You Have to Do to Be Invaluable

On The Job

We often over-estimate our worth at work. Just look at the number of people who lose their jobs because of layoffs or downsizings or mergers, and you'll find a lot of them thought there was no way they would be let go. Maybe Slacker Suzy or Psycho Phil would be let go, but not them.

2017 34

Day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University

Practically Perfect PA

This month we have a day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University. Cressida recently spoke at the Assist Conference. She was full of useful tips and very charismatic on stage.

2017 77

3 Problems with Introducing Sayings and Questions

Daily Writing Tips

Often, an incorrect form of punctuation is deployed to set off the introduction of a saying or a question from the quoted material itself. The following sentences demonstrate various errors related to this issue, and discussions and revisions explain the problem and illustrate one or more solutions.

2017 32

4 Ways To Reduce Stress Inside and Outside of Work

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Many people have been there. The point where it feels like the chaos of your job is taking over every aspect of your life. This can have an incredibly negative effect on your personal relationships and overall well-being. While a moderate amount of stress can be good for staying motivated, the harsh reality is that you will most likely be overwhelmed at some point in your career.

The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Establishing Your Business’ Online Presence

Small Business CEO

Having a strong online presence is good for business. Over 70% of today’s customers search for the information they need online, including information about products, services, and brands.

2017 31

Many Working in the On-Demand Economy Are Business Builders

Small Business Labs

The online platforms like Upwork, Uber, Lyft and WorkMarket are not just used to provide hourly or project work. For many, they function as platforms on which people can construct, test, build, and run small businesses.

2017 50

What's Worth the Effort in Job Searching -- and What's Not

On The Job

It can be exhausting looking for a job. There's the old saying that "looking for a job is a job." In addition to writing a resume and cover letter, you're now supposed to monitor social media and look for ways to "brand" yourself to prospective employers.

2017 33

Feeling like a fraud at work

Practically Perfect PA

A few years ago I was working as a PA within a large team of highly qualified, talented and very very confident project management consultants. I was asked by one of my colleagues to come along to a meeting to discuss how the organisation could communicate more successfully with staff.

2017 72

10 Places to Ignore Your Grammar and Spelling Checker

Business Writing

You check your documents electronically to try to catch every error. But your grammar and spelling checker may be giving you bad advice. Because it's a software program, it can't read your mind or know your intentions. Also, it can't.

2017 28

4 Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals Through Tough Times

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Have you ever gotten excited about your New Year’s resolutions only to have them fizzle out mere weeks after? This is a common enough story and we’ve all been there. When the “fresh start effect” fades away, your determination falters and the first bump on the road often signals the end of the journey. So, what can we do to keep our motivation high for the longer run? Here are 4 great ways to stay motivated. Listen to your heart.

2017 92

Summer is Prime Time to Make a Splash with Marketing

Small Business CEO

All signs point to it. Within the last few weeks, you may have uncovered your grill for the first time in eight or nine months and fired up some New York strips. A little corn on the cob, freshly-sliced watermelon and homemade cherry cobbler rounded out your family’s all-American picnic.

2017 30

Healthcare Industry Embracing the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

71%  of healthcare executives surveyed said they are already using on-demand labor platforms, and the same percent believe that building a strong contingent workforce will help them win the war on talent. This data comes from Accenture's Digital Health Vision 2017.

2017 48

The Prisoners Dilemma, Trust, Cooperation and Effective Teams


Image Source: Chalkdust Magazine. I have been reading Lord Sacks daily thoughts "Celebrating Life" and was impressed by his piece on "The Prisoners Dilemma" which I have written about previously and in my new book.

2017 28

How can you be more accountable at work?

Practically Perfect PA

This week I have been working on the programme for the Future Assistant conference taking place next February. The conference will look at how the industry is changing, how the role is evolving and what skills are required to keep up with these new demands.

2017 64