Mon.Feb 25, 2019

8 Methods to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

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Huge credit card debt can feel like a crushing, impossible burden that you need to carry for months, years, or even a lifetime – but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple steps and a good deal of discipline, credit card debt can be whittled down, paid off, and eventually eliminated for good.

Insect Farming Company Ynsect Raises $150 Million

Small Business Labs

Ynsect , a Paris-based producer of insect protein used in fish farming and pet food, recently raised $125 million.    The company is using the money to expand in the U.S. and build the world's largest insect farm in Northern France.

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How To Calculate Salvage Value Of An Automobile

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When a vehicle is damaged beyond repair, automobile insurance companies declare it a total loss. Now, if that’s the case with your car, don’t throw it out just yet. While it may not be cost-effective to repair the vehicle, it still retains some salvage value.

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Giving and receiving feedback at work

Practically Perfect PA

At last week’s Future Assistant Conference, we had a brilliant session on how you can manage an awkward conversation.

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13 Online Banking Security Tips You Should Know About

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Banking online is fast and convenient. This is what makes it so popular with people all over the world. However, it also exposes you to more threats. We want you and your money to stay safe, so we’ve put together a list of the best online banking security tips available.

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3 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

On The Job

Everyone has heard the expression "work smarter, not harder." If you're like me, that's often easier said than done. When you're under pressure from your boss, or you're trying to juggle multiple projects, you might forget all about such advice, and find yourself working 12-hour days.

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5 Ways To Create the Foundation of a Long-Term Relationship

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Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. Sometimes, the valleys seem so deep and wide that it feels like you’ll never get out of them. Some couples never do. They either choose to go their separate ways, file for a divorce or have a legal separation.

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Using Tech To Give Your Pet A Better Quality of Life

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Our pets tend to be members of our families rather than just a possession. We value them unconditionally which is why we’re often looking for the best ways to make them more comfortable and safe at home. Now, thanks to modern pet technology, we are able to give them just that.

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4 Ways To Give The Best Candidate Experience in 2019

Recruit CRM

In the early days, recruiters focused their work mostly around what clients (hiring managers) wanted. But with today’s changing recruitment scenario, candidates have started demanding the same treatment as well. Recently I came across a discussion on Reddit (An online discussion website), that was filled with bad experiences candidates faced while dealing with recruiters! Source. Blogs

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How to Make the Most of an Outdoor Marketing Event

Small Business CEO

In spring and summer, or if you live in a climate that’s friendly for outdoor engagements, it could be good for your business to get involved in an outdoor event.

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How To Implement Knowledge Management At Your Organization

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Every company in the world has information, data and knowledge. Managing all this knowledge, or Knowledge Management , without getting a headache can be overwhelming. That’s why there are systems in place that will collect this data, store it in a database, and manage that data like a well-oiled car.

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What Free Shipping Means to Your Customers

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Customers want free shipping. Amazon has forced the issue, pushing retailers to offer free shipping on products.

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