Thu.Feb 16, 2012

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Speak for Yourself

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. There are many ways to market your business – email marketing, social media, press releases, attending networking events. But to really “kick it up a notch,” you have to put yourself out there, in person, in front of people. This is a hurdle worth jumping. Becoming the “Go To” Person…. Promoting Your Business….

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A Quick Email Management Tip

Office Organization Success

Emails aren’t urgent! Don’t feel you have to read and act upon your email the second it hits your inbox. Here’s an article with some tips on how you can manage your email to increase your productivity and keep your sanity! Quick Biz Tip

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More on the End of Men and Rise of Women

Small Business Labs

Earlier this week we posted on the  End of Men and the Rise of Women trends. " Coming Apart chronicles a mix of growing problems in America.

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College To Work – Building The Leader In You

Small Business CEO

I was recently asked to help a college student prepare for interviewing, and it reminded me of how important it is to be well-prepared when looking for a job, especially transitioning out of college. In this blog post I provide several tips for the earliest leaders – those entering the professional workforce for the first time. Look like a Leader.

Review: Habit Master

Simple Productivity Blog

If you are trying to build new habits, it is important to keep track of how well you are doing. the habit is gone. Daily, Weekly, Monthly. The Help.

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Minute Taking Q&A

Laughing all the Way to Work

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was giving a webinar on minute-taking yesterday. There were a few questions that as I pondered last night, I wanted to give a more fulsome answer to today. Since some of you are on my blog, I thought this would be a good way to answer those questions. He wanted it to be known that he was against it.

Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

Why is it that when it comes to emails, there are no accepted standards? Even though 6 billion emails are sent every day, almost no one agrees about simple things like email etiquette, how to organize a note, or whether emails are considered private or not. The 99 tips in this article make up the best in email practices: 4.) Just don’t do it.

Moxie Tip 120: Working In/Out

Virtual Moxie

If you spend plenty of time working out, good for you for keeping your body healthy! Just be sure to also spend plenty of time working "in." There are all sorts of amazing and wonderful things to learn of benefit to you in reflection and introspection. Moxie Tips AssistU Moxie Tips Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Training Virtual Moxie

Moxie Tip 119: Upgrade Your Ethics

Virtual Moxie

Especially if you hang around deep in the belly of the Internet Marketing world, it can be a quick trip into the muck and mire of seduction and manipulation--often clothed as attraction. If you feel a bit lost, or if your ethics in business need a shot in the arm, get to know Christopher Bauer (also @ethicstweet ).