Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office

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Not only does reducing their carbon footprint helps the environment, but it also helps business. To reduce your carbon footprint and cut the cost of copy paper, copier maintenance, and ink, try going paperless. Use Recycled Office Supplies – When ordering office supplies like file folders or copy paper be sure to purchase recycled products. Buy Used – Wherever you can, look for an opportunity to purchase used or refurbished items.

Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job

Eco-Office Gals

online retailers and auction site sellers do not ship purchases overseas, charge too much for international shipping, or do not accept international credit cards.”. When pitching ecofriendly companies letting them know that you do virtual meetings and pitches to help reduce your footprint on the environment could be the detail that closes the deal. The post Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job appeared first on Eco-Office Gals.


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How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry)

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This is far more valuable in terms of gaining customers because when a site has good SEO, it keeps it high in search rankings and that is more bang for your buck than purchasing a page in a magazine that may never be seen. Post from: Eco-Office Gals How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry). The post How Small Businesses can ease their Carbon Footprint (and Exceed in their Industry) appeared first on Eco-Office Gals.

Guest Post: Simple Green Office Practices

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Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also save a bundle on gas money as well. You don’t have to necessarily ride your bike every day, but once or twice a week can substantially reduce the amount of carbon released into the air. Another option is to buy clothes from thrift stores and consignment shops rather than purchasing them new at department stores. As recent headlines suggest, going green in the workplace is a steadily growing trend.

Eco Mobile and Broadband

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A number of companies will even purchase your old phones allowing you to make a little money in the process. You can use major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find companies that specialize in purchasing and recycling or refurbishing old cell phones. Most of these companies will include lists of phone models that they purchase on their web sites. If you have a phone on the list, you complete an online form to request a purchase.

Little Green Footsteps

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use; holiday forms, purchase order sign-off, invoice sign off, expenses, just to name a few. However, we cannot operate a business today without IT and suspect in most cases the incremental service cost and carbon footprint required to make these changes are significantly less the storing and shipping around unnecessary paper based files. I am not sure what the carbon cost is for these kinds of figures, but I bet it’s substantial.

10 Ways to Enjoy a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

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One quite popular New Year’s resolution that is shared among the masses is the reduction of one’s carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint by living a zero waste waste lifestyle, is a great way to do your part in conserving this precious place we call home. The meat industry in particular is responsible for 15 percent of all carbon emissions worldwide, according to conservative calculations. Do you want to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle ?

5 Tips for Implementing Sustainability Practices as a Small Business

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Find detailed definitions of important terms like sustainability, carbon footprints, climate change, and carbon emissions. For instance, you could provide a discount for those that purchase eco-friendly options.

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Can AI Be the Solution to the Much-Debated Climate Change Issue

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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Data Centres. No matter how powerful we consider the company Google to be, it could seldom do anything to reduce its carbon footprint. Among the world’s top carbon emission contributors are commercial and industrial buildings.

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Eco-Friendly Medical Product Can Help You Gain New Patients

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Purchasing products that were created in a sterile factory or products that only require steam sterilization are the best way to purchase these products. Make a conscious effort to purchase sterile items that have been created in a sterile environment. Purchasing eco-friendly products for your medical office can also be used as a marketing tactic. You can earn well and reduce your carbon footprint easily.

Sustainability: A Competitive Requirement for Small Business

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  The key reasons sustainability is becoming a business necessity are: Customer demand:  Over 40% of consumers say they prefer purchasing products from eco-friendly companies.    This is up from less than 20% 5 years ago and we expect the number of consumers basing purchasing decisions on environmental impact to grow rapidly.   For example, Gobi Carbon Management Solutions Inc.   The best news about reducing your carbon footprint

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Credit cards going green

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Offsetting their carbon footprint: Credit card companies are administratively intensive with a large amount of energy used by the thousands of computers that are required to ensure credit card transactions are possible. As other industries have started to implement offsetting their carbon, so too have the banks and credit card companies in an attempt to reduce the damage that is being done to the environment.

Better Eco Friendly Choices for Your Business in 2017

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CFL and LED lights cost more to purchase but save you money in the long run. You can also install solar panels if you can; they are coming down in price and becoming more affordable, or you can purchase green power from your utility provider. Eco-friendly web hosting companies are those that try as much as possible to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Making your business more eco-friendly (green) is a wise move to make.

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The Different Types of Green Hosting

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The Internet is growing fast, and so is it’s carbon footprint. Reducing the environmental footprint of the electronic hardware and computers that make the Internet possible. Buying “ carbon offset tickets ” to offset the “dirty” coal based energy that a data center consumes: These carbon offsets can be bought from wind, solar, or hydro electric power stations.

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How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

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If you are trying to lessen your carbon footprint and save money, you will need to consider this recurring purchase and expense. If you’re shopping around for a new vacuum cleaner, you’d already know that there are many models and a wide assortment of features. We’ve created this easy checklist that will guide you through the vetting process. Here’s how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home and family. Consider the Filter.

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Simple Guide To A Green Roof

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It can even help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and boost its appeal. Another way to go is to purchase pre-vegetated mats or blankets. Green roofs are roofs covered with vegetation. Before, vegetation growing on a rooftop was mostly due to neglect. Today, however, growing greens on a roof are making a trend. And for good reason. Green roofs have many benefits for the environment and the home itself.

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The Importance of Good Office Design In Creating a Productive Working Environment

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An inspiring office space is crucial to motivating and engaging staff; by combining a good office design with environmental considerations, you can improve productivity, profitability and reduce your carbon footprint. You should also purchase artwork which reflects staff members’ way of life, making them feel valued; for example, a staff member who loves baking bread could have artwork close to their desk which alludes to baking.

Why the Cloud is Green

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One of the best ways for a company to show its employees that it is committed to curbing carbon emissions and e-waste is to embrace cloud computing services in the office. In other words, you don’t have to purchase an entire package of unneeded gadgets and circuits just to get the one you do need. Cloud services cuts down on carbon emissions. Businesses these days are flocking to green options and to cloud services.

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Go Green at the Restaurant

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Of course, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with restaurant ownership, it’s easy to glance over your establishment’s environmental footprint. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, be sure to purchase Eco-friendly paper towels and toilet paper. It cut backs on your carbon footprint. As a local restaurant owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun intended).

Designing Your Office From Recycled and Upcycled Materials

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Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll no doubt be glad to learn that a growing demand for information, products, and services in regard to eco-friendly living has spawned a marked response in consumer industries, so that now there are all kinds of ways for you to reduce your impact on the environment and adopt a greener lifestyle. Many people are looking for ways to go green these days, both in their personal and their professional lives.

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Eco-Friendly Payroll Options for Your Business

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Even companies that start out with eco-friendly ideals are constantly seeking new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do all they can for a greener tomorrow. You’ll either have to purchase computer software that allows you to complete such transactions or hire a payroll service to do it for you (or both). Turning the average business into an eco-friendly enterprise that strives to do less harm through policies and practices is no easy undertaking.

Going Green in the Office While Staying in the Black

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In addition to energy saving tasks, there are also office products and stationery which can be purchased to make your office more eco-friendly. When purchasing new products look out for if they are recycled/recyclable. No need to forget those all-important deadlines whilst reducing your carbon footprint. With Global Warming having shocking effects around the globe, do your bit to help the environment by keeping your workplace green.

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Green Manufacturing Helps Create More With Less Energy

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And there is a lot to be gained from exploring this option, which can lead to significant reductions where both cost and carbon footprint are concerned. Solar panels are probably the first products that come to mind, and they can certainly help the average business to achieve a zero-energy or carbon neutral state of operations, especially for facilities in sunny climes.

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The Talbott Hotel, Chicago

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The hotel prides itself on its green initiatives or as they like to call it “sustainability without compromise” which entails reducing their carbon footprint while continuing to meet guest’s expectations for a luxury hotel. I’ve heard many hotels talk about this issue over the years but the Talbott does seem to have a real concern for the environment and can be seen in their extensive recycling programme, green technology and purchasing carbon offsetting.

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The Laws of Eco-Friendly Marketing and Promotion

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So aside from setting up recycling bins in your office, selling green products, and ensuring an eco-friendly supply chain by hiring vendors that share your environmental sensibilities, you can also try to cut your carbon footprint through your approach to marketing and promotions. Okay, so the rules pertaining to green practices in marketing and promoting your business are more like guidelines than laws.

Tax Incentives for Green Businesses

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But many also strive to reduce their carbon footprint merely to remain in compliance with government mandates or to improve their brand image with consumers. Of course, you may also be able to gain some consideration at tax time by purchasing company cars that meet specific standards (electric and plug-in hybrids are currently eligible for incentives) or by installing certain energy-star appliances and equipment in your facility.

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6 Ways to Reduce Paper Waste and Save Money in Your Office

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You can do your banking 24 hours a day all while reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Instead of purchasing post its, small notebooks and other paper products, why not use scrap paper to take notes, create sign-in sheets and so much more? Using paper again and again significantly reduces the amount of new paper being purchased. The result is less paper waste, plus a hand dryer is a one-time purchase, as opposed to the frequent re-ordering of paper towels.

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Thinning Out the Trash: How to Reduce Packaging Waste

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According to the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department, we throw away only approximately one-third of the garbage we generate immediately after we make purchases. Unpackaged , a store in London, encourages customers to bring their own containers or purchase reusable containers for a discount. The reduced carbon footprint is really more a happy side effect of this initiative, but I’ll take it.

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DIY Home Renovations: Tips to Renovate by Yourself and Save

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. As well as being able to reduce the carbon footprint of your renovation, looking at second-hand stores, garage sales and auctions for materials and furniture can save you huge amounts off the retail prices. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is also a building supply store which resells new and used building materials such as paint, windows, light fixtures and hardware, and every purchase funds the Habitat for Humanity building programs.

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Green Living, Green Wallet

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Everything has a carbon footprint associated with it, and so these things we are buying have an impact on the planet. There is little nutritional value in such a meal, and the footprint associated with the waste of each individually wrapped item, and the process of making that food in a plant somewhere, shipping it to the restaurant, and preparing it for you is considerable. We live in a world that is driven by excessive consumer spending and excessive consumer waste.

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Domain names, Hosting and WordPress…Oh My! (Part III)

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You now know the difference between the two versions of WordPress , and what a domain name is and how to choose and purchase one. In my previous post I mentioned that GoDaddy was a great place to purchase your domain name, but I hinted that I wouldn’t choose them for hosting. Many people that I’ve worked with weren’t even aware when purchasing their domain name through GoDaddy that they could host it somewhere else.

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