Do Indoor Plants Really Provide Return On Investment?

Eco-Office Gals

There are numerous reasons to invest in indoor plants for the office environment. Plants help to create a welcoming atmosphere, they can clear airborne nasties from the air, and of course, they are nice to look at. Various studies have shown that introducing plants into an office environment can help to increase productivity among workers. While sealed office environments are energy efficient, they can also promote Sick Building Syndrome.

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How to Have a Positive Attitude at Work (While Still Being Yourself)

Eat Your Career

It’s as contagious as an airborne virus. The workplace is a professional environment—it’s your responsibility to act professionally. My former co-worker (let’s call her “Ruth”) always saw the negative in everything. When an idea was presented, she was the first one to say, “That won’t work.” Fair enough. But she never offered alternatives. She never looked for solutions. She never, ever gave anything or anyone the benefit of the doubt. Ruth was an absolute nightmare to work with.

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What Would a Home Economist, an Environmentalist, an Allergist, and Your Mother Say About Your Home Windows?

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You know that each American home produces more harm for the environment than their gas guzzling vehicles do, right?”. Overworked HVAC systems leak refrigerants that damage the environment and contribute to global warming. Over 50 million Americans suffer from airborne allergens and the most common indoor/outdoor triggers are cat, dog and rodent dander; cockroach and dust mite allergens; mold spores; grass, tree, and weed pollen according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAF).

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Greening Your Roof to Life

Eco-Office Gals

A growing trend in urban environments these days – pun mostly unintended – is the green roof, where standard roofing materials are replaced with plants to provide either integrated rooftop gardens or just a few environmental benefits. improve air quality, as plants filter out airborne pollutants and take in CO2. For any environmentally conscious homeowner, there are a multitude of things you can do to your property to make it more ecologically sound.

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The Hypocrisy of Kleenex Hand Towels

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I can accept the argument that any damp towel could attract airborne bacteria. Likely, the towels create damp, warm environments that attract insects to nest and procreate in them.

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Minimum Survival Kit

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From the physical environment to the relationship level, everything was rough. And after that year, I was reassigned to an Airborne unit at Ft.

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