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Mobile Phone Recycling – Promoting Proper Disposal of Electronic Gadgets

Eco-Office Gals

Mobile phone recycling is the best practice to save the planet and also to generate money in the process. Improper disposal of phones only fills out the landfills. Not doing so, will only continue harming the planet and putting lives in danger.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

Practically Perfect PA

Being a personal or executive assistant is a career in itself, with the right drive and ambition you can carve out a highly rewarding working life as an invaluable support resource. But what if you don’t find it enough for you?

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How Trumpcare Will Impact Self-Employment

Small Business Labs

The quick summary is self-employed who are younger or have higher incomes will likely be better off under the Republican proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA, a.k.a. Trumpcare). Self-employed who are older or have lower incomes will likely be worse off.

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List Building: Facts & Figures

Office Organization Success

If you’re new (or newer) in business, you may have heard that you need to be “building your list”, or “the money is in the list” or any variation thereof.

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Do You Write Lazy Emails?

Business Writing

Marketing expert Marcia Yudkin, author of No-Hype Copywriting: The Keys to Lively, Appealing, and Truthful Sales Writing, wrote her weekly email on a topic dear to my heart: lazy emails. With her permission, I quote her message in its entirety.

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UK Study - Gig Work Part-Time and Provides Supplemental Income

Small Business Labs

The UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) released To gig or not to gig? Stories from the modern economy , which is study based on a survey of UK gig workers. The quick summary is UK's gig workers have a lot in common with those from the U.S.

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Seven tips: What to look for in an event supplier

Practically Perfect PA

Recently, the OpenMeet team had the pleasure of participating in the annual Practically Perfect PA Assist Conference 2017 , where we ran a few workshops.

Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Life

Dumb Little Man

Establishing daily healthy habits is one good way to boost your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. They can get you through life’s problems, inconveniences and stress. Despite the benefits they offer, these habits aren’t easy to develop, especially if you’ve been quite used to your way of life. To help you make the necessary changes, here’s an in-depth guide on how to get healthier habits. Wake up early.

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Tips for Helping You Work With Different Cultures

On The Job

Lionel Messi is a beloved Argentinian soccer player who became a lightning rod for criticism last year when he offered a pair of his used soccer shoes as a donation during an Egyptian charity fundraiser on television. “We

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The Top 3 Skills That Make Administrative Assistants Stand Out

Office Dynamics

Administrative professionals are always asking us what it takes to really stand out in the workplace. After all, it’s a competitive market out there! If you really want to make a name for yourself and get ahead, it takes more than just skimming the surface. You have to dive deep within yourself to develop that “World Class” status that executives are looking for in their assistants.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

Practically Perfect PA

Being a personal or executive assistant is a career in itself, with the right drive and ambition you can carve out a highly rewarding working life as an invaluable support resource. But what if you don’t find it enough for you? How do you make the jump from your current role into perhaps a completely different industry? Personal and Executive Assistants have a unique advantage over many other office roles.

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5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Big Mistake

Dumb Little Man

Everyone makes mistakes. The recent mistakes in the media with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong movie for the Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars and Steve Harvey’s slip-up when he said the wrong name for Miss Universe 2015 are reminders that no one is perfect.

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How to Keep Teams Motivated to the Finish Line

On The Job

How many times have you been about to reach your goal and for some reason, you lose interest? I've heard bosses complain that they've just about got their team to achieve a new goal -- and then enthusiasm seems to wane. The bosses try to figure out a way to jump-start the flagging interest, but can't seem to keep the team motivated. A new study sheds light on why this happens.

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10 Productivity Apps Every Small Business Owner should Use

Small Business CEO

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Seven tips: What to look for in an event supplier

Practically Perfect PA

Recently, the OpenMeet team had the pleasure of participating in the annual Practically Perfect PA Assist Conference 2017 , where we ran a few workshops.

5 Simple Hacks To Increase Your Retirement Savings

Dumb Little Man

Are you saving for your retirement? If you haven’t been able to start saving for retirement, you are not alone. The number of Americans who have no cash in their bank accounts is staggering. According to a Federal Reserve report, almost 30% of Americans have literally no money in their accounts while 62% have at least $1,000. Half of today’s Americans couldn’t afford $400 to cover an emergency expense without borrowing money or selling something.

The Future of Fun: All the World's a Shareable Stage

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting stats we've seen lately is over 50% of the people who buy the Hasbro game Pie Face make and share a video of them playing it. This stat comes from the Washington Post article What Hasbro’s Pie Face signals about the future of fun.    Hasbro's Pie Face was the single best-selling item in the games category in 2016. It's a pretty simple game.

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Podcast 048: Focus on today

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. You can leave a review here! In this episode, I’ll talk about why you need to avoid a big obstacle: getting stuck in the past. To move forward, you need to focus on today. Subscribe: iTunes ⋅ Stitcher ⋅ Soundcloud ⋅ YouTube ⋅ Google Play. This podcast is based on my book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized, available on my website. Each week I go into greater depth about one of the 52 ways.

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Are you wasting time?

Practically Perfect PA

So today I am sitting at my kitchen table hoping to write a few blog posts before my son wakes up from his morning nap. I have my laptop open, blog up and running, notebook and pen by my side and a cup of tea that has already started to go cold. I am ready to start working.

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Writing Therapy: How It Can Make Your Life Easier

Dumb Little Man

It’s true. Life is complicated. From time to time, we face difficulties we think we can’t cope with. While it might sound strange, there are instances where writing therapy can help. In fact, it’s one of the most effective means to improve a person’s internal state. In the article below, I’ll give you some tips on how to turn writing into medicine. Universal Cure. Writing is a psychotherapeutic tool- no doubt about it. Writing about your life can make you feel better.

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4 Self-Improvement Strategies for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

As a small business owner, you may have become so caught up in improving your company that you have forgotten to spend any time improving yourself.

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Career Success A to Z: P is for Paycheck

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. When it comes to career success, there’s no denying that money matters. Sure, I’m all about creating career “nourishment” and finding meaningful work that enriches your life.

2017 130

Secrets Revealed

Office Dynamics

Every person has secrets. They may be secrets about their families, health, money, business, fears, or successes. Some things should be kept secret or within a very small group. But there are other secrets that we should be sharing with others. What are you not telling people that would help them do their job faster, simpler, or save your company money? What have you learned from years in the workplace that you aren’t sharing?

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5 Happiness Hacks That You Need To Try Today

Dumb Little Man

When was the last time you felt happy? Not just a shadow of the pleasant feeling, but truly happy? You could say that most of our actions are fueled by our motivation to feel good. Unfortunately, however, it’s not all the time that we feel happy. There are days when we just can’t resist feeling low. If that is your case today, these simple happiness hacks can give you that extra shot of joy. Let Your Inner Child Take the Lead.

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5 Types of Unnecessary Hyphenation

Daily Writing Tips

The sentences below, each followed by a discussion and a revision, illustrate various ways in which a hyphen is used extraneously. He adds that cities should be forced to follow a federally-defined law pertaining to what kinds of benefits restaurants should be required to provide to their employees.

2017 78

11 Tasks You Can Outsource as a Small Business Owner

Small Business CEO

With the rise of the new gig economy , more and more people are leaving their traditional workplaces to go into business for themselves. These include entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners.

2017 76

A Systematic Guide to Collaboration and Competition in Organizations


I am delighted to announce my new book " A Systematic Guide to Collaboration and Competition in Organizations ". Team Leadership Development

7 Life-Enhancing Reasons To Start A Blog

Dumb Little Man

There are people who hate writing while others have no interest in selling their skills or products. Despite these differences, I still believe everyone can benefit from having a blog. Here are seven good reasons to start a blog today. It’s the easiest way to market yourself. A blog is a brilliant marketing tool for both business owners looking to attract customers and employees hoping to impress future employers. It provides a simple way to demonstrate your knowledge of a certain subject.

2017 150

Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund

Daily Writing Tips

One of the joys of researching word origins and usage is discovering facts such as that the five English words formed on the frame of b_nd , with different vowels, are cognates, all stemming from a common proto-Indo-European ancestral verb meaning “restrain.”.

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ASP.NET Offers Open-Source Performance Tools For Websites

Small Business CEO

A Well-Tuned Online Engine. Your website’s programming has some similarities to an automobile engine. Just substitute lubricating “oil” for functional “coding”. Like oil wears out, certain errors in coding will manifest through the site’s regular usage.

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The Productivityist Podcast: The Inner Game of Productivity with Alan Brown


My guest this week is Alan Brown – a productivity coach, best-selling author of the book Zen and the Art of Productivity , and the host of Crusher TV. Alan helps people get more things done in less time and with less stress through smart productivity and brain hacks. We chatted about his experience in overcoming a learning disability and addiction, how he catapulted himself from an average ad executive to a successful entrepreneur, and how brain hacks played an important part in all these.

2017 62

Get One Step Closer To Success: How To Make A Difference in e-Commerce SEO

Dumb Little Man

Creating a new e-commerce website with the WYSIWYG website builders is a cakewalk these days. However, maintaining it and optimizing its user experience is a different story. Without a planned strategy, your dream of running an optimized e-commerce website can very soon turn into a nightmare. The key to running an e-commerce website with a regular inflow of traffic and healthy conversion rates is the prioritization of SEO (search engine optimization).

2017 145

5 Types of Conditionals

Daily Writing Tips

When crafting “If (this), then (that)” statements, note that several varieties exist, distinguished by tense and probability. This post describes, with examples, various types of conditional statements.

2017 71

3 Simple Ways to End Internal Communication Woes

Small Business CEO

In military forces around the world, top-notch communication skills, or a lack thereof, are considered a life and death issue. After all, any slip in the communication lines can result in catastrophe – soldiers can lose their lives, innocent civilians can be killed or harmed, wars can be lost.