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What Does It Really Mean to Be Proactive at Work?

Eat Your Career

The word proactive is often tossed around in the workplace with little context. If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you’ve heard it. Perhaps you’ve even been instructed to “be more proactive.” But you may be wondering what it really means to be proactive at work.

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7 Signs of Low Emotional Intelligence You Need to Watch Out For

Dumb Little Man

Emotional intelligence can make or break a relationship. People with high emotional intelligence have fulfilling and successful relationships with their friends, family, colleagues, and soulmates.

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Is Your Home Business Really a Small Business?

Tips From T. Marie

On September 7 th , 2019 I will have run a home business for 12 years successfully. Over that time, I’ve discovered that although my little one-woman show gets categorized as a small business, that moniker doesn’t always fit or benefit my home office operation.

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Freelancers and Financial Well-Being

Small Business Labs

One of the ongoing questions around independent/gig work is its impact on the financial well-being of independent workers (freelancers, gig workers, self-employed, etc.). 

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Expanding your role

Practically Perfect PA

You worked for years to attain the top title in your job classification, and it felt great to finally achieve it. So, when review time rolled around, you didn’t think much about it. After all, you’d only held the title for a year.

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8 Helpful and Effective Strength Exercises For Cyclists

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For cyclists, the primary target of doing strength exercises is to train in the same motion as in cycling together with one’s upper and lower body, while improving overall muscular endurance and core strength.

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Successful Assistants Combine Left and Right Brain Thinking

Office Dynamics

Several years ago, I came up with Adminology. It was a formula for success for assistants. I still teach Adminology in our World Class Assistant™ certification and designation course because it never changes. Just bear with me as I explain this to you as it will all come together.

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30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once Wrapup

Simple Productivity Blog

I spent a month putting things away immediately - and found that not only were things neater, but my procrastination and stress went down too! The post 30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once Wrapup appeared first on Laura Earnest. 30 Day Challenge

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Top Tips on How to Reduce the Effects of Sitting All Day

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Prolonged sitting can have negative effects on the health of your spine. It can put stress on the muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck, too. It can lead to back pain and other kinds of discomfort. And if you are working, this can also have an impact on your work productivity.

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Too Many Meetings!! – Managing My Executives Calendar – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. We don’t always have an answer to each individuals problem but we know some of you might. Please read the question and comment below. April M.

FROGs, WFA and Remote Work

Small Business Labs

As we pointed out yesterday , working remotely is increasingly common for both independent workers and those with traditional jobs.    Two recent articles also point this out and add several new buzzwords to our remote work vocabulary.

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3 Ways to Overcome Toxic People at Work

On The Job

Many people look back on "toxic" relationships in their personal life and wonder how they could ever be so dumb. They cannot believe they let the other person take advantage of them, destroy their self-esteem and make them feel so isolated from people who truly cared out them.

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How to Take A Break: 5 Simple Tips To Your Success

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Why are so many working professionals struggle to find the time to work on their own goals while they have no problems working towards the goals of their company’s CEO? You know the answer, don’t you? Or do you? Have you ever truly thought about this question?

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How I Process My Email (2019 Edition)

Simple Productivity Blog

How many emails are in your inbox? How much time do you spend scanning over emails that are already seen, thinking about what you have to do to each one? Inbox zero, which is not the number of emails in your inbox, minimizes the time you spend in your inbox.

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Opinions, News And Facts

Brilliantly Better

An opinion is a personal belief about something. It’s just a point of view, at a certain moment in time, coming from a certain person, about a specific situation. News is a group of information on a certain topic, which… The post Opinions, News And Facts appeared first on Dragos Roua.

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9 Pro Tips to Improve Sales Operations Efficiency

Small Business CEO

No matter how good your product or service is, without a good sales strategy you can’t achieve much. Here are tips to improve your sales operations efficiency. Do you have a product or service that you believe is a game-changer in your field?

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How To Deal With Pests: A Quick Guide

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Las Vegas is known as the Sin City. It’s a home for gamblers and showgirls and a place where you can find a variety of Elvis’ lookalike. However, it’s not all fun in this part of the globe since there are pests that can ruin the fun.

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Digital Marketing Guide for Book Authors and Writers

Daily Writing Tips

Whether you’re self-publishing a book yourself , or you’ve got a deal with a traditional publisher, you’re going to need to do a lot of the marketing. Unless you’re an A-List author, your publisher isn’t going to have the budget to spend a lot on promoting you and your book.

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Episode 259: Being a Rare Breed with Ashleigh Hansberger


Ashleigh Hansberger is an award winning brand and business innovator. She was named by Inc Magazine as one of the “Top 30 Under 30” coolest entrepreneurs in America.

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Boost Your Law Business With These Digital Tips

Small Business CEO

Though you may not be equipped to handle the business side of your law firm, it behooves you to become a competent businessman/woman. Your law firm will need the structure of a traditional business to keep things rolling in the right direction.

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5 Ways to Manage Anxiety in Public Places

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After losing my second child during pregnancy in May 2019, I developed what I thought would never fully grip me — anxiety. I had suffered with it before but never to the extent that I had when I lost my son.

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Why Interviews Matter (And How To Make Them Better)

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There’s a problem with hiring and no one wants to talk about it. The old ways of doing things just don’t work, but they’ve always been done that way so no one challenges them.

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Illegal Debt Collection Practices You Need to Be Aware Of

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The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is a federal law that offers protection to consumers against illegal debt collection practices. It places restrictions on what debt collection agencies can say and do when trying to collect an owed debt.

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The Element of Surprise: Three Useful Gifts for Dads

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Dads are the backbone of families. They work extremely hard to give them a good future. But, because they are so busy working hard in order to provide and inspire, getting gifts for themselves can be the last thing on their minds.

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Tips For Keeping Trees Healthy

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A stunning landscape filled with trees always adds beauty to any home and workspace. However, planting trees and keeping them in a healthy state is not easy work. It demands care and attention. So to help people who love gardening or landscaping, we have shared several tips for keeping trees healthy.

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How to Style Your Living Room The Way You Want It

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While it would be nice to walk into a showroom full of sleek, modern Scandinavian furniture, point to everything and say, “I’ll send a truck on Tuesday” — who really has that kind of money?

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5 Mobile Applications for Disaster Management and Preparedness

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Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing the devastating effects of natural disasters more frequently. From Florida to California, people have been forced to leave their homes due to events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and historic wildfires.

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Diagnosis of SEO Needs: Getting Consultants To Fulfill Company Needs

Small Business CEO

It’s hard to be an expert at everything. You have a good handle on the primary focus of your company. But you don’t necessarily know the best course of action when it comes to marketing and promotions.

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Is It Worth Getting Labour Hire Workers for Your Construction Project?

Small Business CEO

Construction is a fast-moving industry in New Zealand, and it is one of the sectors that are most closely linked with the country’s growth.

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3 Trade Show Networking Tips for Success

Small Business CEO

Networking is the single most powerful tool you can use at a trade show. You cannot afford to not have your whole staff networking at all times at the trade show. Spend some time before the show perfecting the finer points of your product or service you are providing.

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How to Set Up an E-commerce Website that Converts: 5 Tips

Small Business CEO

What’s the point of setting up an e-commerce website if you won’t attract customers? How much you sell online is determined by how much you can influence consumer behavior. Mind you, you cannot force consumers to purchase your goods.

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5 Tips for Small Business Events & Meetings on A Budget

Small Business CEO

Small business events and meetings can be great opportunities to expand your network, draw potential customers, and generally promote your name. Let’s look at 5 tips for doing an event or meeting without breaking the bank. Meeting Management Services Software is Your Friend.

6 Simple Tips for Retaining Your Best Freelancers

Small Business CEO

Hiring freelancers is an efficient and cost-effective way to make up for any skill or manpower deficiencies in your company. What’s more, the contractual nature of hiring freelancers affords you the flexibility you need to stay operational and remain profitable even during off-peak seasons.

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The Key Elements of Professional Letterheads

Small Business CEO

A letterhead is simply a piece of stationary that has a pre-printed heading on the page. It features the person’s name, organization name and address.

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Rapid Application Development: Smooth and Effortless Business Processes Automation

Small Business CEO

Some say people are lazy. We are constantly seeking easier ways to do things. We are seeking for someone or something to do things for us. Especially, boring and monotonous things and tasks that require too much attention and repetition. First, we have learned to delegate those tasks to people.

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5 Tips For Successfully Navigating Your Online Business

Small Business CEO

Building a successful online business doesn’t happen overnight. You may be riddled with good intentions, but it takes much more than that to find your way as an entrepreneur. Mastering the art of running an online business means you’ll need to know how to play the game of the web.

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Tips To Consider Before Purchasing a Budgeting Software

Small Business CEO

Budgeting software is essential for your business if you desire to keep track of your revenues, customer information, along with other financial data. Therefore, you must purchase the best budget software you can.