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5 Ways You Can Love the Environment both at Home and the Office

Eco-Office Gals

Looking after the environment not only makes you feel good, but it makes the world feel even better. Every time you say no to plastic is an environmental win, and this doesn’t/shouldn’t stop at home because you can keep up your eco-friendly ways at the office.

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Introducing the Virtual Summit Partner

Practically Perfect PA

Today, I am absolutely delighted to announce that the International Management Assistants (IMA) are the official partner for the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. As many of you will know, IMA is Europe’s largest Association for Management Support Professionals.

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13-Point Website Migration Checklist for SEO

Dumb Little Man

Migrating any site should never be taken lightly. You have to be aware that your ranking on search engines could take a major hit if you aren’t careful. Even the smallest issues can make things worse for your site. With all the requirements you have to fulfill, it may not seem like SEO is a priority. However, if you are a marketer or anyone who would like to maintain visibility, you need to think about it carefully.

2017 207

Love Your Office Space Series : Make Typing Fun

Tips From T. Marie

You spend a lot of time in your office. It could be a corner of your living room, a dedicated room in your home or even a small, rented space. No matter where your office is, a key to making work enjoyable (and productive) is creating an office space that you love. Over the next. Read more.

2017 168

More Forecast to Cycle Between Traditional Jobs and Independent Work

Small Business Labs

MBO Partners released a list of their 10 predictions for the next decade of independent work. The list covers a lot of ground and all the predictions are interesting.

2017 189

Test Your Error-Finding Skills

Business Writing

Each of the three short passages below has one error in the choice of a word. Can you find all three errors? Test your skills. Passage 1: Bishara's most recent position was principal designer for Barton and Bloss. In the. Books Gems of Language Grammar and Usage

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How Not To Give Up When Your Head Tells You to Quit

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Most people have to work hard in order to live their dreams. However, all we see and celebrate is their success because the hard work is usually not done in public. So, when you are struggling in the shadows, wondering why success is not coming fast enough, it’s easy to want to quit. Don’t. The successful people you admire are there because they resisted the temptation to quit.

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More Trending

The Staffing Industry Analyst's Human Cloud Framework and Taxonomy

Small Business Labs

Last week the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) released The Human Cloud, the Gig Economy & the Transformation of Work. It nicely covers the topics mentioned in the report title.

2017 183

Do Others Have a Negative Opinion About You?

On The Job

I've known many job candidates who cannot figure out why they didn't get the job after what they considered to be a great interview. I've also heard from workers who don't understand why they don't get a promotion after receiving good marks from their bosses.

2017 141

7 Unhealthy Behaviors That Affect Your Mental Health

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Bad mental health habits are behaviors that have a negative effect on the way we think and the way we feel about ourselves. We often believe our mood and our mental health are solely dependent on external factors and we only have little ability to control them. We often wonder why we get so easily irritated, upset, sad, lethargic, and bored in life. As a solution, we try to improve our mood and cope with stress by engaging in unhealthy behaviors. This, unfortunately, makes our mood even worse.

Health 178

Taking a Political Stand as a Business

Tips From T. Marie

Last week I published a post asking what happens if we allow personal convictions to spill over into our businesses. A few people admitted to wondering the same thing, but I didn’t get the conversation with other small and micro business owners I was hoping to get. head over to the Facebook Page if you’d like to get the conversation started. ) Still questioning, I decided to see what, if anything was out there already on the subject.

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Drones for High Value Deliveries

Small Business Labs

We hear a lot about drones delivering pizza here in the U.S. We also hear about driverless cars delivering pizza. We obviously like pizza delivery.    But the startup company Zipline is delivering much more important items with drones.

2017 169

Merit Pay Raises: Why They're More Popular and How to Get One

On The Job

If you're counting on a pay raise for next year, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. That's because despite greater competition for workers and a steadier economy, employers are re-thinking just who should get a pay boost -- and why. According to an Aon Hewitt survey of 1,062 companies, an average of 12.5% of payroll is targeted for incentive and bonus pay in 2018.

2017 109

Working From Home: Is it Worth it?

Dumb Little Man

We’ve all fantasized about trading in our demanding office hours, gossiping coworkers, and overbearing bosses for a work from home gig. But, how do we get past the anxieties that come with the transition? Nip those fears in the bud and get ready to pursue the career of your dreams with some of the information below. Why is Working from Home So Great? Working from home has several benefits besides the ability to make a living in your pajamas.

2017 167

Fewer decisions = more willpower

Clutter Coach

by Willpower takes energy. You can use it up and wear it out. Guess what else uses up your energy? Decision making. Any decision making. What scarf to wear, how much cereal to put in your bowl, what parking spot to choose. All the little decisions you make all day, every day, take energy. So if you’re trying to make a change, develop a new habit, you need to save up that willpower to use on that, not waste it on mundane decision making. What can you do?

2017 100

Assistants. Looking for an Amazing Gift Idea?

Office Dynamics

Are you planning a corporate event at a beach resort? Or maybe just looking for a unique gift for your favorite client or special employee? As an assistant who has to occasionally (or often) search for client or holiday gifts, I know how hard it is to find a unique gift. It seems like the same old “stuff” pops up. Well, I was fortunate to have Martha Liberti reach out to me a few months ago and tell me about her beautiful, customized Beach Bag Gifts.

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Boost Your Laundry Business With These 4 Smart Tips

Small Business CEO

The main reason why so many people invest in running a laundry business is because it’s a relatively safe and lucrative venture. However, its appeal is also one of the reasons why so few laundry businesses make it big –the safe and simple route can only take you so far.

2017 83

Top 10 Cheap European Car Hire Destinations

Dumb Little Man

If you’re planning a European getaway sometime soon, you need to start considering arranging a cheap car hire for your trip. It will give you the freedom to explore, save you time on your trip and you won’t have to worry about your own car being stolen or damaged. But, as you’ve no doubt discovered, car hires can sometimes prove to be a confusing process. Some cities are more suited to be explored in a car than others and that will depend on what time of the year you are traveling.

2017 163

3 Easy Ways to Write More Concisely

Daily Writing Tips

Writers can employ various categorical strategies to make their writing more active and concise. Here are three simple types of unnecessary wording to keep in mind (and out of one’s writing). Extinguish Expletives.

2017 75

What's the Worst Thing You Can Do?

The Marq

This post is mainly the video below where I speak to a simple concept. It's not something that I learned over the last week, but something that was exemplified through practice and highlighted from the success I had from it.

2017 52

How to Best Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster: 6 Crucial Tips

Small Business CEO

The recent storms to hit the United States have been all over the media the last few weeks. Hurricane Harvey dumped enough water on southern Texas in a week to supply New York City with drinking water for sixty-nine years. That is a massive amount of water to fall in less than a week.

2017 72

HR Tips to Hire and Retain Generation Z In The Workforce

Dumb Little Man

Did you know that there are 30% Generation Z in the workforce? Millennials are hard-working optimists that strive for job security. Baby Boomers have dedicated employees with impressive portfolios. The next generation that will take over the workforce is misunderstood. If you work in Human Resources and you’re thinking of recruiting Generation Z employees, you should continue reading. What Matters to Generation Z. Generation Z are people born between 1990 to the mid-2000s.

2017 159

Vocabulary Quiz #9: Formal Communication

Daily Writing Tips

Rewrite the following sentences to reflect the vocabulary expected in formal communication. The clinic specializes in the treatment of kids 4-12. He should of known that Jackson could not be trusted. Hodges was terminated for insubordination, but Hodges says he was going to resign anyways.

2017 58

Finish with Jon Acuff


My guest this week is Jon Acuff – a New York Times bestselling author of six books with his most recent, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done. Jon helps some of the world’s biggest brands tell their story and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA, and other major media outlets. We discussed a sampling of the topics in his latest book which includes planning, prioritizing and reaching the state of finished no matter what you’re working on.

2017 43

5 Things Your Accountant Should be Doing

Small Business CEO

Is your accountant giving you more than just tax advice? If not, it may be time to find a new one. Your accountant should be helping you with these five important things: 1. Helping You Prepare for Tax Season – Well in Advance.

2017 71

Marketing and Selling Your Own Health-Conscious eBook

Small Business CEO

No matter what anyone tells you, looking good and feeling good are always in vogue. This is great news if you are interested marketing and selling your own health-conscious ebooks or merchandise online.

Tips for Attending Industry Conferences

Small Business CEO

So it’s time for your first industry conference, and you’re not sure what to expect. You know that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people in your line of work will be gathered in one city for a few days of panels, trade shows, and schmoozing.

2017 62

Clean Your Home Office, Not Your Bank Account

Small Business CEO

Home office cleaning is no one’s idea of a fun weekend. There are so many ways to procrastinate and just avoid it entirely. Hey, the vacuum cleaner is making funny noises! Guess I better not use it; I”ll just have to save up to buy another one. Should I really mop the floor today?

How Your Employees can Increase the Risk of Cybercrime

Small Business CEO

Businesses these days face a number of risks that could have a seriously damaging effect on their operations and reputation. One huge risk is cybercrime, which has become rife over recent years.

2017 61

How to Keep Making Money When You are Injured at Work

Small Business CEO

Getting hurt on the job is a terrible way to find more time to spend at home. If an injury does occur, it is good to have a backup plan. Your financial responsibilities do not simply stop in life when you are injured, so you have to find another way to bring in money.

2017 59

Every Rising Star Should Have These 8 Qualities to Succeed in Business

Small Business CEO

Perfect employees simply don’t exist. But seasoned managers and executives are nevertheless pretty good at predicting which new hires are destined for the corner office and which are likelier to leave after a few years of workmanlike service. You clearly want more of the former in your organization.

2017 59

Let’s Bust Some Common SEO Myths!

Small Business CEO

If you’re just learning about the SEO world, you may find it daunting to try to sift through all of the information to determine what’s true and what’s false. Our friends at Kamil Web Solution, a premier provider of SEO in Dubai , bust some of the biggest myths about SEO.

2017 59

5 Silliest of the Silliest PPC Marketing Mistakes that YOU Could Be Making

Small Business CEO

Pay-per-click marketing is THE norm for online marketing now. While inbound marketing envelopes all the techniques for online marketing, it is PPC that does the magic for business that need to make sales and increase their revenues in a short span of time.

2017 59

How to Avoid Network Latency that Costing You Money

Small Business CEO

It’s one of the oldest phrases around – “time is money” – and as the CEO of a small business, you’re probably more aware of that than most others.

2017 57

Do You Have Someone Who Manages Your Parts Data? If Not, Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should

Small Business CEO

As an electrical engineer, your primary goal is transforming clients’ ideas into functioning electronics. However, in designing a BOM for a project, you’ll need to manage your parts to ensure you have every requirement.

2017 57

Does Mindfulness Training Have Business Benefits?

Small Business CEO

Buzzwords come and go in the corporate world. Many are short-lived fads championed and then dropped in a matter of weeks, but occasionally a workplace trend comes along that stands the test of time. Mindfulness is the latest buzzword to infiltrate the corporate world, and this one is here to stay.

2017 57

The Prefix “Hyper” and Related Words

Daily Writing Tips

Words with the Greek prefix hyper – (meaning “above,” “beyond,” or “over”) are listed and defined in this post. (A A subsequent post will focus on words with the antonymic prefix hypo.).

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