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The ups and downs of working from home

Practically Perfect PA

Early in the week I wrote an update on my time in Barcelona and the new job I’ve had since April.

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Top marks for WinWeb

The Small Business Blog

“With so many products on the market today to help businesses grow, it’s hard to pick one and say this is the best. However, it’s even harder to find a reason not to appreciate WinWeb and the wide range of services it offers at prices almost any business can afford.”

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Are You Asking Your Team to Read Your Mind?

On The Job

Bosses often tout the importance of everyone “singing from the same choir book” or a variation of that theme. The point, they stress, is that everyone needs to communicate constantly so that team efforts are being directed efficiently and productively toward the same goals.

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Strive For Perfection By Avoiding These 5 Misconceptions Young People Tend to Believe

Dumb Little Man

Being in your twenties is great. You've recently exited your teenage years and even though you've finally started to realize you don't know everything, there is still a hint of the omniscience you used to believe you possessed and haven't fully outgrown.

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Hola Barcelona!

Practically Perfect PA

The very inviting beach at Barceloneta. I had a comment on the blog a few weeks ago asking how my big move to Barcelona was going and how I was settling into my new job, so as much as I hate talking about myself *ahem* I thought I’d give you’ll a quick update on the last few months.

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15 years of revolution

The Small Business Blog

I was talking with some friends last week and we were asking; just how long is it since the internet started to really impact on our professional lives? After a bit of toing and froing we decided about 15 years, most of us pinpointed 1998 as the year we started to notice it.

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Online Banking: An Eco-Friendly Way to Manage Your Money

Eco-Office Gals

When looking for ways to make your office eco-friendly , consider looking at the way you do your banking. Online banking provides an eco-friendly way to get your financial business done. Here are several reasons why online banking is the eco-wave of the future. Smaller Carbon Footprint.

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The Hype and Reality of 3D Printing

Small Business Labs

We've been big fans of 3D printing since being introduced to it in the late 1990s. Even back then, it was already an important technology for industrial design and prototyping.

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Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

The Small Business Blog

The life of an entrepreneur is notoriously up-and-down. As soon as you traverse one bump in the road there is another waiting for you just ahead. But that is all part of the fun for anyone with some real entrepreneurial spirit.

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Career Advice to Learn from Dunder Mifflin

On The Job

For eight years the Dunder Mifflin gang from “The Office” made us laugh as characters like the annoying Dwight and the crabby Stanley and the inept Michael interacted and make us think about our own cast of characters in our office.

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3 Ways to Harness the Mental Power of Writing

Dumb Little Man

Writing, in some form or another, is an everyday part of life. Yet few people really understand the deep mental connection inherent to the process of writing. This connection creates a rare cognitive potential.

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8 Tips for Using a Microphone When Speaking

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 8 Tips for Using a Microphone When Speaking appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. English: A Sennheiser Microphone (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A microphone is one of the basic tools of public speaking.

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5 Tips For Small Business Success

The Small Business Blog

Establishing a small business can be difficult, but keeping it successful and expanding it is the real challenge.

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How to Deal When Someone Steals Your Work

Eat Your Career

You’ve worked hard to accomplish something…You’ve dedicated the time, the energy, the blood, sweat and tears…and then a colleague comes along and takes all the credit. What do you do?

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3 Things Stopping You From Changing Right Now

Dumb Little Man

At university I inadvertently insulted a girl by saying her overly friendly personality could be seen as a come on to some guys. In an awkward exchange that involved tears (on her part) she declared that she is who she is and she can't change.

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The Growing, Global Freelancer Rights Movement

Small Business Labs

I traded emails last week with Joel Dullroy. He's based in Berlin and among other things is the international relations representative of a German group called  Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschland (VGSD), which means The Association of Founders and Freelancers Germany.

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Infographic: Digital Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Online marketing can be a difficult thing for small business owners to get to grips with. They might not necessarily have any marketing knowledge of their own and most of them cannot afford to hire a professional to do their marketing for them, either.

2013 206

Simple Email Management With The New Gmail Tabs

Office Organization Success

Being an online business management expert, I felt I should address this whole “Gmail tab” hoopla that seems to have had list owners in a panic for the past couple of weeks.

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23 Ways to Save Money for the Future That You’re Currently Missing Out On

Dumb Little Man

Saving money. We all wish we were better at it, but most of us simply are not. To help get you on the right track, this article will feature plenty of ways (23 to be exact) to save money for the future that you are probably not doing right now. As they say, “every little bit helps.”.

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The 2013 CRM Market Leaders

Small Business Labs

CRM Magazine released their annual list of market leaders in the customer relationship management (CRM) space.  They have three award categories based on the firm size of CRM system users - large enterprises, mid-market firms and small businesses. was this year's winner in the small business space, beating out last year's winner Zoho. Salesforce won the strength of their product direction and reputation for customer satisfaction.

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Finances made easy

The Small Business Blog

Check out these great tutorial videos for the WinWeb Accounting App that have been featured over at GetApp. Watching them is a great way for you to get familiar with the app before purchasing it, or for current users to learn tips and tricks that they might not know about!

Time Management Horse Sense

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Time Management Horse Sense appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Donald Wetmore looks at time management from the perspective of a horse race; twice the reward does not generally require twice the effort. Every horse race has a first place winner and a runner-up, second place contender.

Computer Programming Bootcamp Is A New Way To Change Your Career Practically Overnight

Dumb Little Man

Do you hate your job? Do you want a career change for whatever reason? If so, you might feel like you have to stick it out, because living with no income is tricky and job experience doesn't always transfer well to unrelated fields.

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8 Ways to Help Everyone You Come in Contact with Feel Important, Special and Loved

Productive & Organized

You see that woman standing next to me in the picture?    Her name is Ms. Beale (and I call her Momma and my son calls her Grandma.)    I have known her since 1990 when I first started working for her at the university. 

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Summer Holiday Working Tips

The Small Business Blog

For parents that work at home, the summer holidays present a whole new set of challenges that have to be met. The giant six week break is brilliant for your kids, but what about you as a freelancer or home-based entrepreneur?

Montreal's Highly Regulated, Gourmet Food Trucks

Small Business Labs

The National Post's Montreal's food truck vendors can now feed the masses - but only if bureaucrats deem them gourmet  covers the tight control city officials are exerting over food trucks.

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Go Clutter-Free and Boost Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

We’ve got a lot of distractions. Between the TV, our laptops, our smartphones, our friends and our jobs, there’s a lot going on a lot of the time. It’s hard to be creative, to be innovative and to just be productive when you have a million different things grabbing your attention.

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I’m Giving Away Five Memberships to

The Solopreneur Life

T o celebrate the launch of, I’m giving away five free memberships this week. These are full memberships, so if you win: 1. You get a free 50 pixel by 50 pixel image (worth $250) on map.

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Feisty Enterprise Tip #13: Kick Ass Before You Start – Tone Up Your Mind, Body and Business Idea

The Small Business Blog

Your mind and business idea you’ll strengthen by getting feed-back from potential customers and people that have got the T shirt from reading these tips and doing what you’re going to do.

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The Seven Deadly Organizing Sins: Greed

Clutter Coach

Originally posted 2009-08-06 10:54:36. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Now we’re up to Deadly Sin number 3, greed, which is also known as avarice or covetousness (according to Wikipedia) and even hoarding. Previous entries were about lust and gluttony.

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4 Running Mistakes Every Beginner Should Be Wary Of

Dumb Little Man

All runners, even the professionals, have committed running mistakes at one point or another. The good thing about this is that you, as a beginner in the running scene, can learn from their experience and avoid making the same mistakes.

2013 284

Ready to make the fourth quarter your best quarter?

Office Organization Success

Building a successful, long-term business is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. And, if you’re like hundreds of small business owners that I’ve spoken to this year, you’ve got all the pieces in front of you; you’re just not sure how they all fit together. And the reason you don’t know how they all fit together is because you don’t have the puzzle box with the picture on the front to use as your guide!

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Infographic: Silicon Valley

The Small Business Blog

Sometimes you probably hear about technological innovations and think “What is the point of that?“ “ More cynical people might even wonder if sometimes the startups in Silicon Valley have to invent a problem before coming up with a technological solution for it.

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Stand For Something or Fall For Anything

Virtual Moxie

Brooke called me, completely verklempt because her new client wasn''t paying her on time. "I''m I''m tired of this," she said. "I''m I''m adding a late fee to my work. agreement. If he wants to pay late, I''ll be happy to take his money.". Brooke was clearly proud of herself for having made this moxie-filled decision. That works well for large companies," I replied. They''re very happy to "float" loans and collect late fees. Unfortunately, late fees seem.

2013 181

12 Proven Ways to Make Friends at Work (Without Emptying Your Wallet)

Dumb Little Man

You're stuck eating lunch by yourself again. Perhaps this is exactly what you wanted. Or perhaps, you secretly wish you could join your colleagues each time they gather at that fancy restaurant nearby. They must be having a great time. If only that place wasn't so expensive!

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On Vacation

Simple Productivity Blog

I am taking this week off from writing blog posts so that I can brainstorm, design and otherwise work on the blog. If you can’t stand a week without articles, I invite you to cruise over to and check out the archives. See you next week! Photo by stephend9. Licensed under Creative Commons. More great content can be found on the site at, or you can find me on Twitter ( @SmplProdBlog ) and Facebook ( ).

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UK high streets benefit from July heatwave

The Small Business Blog

It seems that sunny summer days of July were not only good news for our suntans in the UK, but they also meant a very decent spell for the High Street too. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said that sales were up by 2.2%

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