Tue.Jan 15, 2019

4 Crucial Business Development Lessons for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Dumb Little Man

Completing my business studies, I knew that I wanted to create something on my own. I had ideas and was eager to materialize them as soon as possible. I had the so-called “entrepreneurial drive” and a wish to put it into practice while I was young.

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Managing your Executive’s one to one meetings

Practically Perfect PA

It kinda goes without saying that organising your Executive’s schedule is a never-ending task. Their time is always in demand, be it from clients, suppliers, colleagues around the business and of course from members of their team.

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Brookings 2019 Trends to Watch

Small Business Labs

The Brookings Institute is a large and influential DC public policy think tank. They recently released a report with their 2019 Trends to Watch.

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Tips to Get Rid of Stress

Office Dynamics

Life is too short to let things get to you, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes things are going so fast and so much is happening we all of a sudden think, “Whoa, what just happened?”. Then comes the stress and we quickly become one of the “office dragons” that we don’t like very much.

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Writing with Speech Recognition Software

Daily Writing Tips

A professional writer might add a thousand words a day to their rough draft. With speech recognition software, some writers can add several thousand. That’s one reason why more writers are choosing to dictate their books.

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How to Avoid Needing Regular VAT Loans

Small Business CEO

You are a business owner who makes quarterly VAT payments. You know you’re going to come up short when your next filing is due, so you’re already thinking about getting a loan. Unfortunately, this is not your first time. You have used VAT loans multiple times in the past.

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5 Ways to Instantly Modernize Your Marketing Campaigns for 2019

Small Business CEO

If you’re looking toward 2019 wondering what you can do differently from last year, you certainly aren’t alone. Reassessing your tactics is always a smart move, after all. Think about it.

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